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My 4 friends and i have been farming BGs for the bloodthirsty achievement, conquest/honor, and fun. If you are looking to join the fun for whatever reason, please send me a tell or add me to your friends list. You don't have to be a gladiator, but please have 4k res and not be a complete slack jawed mouth breather.

What type of players we are looking for.

!!!You must DL- preform AV enabler!!! Don't bother sending me a tell until this is done.

DPS- You always have more KBs than deaths in a BG. IF you find yourself going 2-8 in a WSG were not a good fit for you.
Heals- You can last more than 30+ second in any 1v1 situation. You can last 20+ sec in any 2v1 situation with some peels.

Pst Jixxy or Ragaro for more info.
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This is post i made from someone asking what the best ways to farm HKs for bloodthirsty. i know there are a lot of ways to skin a cat, but these work well for my friends and I.

I just broke 100k and im working tword 250K, i try and get 5k a week. Find people who are either working on the achievement or farming conquest through BGs. Id make a post on your server forum.

Find 4 friends, 1-2 heals is a real good idea. All these are assuming your team wins, and you are playing Horde.

Alterac Valley- In AV i go cap or recap snowfall GY, this will cause a more people to rez in front of your offense and feed you more kills, if you have some D that wipes ally O you may be in a full blown turtle which can net 100-250+ hks per game.

WSG/ Twin Peaks- You and your 4 buddies farm GYs and work on flag returns. Now after your team caps 2nd flag, make sure you grab the 3rd flag. Hold it for the last 15 min ish remaining this should net 70-110 hks per game.

Arathi Basin- Real simple on here, NEVER LEAVE BS!!! You can get soak HKs from all 5 nodes no matter where the fighting is going on. In a 3-2 node game you should net 50-90 HKs

Eye of the Storm- Get flag and hold and farm as much as you can, besides that there is no real good way to farm in Eye. You need to stay mid or between nodes where fighting is going on, in a rolful stomp the game will end to fast to really make any kind of headway on your grind. You can only net 30-50 in eye.

Isle of Conquest- Go mid off the right at start, you can soak HKs from hanger and mid. After fall back on D, kill people catapulting Ally in your base with your buddies. If your team gets all 3 nodes go on O all the Ally is in the base waiting to be farmed. You should net 30-40 in a regular game, but in a turtle iv hauled in 250+ before.

Strand of the Ancients- I find that having a smart and strong team starting on D is the only way to to break 80+ HKs. After farming them for 9ish minuets, youll go on O and the Ally will be to busy calling each other noobs and fails, you'll just plow through the gates and GG. You will net 30-90 HKs.

Battle for Gilneas- *SEE AB* replace BS node with waterworks you can soak from all three nodes. Stay close to the water. You'll net 30-70 on average.

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I'm going to be switching to this server and changing factions in a week or two and this sounds just like what I'm looking for between Arenas with my friends. I'll definitely give you a shout and see if you have an open spot.
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Bump for good people
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