Boss Encounters: Cenarion Circle Style!

58 Dwarf Warrior
Many of you have seen these topics before. Some of you think they're dumb, some of you like them. To each their own. But it can be fun to imagine how you would turn your character into a boss fight without it just being a boss fight for your character's CLASS.

So, because I feel like it, let's see some examples - the boss fights of the Cenarion Circle RP community!

Sharidahn Hammarmash

A burly dwarf wielding a pair of blazing twin hammers, Sharidahn is a simple dwarf with two true passions: Hammers, and using said hammers to crack some skulls. The fight takes place indoors, with a rocky ceiling overhead.


Shoulder Barge: If at any point Sharidahn's target is more than 15 yards away, he charges the target, knocking them back, stunning them, and dealing a large amount of damage.

Sweep: Sharidahn performs a sweep with his hammers, knocking back all targets within melee range and resetting all threat.

Ground Mash: Sharidahn starts slamming the ground with his hammers, causing pulses of AoE damage that also interrupt spellcasting. The area outside of the AoE range is pelted with falling rocks.

Hammarang: Sharidahn targets a random player and prepares to throw one of his hammers in that direction, dealing damage and stunning any players hit both on the way out, and on the return trip.

Heat-forged Hammers: Sharidahn's hammers are wreathed in elemental fire. Weapon strikes apply a stacking debuff that deals fire damage over time.

Hammar Toss: Sharidahn periodically throws a hammer at a random targetted player, dealing physical damage, applying a fire-based damage over time, and stunning them briefly. Players within fifteen yards of Sharidahn are only targetted if there are no players more than 15 yards away from Sharidahn.


Aggro: "I like the way yeh think - mashin' first, questions later!"
"Time for an old-fashioned Hammar Mashin'!"
"You'll be crappin' yer own teeth afore I'm done wi' yeh!"

Sweep: "Away wi' yeh!"

Hammar Toss: "Have a taste o' me hammar!"
"'Ey you! Catch!"

Ground Mash: "I'm gonna pound yeh into bloody little smears on the floor!"
"I'll use yer heads for a bloody drum set!"
"Ima bash yer head into yer ribcage!"

Player killed: "Mashed 'em!"
"Ain't no out-mashin' a Hammarmash!"
"Peace through Fear? ...Eh, death works too."
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85 Human Paladin
This one would be easy for Lahkin.

Every 25% health, Lahkin casts an uber spell. One of the following is done at random, to either Lahkin or all the people he's fighting (that's random too):

Hammer of Justice--stunned for 10 seconds
If self: "I...don't feel so good."
If enemy: "HA! Take that!"

Hex--frogged for 10 seconds
If self: "Ribbit?"
If enemy: "Is your tongue really sticky when you're like that?"

Lay on Hands--healed to full health
If self: "It--it worked? I did it! I really did it! ...ow."
If enemy: "'d you do that?"

Fire Nova--a heavy-damage fire-based spell
If self: "Owwww..."
If enemy: "Sorry! Sorry! Didn't mean to!"

Ressurrect--a random ally is returned to life
If self: "Don't leave me here, <name>!"
If enemy: "I...I guess the Light loves you, too."

Avenging Wrath--damage done increased by 50% for 10 seconds
If self: " wasn't very nice."
If enemy: "Ow, ow, ow! Whatever I did, I'm sorry!"

Divine Shield--protected from all damage for 10 seconds, but can still attack
If self: "Oh, Light, please don't hurt me!"
If enemy: "Wait! That ain't fair!"

Astral Recall--the target is teleported back home
If self: "Oop--"
If enemy: "Now why did you go and do that?"

Or of course, absolutely nothing happens.

His normal attacks are a combination of melee and holy shocks. And yes, the holy shocks can randomly heal the person he hits, rather than hurt them.

His encounter typically has one or two other random friends. If one of these friends is killed, Lahkin is enraged, dealing 50% more damage and 25% less healing (to both himself and others).
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90 Blood Elf Warrior
Wow! Not sure if I can do this quite as well as the other entries thus far - it was AWESOME reading your boss characters, guys! - but here's kind of how I'd picture Drakehide proceeding as a boss. I'd see him being a secondary boss in some kind of BG (e.g, like Captain Galvangar in Alterac), or as the second-last boss in some kind of five-man dungeon. BG would prolly fit him better though.

