Boss Encounters: Cenarion Circle Style!

90 Blood Elf Warrior
((I agree with Harmarth - these are all so awesome! I gotta say, though, Tyrynna, your new fight with the four personalities kinda made me teh sad! *bawls, Mok'Rukh-style* Poor Tyr...))

((I also have to remark on VincentWolfe's entry...I LAWLED. HARD. And I think a Modas il Toralar dungeon/raid would be EPIC, and I think someone should definitely get on designing that. Right now. And "persuading" Blizz to include it in the next expansion by any means necessary, up to and including obsidium bolt guns, saronite grenades, tazik devices, and...))

*re-reads forum Code of Conduct*

((Did I say grenades? Uh, I meant ponies. Yes. Of course that's what I meant.))
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90 Night Elf Hunter
((Suuuuuuuuuure, Drake. SUUUUUUUUUURE.))
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85 Human Priest
Nynra Lirann Lightheart

A devout servant of the Light, even after she was slain, Nynra is now an undead priestess, and an almost zealous member of the Cathedral of Light. Her mastery in healing and light magic is impressive, and defeating her will be no easy feat.

Nynra Lirann Lightheart is a raid boss with two phases; The Fallen Prayer and The Blessed. She is a boss that utilizes a lot of healing abilities, which can benefit both herself and the raid. Nynra has a heroic mode that makes the fight about "way too damn hard".

PHASE ONE: The Fallen Prayer

Nynra Lirann Lightheart starts in her ceremonial healing garb. She will use very few damaging abilities, but has a stacking damage buff that increases how much melee and spell damage she will deal. This buff stacks until phase two. Interrupts and healing reduction, as well as dispel magic, are a must for this fight.

MECHANIC: Growing Light
Throughout the entire fight, Nynra gains a buff called "Empowered by the Light", stacking each time she casts Holy Flame, Holy Nova, Smite or Light Bolt, increasing her total damage by 1% and her total healing by .5%.


Holy Nova: Deals minor damage to allies and heals Nynra Lirann Lightheart for a small amount. Healing is negated if at least two unique poisons, curses, magic, diseases or physical effects are on her. Cast very often.

Mass Dispel: Nynra casts for three seconds before unleashing a shockwave of light that removes all negative debuffs from her and all positive buffs from enemies. In addition, enemies who were casting will be interrupted for four seconds. Can be interrupted.

Holy Flame: Nynra calls down a pillar of holy fire to strike down an enemy, dealing massive damage and also dealing damage over time. Cannot be interrupted. Anyone within 8 yards of the target struck by Holy Flame will be healed for 50% their total health. The target struck does not receive this heal.

Mighty Heal: Nynra casts for three seconds, healing herself for 20% her total health and healing enemies for 500% their total health. Overhealing will add a shield with however much health was overhealed. Can be interrupted.

Smite: Nynra sends a lash of light to deal damage to a single target. This light backlashes and heals anyone within 10 yards of the struck target for 20% their total health. Cannot be interrupted.

Light Bolt: Nynra launches a holy orb in a straight line, dealing damage to all targets struck. Instant cast.

Prayer: Knocks back all targets within ten yards, and then heals Nynra and all targets within the raid for 10% their total health per second. Can be interrupted. Ten second channel.

PHASE TWO: The Blessed

At 40% health, Nynra binds all enemies in chains of Light temporarily. Her healing spells are removed and she gains new damaging spells, as well as her battle gear and consecrated battlestaff, Benediction.


Burning Light: Sends out a conical jet of holy flame, dealing damage over time to all targets struck. 30 Yard distance.

Holy Slice: Nynra swings her staff in an arc, dealing cleaving damage to up to three targets.

Chains of Light: Binds a target for 30 seconds in chains of light, making the target unable to move, attack or cast spells. Applies five stacks of "Bound", a dispellable magic debuff. When the stacks are removed or 30 seconds pass, the chains release the target. Cast every 15 seconds.

Archangel: Nynra gains transluscent wings of light for five seconds; she will dash to a target enemy every second, dealing one attack at 30% extra damage. Cannot hit the same target twice. Cannot hit the tanks. If it strikes a caster, caster is interrupted for two seconds.

Retribution: Sends a chain wave of light, dealing damage to the nearest target. If a target is within 8 yards of the first target struck, they will be hit by the light-chain and take 10% increased damage from the attack. This bouncing continues until there are no targets within 8 yards of the current target.

Light of Azeroth: After 12 minutes pass, Nynra stabs her staff into the ground and calls upon the light of Azeroth, wiping the raid.

In heroic mode, Nynra gains a few new spells and the buff "Twin Disciplines."

Growing Light (until phase 1 ends)
Twin Disciplines: Nynra's healing spells will instead harm enemies struck. Nynra deals more damage. Nynra's self healing is decreased by 15%.


