I am far too awesome to make an organized recruitment thread, so I will spew facts at you!

* Level 70 Burning Crusade Guild.

*We do a LOT of arena.

*We do battleground premades.

*We've done like...2 rated battlegrounds and it sucked. Need better core BGers for our RBG team.

*We've progressed from 5-man heroics to Black Temple as a guild.

*Currently doing 70-only raids with another 70 guild cross-realm 2-3 days a week.

*I have maxed Jewelcrafting and have almost every cut a 70 could ever want. (And I do this free for guildies)

YOU DO NOT NEED TO ALREADY BE 70. I don't care if you're alliance. I don't care if you started playing WoW today. You can be bad. We have people in guild who have been around since Classic who can help you out.

Check us out! Send me a whisper/mail ingame or post here.

This 2 AM thread was brought to you by insomnia!