Drakehide, Son of Mok'Rukh

A warrior hidden deep behind layers of saronite plate, pyrium chain, and armor spikes. Taken in and trained by the shaman Mok'Rukh in the ways of battle, he looks like a blood elf but fights like an orc. This heavily-armored warrior's greatest strength is his ability to outlast his opponents.


Drake's Hide - Drakehide, about every 30 seconds, takes 40% less damage for ten seconds. During this ten seconds, his block and parry chance are greatly increased. Can be interrupted by using The Heartbreaker on Drakehide.

"Come! Break your blades on me!"
"A son of Rukh does not die. He CONQUERS!"

Drake's Fang - Drakehide will occasionally charge a random target, other than the tank, and will stun them in place for five seconds.

"I will deal with YOU next!"
"I tire of your interference!"

Drake's Roar - At 10% health, Drakehide roars, and causes tank to cower in place while other party members within 10 feet flee in terror for five seconds.

"Never again, will I know the shame of defeat! NEVER!"
"Flee for your lives, cowards! Flee, from this son of Rukh!"



"Throm'ka. I am Drakehide, son of Mok'Rukh. Prepare to die!"
"Five thousand scalps, we have claimed for Hellscream! What chance do YOU have?"
"You cannot win, against a son of Rukh! Surrender or die!"

Player Kill

"Another scalp for the warchief!"
"Aka'Magosh - go to your ancestors!"

Party Wipe

"You fought with honor. Songs will be sung, and I shall drink over your bodies."
"The Warchief will be well-pleased. GLOOOOORIOUS!"
"Ha! It seems with enough Cactus Cider, all things ARE possible!"


" Lok'Rega...forgive me..."
"The battle was...glorious. sung..."
"No! Sons of not relent! They...CONQUER - !"


Had another thought: Achievements! If you were a Heroic Boss, or a BG boss, what achievements would be related to your character? Here's some examples a few of my Homeland peeps might get a kick out of. ^^ (Mostly inside jokes...)


Don't Go Breakin' My Heart

Use The Heartbreaker on Drakehide, Son of Mok'Rukh during the encounter.

With Enough Cactus Cider...

Drink a Cactus Cider over Drakehide, Son of Mok'Rukh's corpse.

An' I WANT my scalps!

Loot Drakehide, Son of Mok'Rukh's scalp.


Defeat Drakehide, Son of Mok'Rukh while at least one player is wearing Helm of the Thousand Needles.
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90 Worgen Druid
Packleader Zherron

A staunch Gilnean loyalist, Eidan Zherron - nicknamed "Shadowhowl" - has become bitter and cynical as time has gone by. A man with no family, a ruined homeland, and Cenarion druid training make for a dangerous and potentially unstable opponent.


Shadowhowl: Zherron lets loose a chilling howl which causes all targets in melee range to run in fear for 5 seconds.

Moonkin Form: Zherron occasionally takes the form of a moonkin, granting him access to offensive spells.
*Wrath: Unleashes a bolt of Nature damage. Builds solar power.
*Starfire: Unleashes a bolt of Arcane damage. Builds lunar power.
*Eclipse: At 100 solar or lunar power, grants access to one of the following:
**Full Moon's Light: At 100 lunar power, casts Moonfire on all targets within 10 yards. 5 second cast.
**Burnt by the Sun: At 100 solar power, casts Sunfire on all targets within 10 yards. 5 second cast.

Cat Form: Zherron occasionally takes the form of a cat, granting him access to melee abilities.
*Ferocious Bite
*Prowl, then Pounce

Crow Form: At 15%, Zherron assumes crow form and takes to the air.
*Escape!: Zherron is attempting to escape! Defeat him quickly!


<in human form> "My people have a reputation for savagery. You will find it is deserved."
"You may be able to win today...but do not think you will leave unscarred."
<assumes worgen form> "DEATH!!!"

<lets loose a great howl>

Moonkin Form:
"Violators of the Balance! Face Nature's wrath!"

Full Moon's Light:
"Embrace the moonlight!"

Burnt by the Sun:
"Try blocking THIS sun!" <laughs>

Crow Form:
"You win this round! But this is not over!"

Player Kill:
"May your corpse fertilize the earth...if it can stomach your foulness!"
"Ha! You think you can defeat ME?"
"You know how hard it is to get blood out of fur?" <laughs>

Successful Escape:
"We will meet again, heathens..."

"Vengeance...for Gilneas!"