Same as Normal, although all healing spells will now deal damage to enemies. Nynra's self healing debuff is added to compensate for this damage increase.
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85 Human Priest

In heroic mode, at 60% health Nynra will let loose an earbleeding scream, knocking enemies back and shifting into a shadow form; she now casts shadow spells and uses DoT's.


Devouring Plague: Afflicts a target with a devouring plague, dealing damage and healing Nynra for 100% of the damage dealt. Dispellable magic effect. Will afflict all targets within 8 yards of the first target.

Mental Lash: Deals damage to a single target and applies the debuff "Whispered Fear". If this debuff is not cleansed within three seconds, target is feared for 5 seconds. Fear is undispellable.

Black Pain: Sends a shadow to a target enemy, dealing damage when this shadow strikes and applying a DoT. This shadow only lives for ten seconds and can be kited/slowed.

Chain Mental Lash: Occurs only if Whispered Fear is dispelled five times. Sends a chain mental lash, afflicting all targets with Mental Lash and its debuff.

Mind Control: Nynra attempts to control the target. If not interrupted within two seconds, Nynra becomes invulnerable and the target gains 300% extra health and 10% extra damage. Nynra cannot use any spell other than Mental Lash during this time.


At 30% health, Nynra sends all players back fifteen yards and wields a twisted version of Benediction, with inlays of white and black lining the entirety of the stave. It resembles a spear as much as a staff.

MECHANIC: Fury of the Twin Disciplines
Nynra gains increasing spell damage over time, increasing damage dealt by 2% every 5 seconds. At 50% increased damage, she casts Heavenly Horror.


Blacklight Bolt: Deals damage with the light, and then applies a shadow DoT. May strike multiple targets, 30 yard range, linear missile.

Fallen Grace: Nynra rapidly casts three bolts of light and three bolts of shadow at random targets, dealing damage; the Light stuns for 1 second and the shadow silences for 1 second. Interruptible.

Torment of the Fallen: Nynra stuns herself for five seconds, taking 60% increased damage. This stun summons two spirits of the light. After a seven second cast time, the spirits will cast Fallen Vengeance, dealing 40% damage to ALL raid members. Cannot be interrupted.

Mind Control: Same as phase two heroic, but Nynra is no longer stunned and this ability has a four second cast time.

Blacklight Archangel: At 10% health, Nynra sprouts a pair of wings, one black and one white. Nynra will reset her aggro table every five seconds and gains 100% increased movement speed, but 20% less damage. She will also deal 5% of an enemy's total health in damage per three seconds to targets around her.

Heavenly Horror: Unleashes a shockwave of shadow and light magic, disorienting all targets and dealing heavy damage, removing all debuffs from allies and enemies and reducing enemy hp to 1%. Nynra is stunned for six seconds after this spell is cast.
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85 Human Priest

"A-Are you h-here to kill m-me? S-So many have d-decided to t-try, these days. I-I can barely s-see who are m-my allies a-and who are m-my enemies. I-I do not want t-to kill. I-I hate death. B-But if I must f-fight, I shall. D-Do not make m-me do this."

Aggro: "L-Light bless y-you when you pass o-on..."

Holy Flame: "B-Be seared by h-holy fire!"

Prayer: "L-Light bless m-me..." "S-Save me, h-holy light, f-from these e-enemies!" "L-Light of A-Azeroth, aid m-me!"

Successful heal: "I-I am renewed." "T-Thank you, h-holy Light." "B-By your b-blessing."

Phase Two: "T-To me, B-Benediction! L-Let these warriors b-bathe in the holy f-flame of Azeroth!"

Archangel "I-I am the i-icon of the Light!" "F-Face Light's w-wrath!" "F-Fall to the h-holy fury o-of the light w-wielders!"

Chains of Light: "B-Bound by t-the Light!" "Y-Your sins grip you!" "D-Do not s-struggle."

Retribution: "T-This will b-be your test o-of faith!"

Light of Azeroth: "B-Be blessed by t-the holy Light o-of Azeroth. M-May you find p-peace as it t-takes you in its l-loving embrace."

Phase Two Heroic: "C-CEASE! I-I do n-not enjoy t-this, but I-I cannot f-fall yet! F-Face my a-anger!"

Mind Control: "A-Assuming direct c-control!" "Y-You cannot o-overpower m-my mind!" "I-I am t-the puppeteer!"

Chain Mental Lash: "Y-Your thoughts a-are seared!" "F-Fall!" "F-Face your past s-sins and w-wallow in t-them!"

Devouring Plague: "I-I cannot f-fall yet!" "Y-Yours to m-mine!"

