Obsidian is looking to recruit a ranged dps for our main raiding team. We're 1/8 heroic in Drason Soul, and looking to work on more heroic encounters in this raid instance. We're also planning to organize to complete the Tier 11 heroics in Bastion of Twilight and Black Wing Decent.

Raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 7-10 server (pst). We are currently running with a mage, and a hunter for ranged dps, so please only warlocks, balance druids, shadow priests, and especially elemental shaman need apply (please elemental shaman apply, we get way too many protector tokens, and only 1 hunter to soak them).

If you have questions, or want to apply, please send a whisper, or in game mail to myself, Nit or Raspberyl. Feel free to add any of us to your friend list and contact us whenever you see fit. Thank you for your consideration.