Let Him Eat Crow
Defeat Packleader Zherron before he is able to escape.
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90 Human Paladin
Saavedro of Stratholme

Healer, warrior, scholar, leader - Saavedro of Stratholme has been these things and more. A survivor of the fall of Lordaeron and veteran of the wars for Outland and Northrend, Saavedro firmly believes in the Light's guidance and is motivated by his desire to see a restored Kingdom of Lordaeron within the Alliance. Saavedro is aided in this task by his personal guard, the Lordaeron Deathsworn, consisting of the comrades he has rallied to his banner in the decade since the Battle of Mount Hyjal.


Hammer Shock: Saavedro slams his hammer into the ground, creating a shockwave that knocks back all targets in melee range a distance of 20 yards.

Rays of Light: Saavedro projects beams of the Holy Light from his palm in an AoE cone, Blinding all targets in its radius.

Divine Light: Saavedro calls upon the Light to heal his injuries.

Deathsworn, To Me!: At 75%, 50% and 25%, Saavedro rallies a group of five Deathsworn Guards to his aid, surrounding their lord and shielding him from attack. Saavedro temporarily becomes untargetable.
*Deathsworn Guard: The five Deathsworn guards have the following abilities:
**Crusader Strike (melee range only)
**Seal of Righteousness
**Judgment of Righteousness

Guarded by the Dragonqueen: When defeated, Saavedro's body is carried away by his draconic guardian, Zaranastrasz. The Chest of the Oncoming Storm is left behind for loot.


"Esarus thar no'Darador - by blood and honor we serve. But you are not here for honor, are you? No...I can see that you are only here for my blood."
<Saavedro of Stratholme shakes his head.>
"It is people like you, like Varian and Garrosh, who have kept this damnable war going. But you have free can choose to step back now, and avoid unnecessary bloodshed."

"You have chosen death, then. So be it."

Hammer Shock
"Away, slaves to bloodshed!"
"Back! I will not be sullied by the likes of you!"

Rays of Light
"You truly are blind - in more ways than one..."
"Allow me to illuminate your ignorance!"
"Light, let them see as I do!"

Divine Light
"Light, give me strength!"

Deathsworn, To Me!
"Soldiers of Lordaeron! Rally to me!" (75%)
"Those who serve, stand before me now!" (50%)
"The enemy is relentless! Deathsworn, come to my aid!" (25%)

Player Kill
"Light, guide these blind souls in the next life!"
"This is of your own making, fool!"
"Could you not see the folly of this battle?"

Saavedro: "You know not...what you do..."
<The red drake Zaranastrasz picks up Saavedro's body in his talons.>
Zaranastrasz: "Stay back, heathens! You have violated this man enough without swooping upon him like vultures!"
<The Chest of the Oncoming Storm appears>
Zaranastrasz: "Take this, greedy scavengers, and be on your way."
<Zaranastrasz takes flight, with Saavedro in tow>


Sworn Unto Death
Defeat the five Deathsworn Guards within five seconds of one another each time they are rallied.
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86 Orc Hunter
Scout Kagran

A verteran of the first two wars, Kagran leads the Horde inteligence network in this area. Acompanied by his Worg "Mauly", he favors a sniper rifle and old fashioned poisons.


Kill Command:
Mauly changes target to a random player.

Axe Sweep:
All players infront of Kagran in meele range are knocked back.

Serpent Sting:
Deals nature damage over time.

Explosive shot:
Deals fire damage and knocks back the target.


Kill Command:
"Get that <Class> out of your mouth! You don't know where it's been!"

Axe Sweep:
"Back off!"

Serpent Sting:
"Old tricks are the best tricks."

Explosive Shot:
"And thats why we keep goblins around."

"For the Horde!"
"Oh look, MORE mercinaries..."
"Look pup, dog treats!"

Mauly Death:
"Now you've made this personal."

Player Kill:
"Hope you braught a spare <Class>!"
"Another one bites the dust."
"Kids these days..."

"Took you... long... enough."


An Orc And His Dog
Kill Kagran and Mauly within 5 seconds of eachother.

Stand Your Ground!
Survive the encounter wtihout being knocked back.
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70 Blood Elf Warrior
Velidraestel Boughstrider
Vel would probably be a dual-boss, accompanied by Akira Swiftblade, a rogue-type thingy-person.

An elf supposed to be trained as a mage, ended up with no abilities. As a result, abused by her parents. Velidraestel has recently received training as a warrior, and taken to it rather easily, though it has made her anger issues worse.


Vel tackles the highest-dpsing player, dealing damage until another player casts a dispel enrage on her.

