<Imperium> Open Recruitment 25 Man DS HM

100 Tauren Druid
I am in the process of converting to 25 man raid format for the rest of this expansion. As a result I am looking to fill 4-5 spots for our raid this Tuesday/Sunday 5-8pm server.

1. You must be able to make both Tuesday and Sunday raids on a regular basis (If you can only make one you can join as a back up but would not get spot priority)
2. You must have 8/8 normal mode Achievement and/or some progression raiding background from previous content patches.
3. There are no excuses in Imperium either you perform or you don't raid.
4. I am willing to gear up quality players if they can demonstrate they are both worth the effort and good.

I am willing to consider any class/specs provided the player is strong. This is not a group for alts. The following classes are what I would prefer to bring but lets face it 25 man comps are face roll.

1. Mage/Warlock (currently only have 1 of these that are up to my standards and honestly the one I do have is kinda a weird kid and I out dpsed him on heroic rag)

2. Hunter

3. DPS shaman enhance or ele

4. 395 ivl+ rogue with tier 2 daggers (you will not be the first one to get your legendary completed but face it your a rogue and they are dime a dozen)

5. Willing to talk to other dps classes as well.

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02/13/2012 04:46 AMPosted by Tomax
3. There are no excuses in Imperium

I lol'ed
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And I see this week you caught up to guilds that transferred off a month ago. Just think of what you can do with 10% DS nerfs!!

Would you consider a 395 DK for the team?
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