Love Is In The Air, So Wear A Mask


90 Night Elf Hunter
Jaina and Thrall

Reasoning : Because they already have secret orc babies running around.
Favorite: Arthas/Tirion

Reasoning: Very interesting relationship. Just read this after having to listen to it for the nth time of wiping on the fight and try not to make jokes about it:

Lich King: So The Light's Vaulted Justice has finally Arrived! Shall i Lay Down Frostmourne and Throw myself at your Mercy Fordring?
Tirion: We'll Grant you a Swift Death Arthas. More that Can be said for the thousand that you've Slain.

Lich King: You will Learn of that at first hand. when my work is complete you will beg for mercy and i will deny you your anguished cries will be testament to my unbridled power!
Lich King: Ill keep you alive to witness the end fordring i would not want the light's greatest champion to miss seeing this wretched world being!

Tirion: So be it..Champions ATTACK!
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85 Night Elf Druid
Come on, how can anyone post anything other than Asric/Jadaar?

I mean, seriously?
100 Night Elf Druid
Favorite: Turalyon and Alleria, I guess.
Reasoning: They just complimented each other nicely. Except when she was *****ing at him in the beginning of BtDP.

Desired Pairing: Jarod Shadowsong/Shandris Feathermoon
Reasoning: Jarod said the reason he left is because he disagreed with Shandris becoming active in the night elf government; but now, Jarod is an active military commander. His wife Shalasyr is dead, but Jarod's still young (you know, relatively), and Shandris clearly still has feelings for him in Wolfheart; she said she was jealous of Shalasyr.
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90 Gnome Mage
Favorite pairing: Also have to go with Cerellean and Anaya Whiteclaw of Darkshore.
Reasoning: That quest was one of the first ones I did. And it was heartbreaking. A Love Eternal indeed.

Desired Pairing: Anduin Wrynn and anyone.
Reasoning: He's going to be king someday. He needs a queen! Besides, I can imagine him being all flustered around said love interest and it'd be adorable.
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90 Draenei Shaman
Favorite Pairing: Tiffin and Varian
Reasoning: They just seem perfect for each other. In fact if Tiffin was still alive today she could probable have easily tempered Varian's personality.

Desired Pairing:Thassarian and Koltira
Reasoning: Come on we have all been dying to see what Thassarian will do in order to free Koltira. I think it would perfectly exemplify "brotherly love" or maybe something more :P

Desired Pairing: Anduin Wrynn and anyone.

Reasoning: He's going to be king someday. He needs a queen! Besides, I can imagine him being all flustered around said love interest and it'd be adorable.

In my heart, Anduin will always hold a candle for poor Aerin, lying crushed in the rubble of Kharanos. :(
90 Tauren Death Knight
Going with what Zerde said.


80 Blood Elf Death Knight
Favorite Pairing: Durotan and Draka.
Reasoning: They're such quintessential orcs - strong, forceful, self-assured. They hold their own with each other without resorting to dirty tricks like cussing and insults. They are equally matched.

Desired Pairing: myself with Koltira Deathweaver.
Reasoning: I lost my heart to Koltira from the first moment I - oh crap, I'm not canon. Nvm then. I shall retreat to the Undercity with a Lovely Charm Bracelet and wait impatiently for Koltira's return. If Sylvanas does anything to change him, the Forsaken will be looking for a new leader.

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90 Dwarf Warrior
02/13/2012 03:54 PMPosted by Cantus
Off-topic, but since the higher-ups obviously know about Homestuck does that mean the Nepeta Leaves and an NPC named Kartak in the same zone isn't just a coincidence?
Very little in Blizz's pop cultural notes are coincidence. WoW in particular is a massive homage to the real world with many quests, items, and characters related or in direct reference to things that have occurred in living culture and history.

If either of those characters existed back in 2008, yeah, it wouldn't be a coincidence.
97 Night Elf Mage
Favorite pairings:

Anduin and Varian
I like seeing the on going development of this father and son relationship.

Desired pairing:
Anduin and Valeera Sanguinar.
Not so much as a romance, but as a friend that teaches Anduin self defense, hand to hand combat and something every King should have, but often does not, Street smarts.

Valeera is one of the more interesting characters, a Blood Elf that follows her own conscience rather then the politics of the day. Based on how she was treated, she owes the hoard nothing.

Imagine a story or quest line where Anduin is required for some reason to wander the Kingdom incognito, (every fantasy should have an incognito prince) Valeera would make the perfect companion for him.
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51 Dwarf Priest
Favourite pairing: Arthas/Tirion.
Just, all of their audio together, all of it, the whole audio.

Desired pairing: Deathwing/Varian Wrynn.
Because CHINS.
Make it happen, Blizz.

Edit; Other Favourite Pairing; Arthas/Varian
I absolutely loved their few interactions, and really wish there had been more.
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100 Night Elf Druid
Desired pairing: Deathwing/Varian Wrynn.
Because CHINS.
Make it happen, Blizz.

Can we get Jay Leno in for a threesome?
85 Tauren Shaman
Forgive me if someone else mentioned it but I can't let it go unsaid.

Pairing: Neeka Bloodscar and Helgrum the Swift

Reasoning: It keeps with my theme of half-dead pairings and frankly, Neeka was -harsh- in Vanilla wow, to reduce her to the teary state we see her in, their love must have been powerful indeed.

Rest well Helgrum.


02/13/2012 06:30 PMPosted by Jaelara
In my heart, Anduin will always hold a candle for poor Aerin, lying crushed in the rubble of Kharanos. :(

She should've LIVED damnit T.T
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She should've LIVED damnit T.T

Oh gosh, don't I know it. Lore NEEDS more awesome dwarf ladies. Mylra goes a long way, but she could use some sisters in arms.
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88 Goblin Hunter
Favorite Pairing: Gallywix and anyone's fist
Reasoning: Because of the satisfying crunch, something ya just don't get with explosives.

Desired Pairing: Gallywix and my fist
Reasoning: Because a girl likes a personal touch.
90 Night Elf Hunter
Favorite pairing:
Broll Bearmantle & Valeera Sanguinar. These two are just so much fun together, whether they want to kill each other or are sharing a tender moment. Plus the whole Night Elf/Blood Elf taboo is there. I wish the powers that be would do more with these two.

desired pairing:
Varian & Jaina. His true love is dead. Her true love is dead. Why not get together? It would probably do them both wonders. (Has Jaina even been with a man since Arthas?) They don't see eye to eye on a lot, but that looks like it will soon be changing when they'll bond over their mutual hatred for Garrosh Hellscream :-)
Favorite Pairing: Thassarian x Koltira
Reasoning: It's obvious from the manga and in game lore that they are gay, and if not I'm seriously offended that Blizz would deny this.

I'm expecting a kiss once Thassarian saves Koltira from Sylvanas. I'd even accept Sylvanas getting killed off like everyone want if they were the new Forsaken leaders, and Sylvanas is my favorite character in WoW lore (Along with Arthas, Thassarian and Koltira).

After the anti-gay hate-speech from Blizzcon and you (Blizz) shutting down a gay oriented guild around 6 years ago just for being gay oriented (even though you're fine with all the racist guilds) you need some openly gay characters in your lore to show you're all not just a bunch of bigots. :)
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90 Human Paladin
Favorite Pairing: Turalyon and Alleria Windrunner
Reasoning: Even at the end of the world, love can bind heroes together to face the end and their grim future together; conquering all for the good of it everyone.

I'm not a love fool, but I'm a sucker for love stories intertwined with heroism.

Desired Pairing: Malygos and Deathwing
Reasoning: Hngh.
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