At 60%, 40%, and 20% health: Bite
Vel throws aside her weapon and latches onto the tank's neck, stunning it for the duration of the attack. Once again, lasts until dispel enrage is cast.

Passive: Pent-up Rage
Vel gains a damage buff proportional to the damage done to her, ranging from 0% at 0% damage, to 80% at 90% damage.

Lost Love
If Akira is killed before Vel, Vel goes into a rage, dealing 200% damage in a whirlwind attack while taking 80% more damage.


Akira Death

Player Kill
"Oh...I'm...s-sorry...S-Sir...Sir <class>"
At 8% health
" hurts..."

On death
" m-me..."


Kill Akira first, then successfully kill Velidraestel.

Together in Death
Kill Akira and Velidraestel within three seconds of each other.
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90 Blood Elf Warrior
((To Kagran I say OH, LAWL. xD Brilliantly, brilliantly, brilliantly done. Especially "kids these days." That is SO Kagran. Vel, I really liked yours also, and...actually, I found it an incredibly touching concept for a boss encounter. I couldn't read through the 8% quote, the Vel Death quote, or the Akira death quote without feeling my heart sink a little. Brilliant. Awesome ideas, both of you!))
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90 Night Elf Hunter
((Okay, I wrote this big long thing, but I don't think it ever showed up, so I'm re-writing it in a shorter version))

Tyrynna Stormshade is a telepathic elf who was driven to insanity by the tragedy she witnessed.


Psionic Link

Tyrynna Stormshade takes control of a random player for 15 seconds.

Psionic Rage

Tyrynna Stormshade deals damage to targeted player

Psionic Fury

Tyrynna Stormshade deals damage to targeted player and all players within 5 feet of that player

Scarlet Arrow

Tyrynna Stormshade fires at the targeted player, dealing damage and silencing them for 3 seconds.

Scream of Insanity

At 25% health, Tyrynna lets out a psychic scream, causing mental shutdown in the targeted player and killing them. This power is interruptable.

Punishment (Heroic)

If Scream of Insanity is interrupted, Tyrynna Stormshade backlashes, killing all players within five yards of her.




"Why have you come here..."

Psionic Link

"I am the puppet master!"

"Oh look... a new toy..."

Scarlet Arrow

"Leave me alone!"

25% health

"No...Please... Get... get me out! GET ME OUT!"




"Free... free at last..."

"Rho...I'm sorry...I'm so, so sorry..."

"My friends... do you think...less...of me...?"

Player Death

"Dissapear, dissapear, dissapear..."

"Fade... into nothingness..."


Free Your Mind

Survive the encounter with Tyrynna Stormshade without any player in your party being controlled by Psionic Link

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Loot any of the Pictures listed below.

Picture of the Pillar

Picture of Airunu

Picture of Darvynn

Picture of Rhoest Wolfbane

Picture of Akira Swiftblade
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86 Blood Elf Rogue
((This entry goes with Velidraestel's previous one, as seen above))

Akira Swiftblade, once just a bounty hunter, had his entire life flipped upside-down the day he met Velidraestel Boughstrider. From one misadventure to another, Akira has remained Velidraestel's lover and faithful guardian.


Passive: Swift Recovery

Akira Swiftblade gains 30 health every second

Blade Flurry

Akira Swiftblade slashes swiftly at the target, dealing high damage.


Akira Swiftblade creates a shockwave of energy, stunning all players within 5 yards and dealing some damage.

At 75%, 50%, 25% health: Backstab

Akira Swiftblade shadowsteps behind a random player and backstabs them, dealing high damage.


If Velidraestel is killed before Akira, Akira goes into a rage and creates an energy explosion, dealing high damage to all players. 25% of the damage dealt to a single player is dealt to himself in recoil.



"What could you possibly want with us?"

"So you would choose our heads over allies against your real enemy? So be it..."

"Vel, stay back. I'll protect you."

Low Health

"Ngh... no...I cannot... fail her."

Velidraestel Death

"NO! What have you done!? VELIDRAESTEL!"

Player Death

"Another bounty collected."

"It's your own fault..."


"No... Velidraestel..."


Until Death Do Us Part.

Kill Velidraestel, then successfully kill Akira.

I Would Die For You

Succesfully kill Akira Swiftblade with his own Agony

Together in Death

Kill Akira and Velidraestel within three seconds of each other.
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85 Troll Hunter
Pakaza The Hunter

A very old Troll with an almost impossible accuracy with a bow and elegance in his combat, Pakaza has fallen from his glory as a legendary champion. Since his battle with the soul witch, Mialera, half of his soul has been stolen from him and the strain has driven him mad. His quest to restore his soul has made him commit terrible atrocities for which he can never atone. This fight takes place in the open plains, outdoors.


