Freezeurorbs is back with a life

[16:12:47] [2] [85:Stryper:1]: oh hey freezeurorbs
[16:13:14] [2] [85:Freezeurorbs]: stryper your gay
[16:13:31] [2] [85:Stryper:1]: atta boy, best one-liners on the server
[16:13:38] [2] [85:Freezeurorbs]: i like to relax after i get home from work
[16:13:44] [2] [85:Stryper:1]: because he has a life
[16:14:21] [2] [Freezeurorbs]: yes and got rid of the FWB and have a gf now
[16:14:30] [2] [Freezeurorbs]: how bout you
[16:14:48] [2] [85:Stryper:1]: that's a nice life, too bad it isn't true because not even fat men will take your personality. HAH
[16:14:52] [2] [Freezeurorbs]: or do you fire off knuckle children every night
[16:15:11] [2] [Freezeurorbs]: actually im a gentlemen
[16:15:33] [2] [85:Stryper:1]: and that's why you accuse me of firing off knuckle children? interesting story
[16:15:36] [2] [Freezeurorbs]: miitary gave me my mouth
[16:15:55] [2] [85:Stryper:1]: the Neo-Confederate States of America isn't the real military
[16:16:31] [2] [Freezeurorbs]: 3 tours oversee's what have you done for your country?
[16:17:37] [2] [85:Stryper:1]: freeze, anybody can go on the internet and make up garbage, but you are the best at it
[16:17:54] [2] [Freezeurorbs]: thats what i thought prolly either still in high school or a colloge !@#$%
[16:18:29] [2] [85:Stryper:1]: colloge, so I'm guessing that's a place you never got the chance to go to? I mean with your life and all...

Welcome back Freezeurorbs!
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85 Worgen Rogue
This is pure genius.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
My favorite Freeze moment was along the lines of,

Freeze - "You're pretty arrogant"

Me - "It's not arrogance when I'm actually better than you"

Freeze - "Hah, you sounds like a #%#!#. Are you gay?"

Me - "Why? You want to know if I'm your type?"

Freezeurorbs has left the vent channel.
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85 Human Death Knight
ur jelly of my shades
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90 Orc Warlock
xmanawesome is so awkward...
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90 Goblin Shaman
Being on the internet too long gives you a bigger mouth than the military these days.

...its tough out here.
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Today in Alliance trade chat.
First up we have Freezeurorbs -
[15:02:10] [2] [85:Stryper]: hey freezeurorbs, whats up dawg
[15:03:03] [2] [85:Freezeurorbs]: wtf you want
[15:03:19] [2] [85:Stryper]: nothing, just greeting my buddy
[15:03:30] [2] [85:Freezeurorbs]: yeah ok
[15:03:44] [2] [85:Freezeurorbs]: we were never buddies
[15:04:22] [2] [85:Freezeurorbs]: your one of those im better then you types that really have no life
[15:04:54] [2] [85:Stryper]: don't be mean to your friends freeze
[15:05:22] [2] [85:Stryper]: me :(
[15:05:48] [2] [85:Freezeurorbs]: stryper i dont like you period i didnt like you from the start
[15:06:16] [2] [85:Stryper]: but freeze, what we had; so special
[15:07:05] [2] [85:Freezeurorbs]: ok guy
[15:07:17] [2] [85:Stryper]: I'm not guymagic, don't fool yourself
[15:07:20] [2] [85:Stryper]: he's bad
[15:08:08] [2] [85:Freezeurorbs]: didnt mean it as a char name
[15:08:17] [2] [85:Stryper]: what really do you mean to say freeze?
[15:08:36] [2] [85:Freezeurorbs]: and see there you go
[15:08:55] [2] [85:Stryper]: there I go where?
[15:09:59] [2] [85:Freezeurorbs]: wheres your buttbuddy siz
[15:10:20] [2] [85:Stryper]: freeze dont change the subject just because you're scared
[15:10:27] [2] [85:Stryper]: and to answer your question, I don't know
[15:10:39] [2] [85:Freezeurorbs]: wait let him finish before he comes out from below your desk
[15:11:13] [2] [85:Stryper]: so because he's my friend that makes me gay? You tell the best ones freeze.
[15:11:14] [2] [85:Freezeurorbs]: you know how them saliors are
[15:11:23] [2] [85:Stryper]: explain a salior
[15:11:37] [2] [85:Freezeurorbs]: navy
[15:11:51] [2] [85:Stryper]: so navy = salior?
[15:11:54] [2] [85:Stryper]: I see
[15:11:55] [2] [85:Freezeurorbs]: sailor
[15:12:10] [2] [85:Freezeurorbs]: better
[15:12:36] [2] [85:Freezeurorbs]: or seamen
[15:12:37] [2] [85:Stryper]: yes, yet somehow no, you aren't better
[15:12:42] [2] [85:Freezeurorbs]: that work for ya
[15:12:57] [2] [85:Stryper]: anything you say works for me
[15:13:26] [2] [85:Freezeurorbs]: you know your a horrible troll
[15:14:50] [2] [85:Stryper]: I'm not a troll, I'm your friend

Nothing like a little Jackwolf rage.

[15:14:03] [2] [Jackwolf]: HOW BOUT U BOTH !@#$ BEFORE I TAKE U BOTH OUT FRONT AND MAKE U MY %^-*!ES
[15:14:24] [2] [Jackwolf]: GET MY MONEY HOES
[15:14:51] [2] [Jackwolf]: @@%# IN MOUTH ALWAYS SHUTS THEM UP
[15:15:08] [2] [Jackwolf]: COM OUT FRONT PROVE IT

And this calms him down?

[15:15:47] [2] [Gnòme]: i was a fish once.
[15:15:55] [2] [Jackwolf]: lol

It wasn't a bad day, but nothing like yesterday.
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85 Human Mage
I feel the love
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90 Pandaren Shaman
I always miss the good stuff in trade. sadface.
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85 Human Death Knight
i just love /2, don't you all?
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90 Orc Warlock
xmana awesome loves attention
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55 Blood Elf Death Knight
mana is a pretty creepy guy
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