In Your Head - Throughout the entire battle, Pakaza will use his skill with soul magic against members of the party. He must be interrupted quickly, or his target(s) will be stunned for a period of time for recovery, and take damage lasting the duration of the attack.

"Ya' don' know what you're dealin' with, mon..."

Crowd Control - Pakaza freezes the healer in place until someone breaks him out or the timer runs out.

"Ye' be a nuisance."

Wrath of a Broken Troll - Pakaza roars with the ferocity of a Lion and grows in power and speed temporarily.


Scruffles - Pakaza summons his pet Savannah Huntress halfway through the battle, a fierce and swift creature that will attack randomly. Scruffles is to be killed quickly, or she will wipe out your party.

*Sharp, loud whistle*

Quotes -


Pakaza will randomly shout at you during the fight.

"I be dah protecta! I saved dah world! Can't I get a damn break, mon?!"
"Dodge? Yeah? Dat's nice. EXPLODIN' ARROW."
"Neva' seen an old Troll move so fast, eh?"
"Dat mountain in Outlands? Used tah be a Valley. Aye, I did dat."
"Ya' marked, mon. Ye' ain't escaping me now."

"Alliance couldn' hold me. Horde couldn' kill me. Mialera couldn't finish me n' dah God's can't figure out what dah hell tah do with me. Ye don't undastand what ye' messin' with. Ye' be dead men."


"Oy... Ya' shouldn't be here..."
"Alrigh'. Come on, then. I'll let ye' die an honorable death."
"Why can't ye' leave me be..."

Player Kill

(Whispered) "I'm sorry... Sleep easy, mate."

Party Wipe

"No one'll stop me. No one..."
"None of these souls can do..."
"Maybe they'll stop sendin' ye' now your heads'll be on me pikes."


"Aye... This be alright..."
"...Nice shot, mate."
"Find dah rest o' me and kill it too, if ye' will..."


How Are You So Old?

Kill Pakaza the Hunter.

True Grit

Loot Pakaza's Eyepatch from Pakaza the Hunter.

Why Won't This Thing Die?

Kill Pakaza the Hunter while Scruffles is still alive.

No More Stories, Grandpa

Listen to all of Pakaza the Hunter 's random phrases.

Congratulations! You've Caught A Troll!

Kill Pakaza the Hunter while a player in your party uses Soul Blade.
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90 Blood Elf Warrior
((Amazing, amazing work, everybody. ^^ Pakaza, I thought yours were very true to the character, and brilliant. Akira's gave me sniffles. xD I thought the Akira-Vel boss fight was a brilliant concept and was well written too. Tyr's was actually really insightful! I didn't realize there was so much to her backstory. Again, well done, all!))

((On the subject of Tyr, though, a funny potential achievement set occured to me yesterday, given Drake and Tyr's track record. xD Assuming that Drake and Tyr were located in the same BG or instance, this could be a fun one...))

Round Two...FIGHT!

Kite Drakehide, Son of Mok'Rukh and Tyrynna Stormshade into range of each other and watch them fight.

He's broken! He's broken!

Let Tyrynna Stormshade land a killing blow on Drakehide, son of Mok'Rukh.


Let Drakehide, son of Mok'Rukh land a killing blow on Tyrynna Stormshade.
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90 Night Elf Hunter
((Drake...that is...GLOOOOOOOOORIOUS!))
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Lol funky thread.

Corvidia would make for a pretty erm... interesting boss.

She'd probably be in bear form, waddling slowly in a circle around a... a room. A circular room.

On aggro: *general WoW bear roar noise*


-Swipe: Corvidia swipes futilely at entire raid. Does pretty much no damage.
-Confusion: Triggered if there are any gnomes, goblins, or dwarves in the raid. Corvidia stops attacking and charges towards the tiny person yelling "WIDGA? BAD WIDGA. BAD. I WILL STOMP."
-Shapeshift: Periodically Corv will shapeshift into any of the druid forms. Any of them. Moonkin, seal, bird... this doesn't change the fight at all. Though melee may need to run faster, or jump really high.
-STOMP: When Corvidia reaches 10% health she grows 10 times her normal size and yells "BAD RAID. I WILL STOMP." She warstomps, stunning the entire raid for 3 seconds, and cheetah dashes into the corner. She proceeds to /cower in the corner for the rest of the fight.

-On taking damage: "Ow. Ow. Ow."
-On seeing a moonkin: "Boomkan? Is that you? Why are you hurting me"
-If for some reason, such as rocket boots failing right as every healer in the raid DCs and a kitten attacks the failed rocket boots person's keyboard and sends them off into a pack of un aggro'd trash mobs and they die: "Wait, no! I will save you!" - at which point Corvidia will indeed battleres, heal and rebuff the fallen raidmember. Then go back to swiping futilely in confusion.
-On dying: /whimper

Poor Corv. So ferocious.

Irrational Cube
Crystalline Tear of Loyalty
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94 Troll Warlock
Dree'jin the Hexxer

Dree'jin is a chaotic, savage, narcissistic troll voodoo practitioner with ambitions to see the troll empire rise to its former glory, and wipe out all other races. Once a shadow priest of Hakkar, Dree'jin has adopted a haphazard mixture of warlock, priest and shaman magics to fuel his voodoo.


Basic attacks - In melee, Dree'jin weilds a staff that bleeds shadows. Periodically, he will cast an instant shadow bolt volley, and an AoE fear that effects those in his immediate vicinity.

Totems of the Loa - Every 6 seconds, Dree'jin drops one of four totems randomly. It is necessary to have someone allocated to totem duty, as they can be destroyed readily enough. These include:
Totem of Hakkar: All healing within 50 yards is reduced by 50%.
Totem of Hir'eek: Dree'jin gains the Vampiric Embrace effect, healing himself for a small percent of all damage inflicted by him or his summoned aids.
Totem of Hethiss: A poison nova totem which expires after unleashing a wave of poison over 30 yards; anyone caught in it suffers a massive nature DoT effect over 10 seconds.
Totem of Bethekk: Every second attack from Dree'jin or his summoned aids is a critical hit.

Journey to the Spirit World - Every 20 seconds, Dree'jin sends the player with the least aggro to the spirit world for 5 seconds, effectively a stun. Upon returning, the player gains the Haunting Presence debuff.
Haunting Presence: Every 2 seconds, for 12 seconds, spirits of dead Gurubashi trolls appear and attack the player infliced with Haunting Presence. These adds have low life and do medium damage, unless buffed with the Totem of Bethekk.

Hakkar's Favor - A curse DoT effect that reduces movement speed by 30%, casting time and physical damage by 30%, and if dispelled deals massive damage and silences the dispeller for 5 seconds. However, the curse itself deals relatively minimal damage.

Spirits of the Enslaved - at 15% life, Dree'jin will begin channeling to summon endless waves of spirits that deal significant shadow damage. During this channeling, he does not perform his other abilities. This is essentially a DPS race to kill the troll before he wipes the party.


Aggro: 'Ya look familiar...'ave I t'reatened you before?'

Player death: (if an elf) 'Looks like we be 'avin' elfie fer dinner!' ; (any other race) 'Who be my next victim?'

Party wipe: 'Your souls be mine.'

Spirits of the Enslaved: 'I got friends on da odder side...dey sort ya lot out real quick.'

Death: '...I be seein' ya's....real soon...'
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41 Goblin Warlock
I don't know if this is as good as the others, but I'll try...
Stage 1 -- Uncle Gruzzie
Gruzzexl begins as a fairly easy fight, using standard warlock abilities -- Immolate (2050 Fire dmg over 15 secs) and Shadow Bolt (562-664 Shadow dmg). He should be felled fairly quickly.

Stage 2 -- Gruzzexl
Upon his initial death, however, he uses a Soul Stone and is resurrected. In this incarnation, Gruzzexl has more health and mana and adds several more abilities to his repertoire.

Summon Voidwalker
Gruzzexl summons multiple Voidwalkers to attack his foes every 25% of his health. At 75% and 50% this can be interrupted, but at 25% it becomes uninterruptable.

Demon Leap
Gruzzexl leaps into the air, landing on all enemies and inflicting 2700 Shadow dmg to all enemies within 5 yards.

Gruzzexl inflicts 900 dmg per second on his target, effect lasts 20 seconds.

Gruzzexl strikes fear into his enemies -- causing all enemies within 0 yards to run in fear for 10 seconds.

When Gruzzexl reaches 1% health, his goblin form will perish and will be replaced by a massive Voidwalker known only as "Of the Void" at full health.

Stage 3 -- Of the Void
Of the Void has the following abilities:

Of the Void's standard attack, deals both weapon and shadow dmg to a target.

Of the Void can strike fear into his enemies -- causing all enemies within 0 yards to run in fear for up to 20 seconds (with the minimum being 10).

Consume Shadows
At 75% health Of the Void will consume nearby shadows to regain health. If any Voidwalkers still remain, they will be consumed as well and Of the Void will return to full health. If no Voidwalkers remain, only 5-10% of his health will be regained. This will repeat at 50% and 25%.

Summon Voidwalkers
Of the Void will call more Voidwalkers from the Void at 70% and 45% health. This is insta-cast.

Of the Void can inflict a massive amount of Shadow damage to enemies within 0 yards when collapsing, and can coalesce again anywhere within the room of the battle.

Aggro (Stage 1) -- Uncle Gruzzie says: "We won't be making any deals today!"

Player Death (Stage 1) -- "Wonder what I can loot from that corpse!"
Player Death (Stage 2) -- "I'll meet you in the Void!"
Player Death (Stage 3) -- "Your death empowers the Void!"

Party Wipe (Stage 1) -- "That was just pitiful."
Party Wipe (Stage 2) -- "What chaos! How delightful!"
Party Wipe (Stage 3) -- "You shall be welcome in the Void."

Summoning Voidwalkers (Stage 2) -- "You cannot extinguish darkness -- there is ever more of it!"

Death (Stage 1) -- "You think I'm not prepared for this? I'm in business!"
Death (Stage 2) -- "I never cared for this husk. Face darkness itself!"
Death (Stage 3) -- "And so... to the Void I return. Until next time."
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100 Undead Warlock
Donovan Harmarth - A spiteful Forsaken wielder of flames who begrudgingly keeps a cowardly, but useful imp at his side. With no eyes of his own, he resorts to magical conjured eyes, perpetually hidden from sight themselves, to survey his surroundings and beyond.


Donovan - Wields a wicked scythe for melee, and casts many fire spells, directed and AoE. There are four pillars around the center of the room.
- Ignite: Cast on targets on whom Stern Gaze has passed the entire duration, dealing fire damage over time and disorienting them. Debuff text: "It burns! IT BURNS!"
- Pyroblast: Uninterruptible, large direct damage fire spell that also leaves a small, short-duration damage over time.
- Flame Burst: Instant cast fire spell that affects targets in a frontal cone, and applies a damage over time effect for further damage.
- Incinerate: Instant cast fire spell that deals direct damage to several random targets at range.
- Radiating Flames: Cast quickly, but interruptible, engulfs the target in flames that deal damage over time to both the target, and any nearby allies.
- Rain of Fire: Hits entire room for AoE damage over the course of the duration. Channeled, uninterruptible.
- Explosion: Occasional cast, hits all players within line of sight for a single large blast of AoE damage.
- Tsunami Blaze: A large tidal wave of flames starts at one end of the room at random, hitting all players it touches for a large amount of fire damage and applying a large damage over time effects. Does not hit players standing directly behind some form of line-of-sight cover.
** Donovan will periodically teleport to the center of the room and cast either Rain of Fire, Explosion, or Tsunami Blaze. Until the effects of any of them are finished, Donovan remains untargetable in the center of the room**

**Optional assistance only - see below**

- Soul Fire: Hits the targetted family member with a large shadow-infused fireball, incapacitating them and reducing their health to one. Cast at 75%, 50%, and 25% health. Healing the injured family member to full will return them to the battle.

Donovan's Gaze - A multitude of hidden, magical eyes prowl the room at random, untargettable and undamageable until they take action against the players. While focusing on a player, the eye is revealed and stunned if hit with an AoE damage effect, though the Stern Gaze effect is not removed during the stun.
- Stern Gaze: Dramatically increases cast time and spell cost. Killing the Donovan's Gaze removes the effect. If the duration runs out, the Donovan's Gaze dies and Donovan casts Ignite on the target.

Yazyap - Donovan's cowardly imp darts around the raid at random, attacking and causing havoc, but is quick to flee when attacked. If silenced, Yazyap will simply run around the room at random until the effect wears off.
- Firebolt: Extremely fast-casting direct damage spell cast at random players. During his running around, Yazyap will occasionally halt and start casting Firebolt for a brief period before resuming his frenzied scampering.
- Underfoot: Yazyap will frequently trip players as he runs by them, interrupting casts and knocking them down for 2 seconds. Debuff text simply says "Why you annoying little - !"
- Singe: Removes one beneficial magic effect.
- Phase Shift: One second after taking any damage, Yazyap will phase shift and flee the fight, only to return briefly to resume his troublemaking. Affected by standard crowd controlling effects, and cannot be cast while stunned, silenced or otherwise crowd controlled.
- Bound beyond Death: Death is no respite for Yazyap's servitude to Donovan. If Yazyap is killed, he will return to the fight after a delay, but the delay is longer than if he was permitted to Phase Shift.

***Optional Assistance!***

Ordinarily, players will receive assistance in the fight from Donovan's estranged family; his son, Jonathan (Worgen Rogue), his father, Lukaran (Human Warrior/Death Knight), and his grandfather, Blazieth (Human mage). The players can speak to any of them to proceed without their aid.

Jonathan - Donovan's son. A fierce fighter who bears the Worgen curse and has turned it to his advantage.
- Rip: Causes the target to Bleed, dealing damage over time.
- Frenzy: Increases Jonathan's attack speed.
- Lunge: Whenever one of Donovan's Gaze is revealed, Jonathan will leap at it and deal a large amount of damage, and focus on the Gaze until it is defeated - left to his own, Jonathan will defeat the Gaze by himself, but some players may wish to assist to remove the Stern Gaze debuff faster.
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100 Undead Warlock
Lukaran - Donovan's father. A massive man in emerald plate and a Knight of the Ebon Blade who wields a plethora of large, twohanded weapons.
- Obliterate: A powerful strike using both weapons.
- Weapon Swap: Lukaran will occasionally switch between wielding a pair of Two-handed Swords or a pair of Two-handed Axes. While wielding Swords, Lukaran causes significantly more threat, but also uses Mighty Throw less often. While wielding axes, Lukaran's damage is increased, and he uses Mighty Throw more often.
- Mighty Throw: Lukaran will occasionally pull out a large spear and hurl it at Yazyap, dealing a large amount of damage and stunning him for 10 seconds. Frequency of use depends on equipped weapons.

Blazieth - Donovan's grandfather. An ancient mage in brilliant blue and white robes who wields frost magic with significant skill.
- Frostbolt: Blazieth's standard attack. Deals frost damage at range.
- Time Warp: Increases Blazieth's casting and movement speed.
- Mass Barrier: Blazieth shields all allies with a frost barrier, reducing the damage dealt by Explosion.
- Ice Block: Blazieth shields himself in a block of ice, also providing an extra obstacle with which to hide from Tsunami Blaze.
- Frozen Wind: Blazieth whips up an ice-cold wind to combat the Rain of Fire, reducing its duration.


Aggro: (With assistance) "At last - today, I will erase my disgrace of a family!"
(Without assistance) "You will all die - first you, then my disgrace of a family!"

Explosion: "I will sear you to the bones and beyond!"
"The flames of hell will seem tame once I am through with you!"

Tsunami Blaze: "Now! I will drown you in a sea of fire!"
"Even once your very BONES are reduced to ash, you will know no relief!"

Rain of Fire: "The flames of below rain from above - there is no escape!"
"I am Donovan Harmarth - once called the Blazebringer. Now, you will know why."

Soul Fire: "Enough! I will take my time with you once these nuisances are dealt with..."

Player kill: "Your suffering is not yet finished..."
"Don't think you'll find relief; I have more in store for you..."
"How does it feel, your very soul being set ablaze?"

Kill by Imp: "Well done, little imp. If only you were so brave when their backs weren't turned."
"You see, wretch? Even a miserable thing like you can be somewhat dangerous..."

Death: "Not yet...! They still live... this... will not... stand..."

Jonathan Lunge: "Stare at THIS!"

Lukaran Might Throw: "Enough of your mischief, wretch!"

Blazieth Mass Barrier/Ice Block/Frozen Wind: "You're not the only mage here, Donovan! Champions, I will shield you from this onslaught!"
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90 Blood Elf Warrior
((Wow...awesome fight, Donovann! PS, now I think I've got a much clearer grasp of why Jonathan is Terra's resident Modas expert. xD Well written!))
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100 Undead Warlock
((Actually, Donovan has little to do with that. Jonathan's "expertise" was actually acquired through simply being around in-game and for RP during the Ehlina era of the Pillar of Honor. That and a little plotline I had going around him around the release of Cataclysm. Back then, Vectus was a big face in the Modas, too. Shame he's not around anymore.))
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