Phase Three Heroic: "T-This is n-not over... y-you know not o-of the mastery o-of the TWIN D-DISCIPLINES! F-Face the Black L-Light!"

Torment of the Fallen: "S-Save me, m-my friends of t-the past!" "T-Take your v-vengeance, f-fallen of the l-light!"

Heavenly Horror: "T-To look upon t-the face of t-the Light a-and see its glory i-is to feel b-both terror and l-love."

Blacklight Archangel: "T-THIS END'S H-HERE! S-Shadow's c-control with L-Light's fury! T-Two become one, t-the Twin Hearts w-will decimate y-you!"

Killing a player: "B-Be at peace." "L-Light bless y-you in the afterlife." "R-Rest well, f-friend."

Raid defeat: "I-I will pray for y-you tonight."

Death: "M-My service... i-is done. I-I give myself... u-unto... t-the Light..."

[The Tale of Twin Hearts] Defeat Nynra on heroic mode while at least three raid members have an item from the Soulreave Citadel raid.
[Bandages? We don't need no STINKING bandages!] Do not get healed by any of Nynra's abilities, and do not use any self healing abilities during the fight.
[Light's off] Kill Nynra just as she starts casting Light of Azeroth.
[A Heavenly Weapon] Loot any of the Blessed weapons.
[Releasing Control] Do not let Nynra mind control anyone.
[Pray with me] Use the /pray emote on Nynra at three unique phases (heroic only).
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Chip Blastfused

Chip's kept all his old gear from his old Booty Bay Bruiser position and uses it to his full advantage. As a result of the magic of the arena in which he hides, his unstable mind has been rendered manifest in the world around him. His paranoia now serves to work both for him, and against him.


Mace to Face: Deals damage & Disorients his current target, leading to a temporary loss of aggro.

Shield Bash: Deals damage, stuns target briefly and knocks him a short distance. Removes all aggro on the target.

Kneecapped: Immobilizes current target, followed up with Leap of Terror

Leap of Terror: Leaps away from his current location, dealing a large amount of damage where he lands and fearing any affected targets (small cast time with an indicator where he will land), and begins shooting at random targets with his gun. Gun has light knockback. He will resume melee attacks once he is attacked in melee.

Electric Net: Immobilizes target(s), deals nature damage over time

Steamwheedle Hit Squad: Periodically, Steamwheedle assassins will appear above the arena and begin to fire on the players with rockets (fatal damage, with an indicator at the target zone). During the Worgen phase, the snipers become targetable; one attack will knock them down and into the pack of worgen (who will then attack them as well)

MY GOLD!: Periodic ability. Chip's gold begins flying out of his pockets of its own accord... and into the party! The impact of the coins deals minor damage, and Chip drops all current aggro, instead focusing on random players, leaping on them to beat them with his mace for reduced damage.
Targetted player gets a debuff: "Thief!" Debuff text: "Chip thinks you stole his gold!" Chip randomly jumps to different targets, and must take a certain amount of damage to pry him from the accused and back to his senses (so to speak).

Not You Again!: Periodic ability. A random player takes on the appearance of Chip Blastfused's greatest enemy, the Gobapocalypse (who happens to look like a certain Worgen the players will have seen elsewhere in the instance). Becoming enraged, Chip charges the player, knocking them against a wall, and pinning them there, dealing periodic damage as he crushes them with his shield; Chip must take enough damage to return him to his senses.

Phase 2: Crazy Dogs!

A periodic event. The gates around the perimeter of the arena, unleashing a swarm of feral Worgen upon the party and Chip.

Cynophobic: So long as there is at least one feral Worgen left in the arena, Chip takes greatly reduced damage from players and the Worgen, and will ignore the players to kill the ferals; Chip is able to kill each Worgen in one blow.

Conquered Fear: Each Worgen Chip kills increases his damage and attack speed; the buff stacks indefinitely and lasts throughout the encounter.

Once all Worgen are killed, phase 1 resumes.


Enter Arena: "What! What're you doin' here? This place was supposed to be abandoned! Who sent you?"

Aggro: "WHO SENT YOU?!?"
"Get out! No, on second thought, you're not going anywhere!"
"You won't be telling ANYONE where I am!"

Kill: "Ahh c'mon, the Bloodsail mooks were tougher'n you!"
"Yeah, take a seat, bub."
"That's gonna leave a lot more than a bruise."
"There's one face that won't come back to bite me."

Steamwheedle Hit Squad: "They came... I knew they'd come after me!"
"It was only a matter of time... I knew it, I KNEW IT!"
"They sent the Hit squads... damn it, I knew they'd do it eventually!"

MY GOLD!: "No! My gold! All my gold! ...Hey! GIVE IT BACK!"
"Hey! That's my gold! MINE! MINE MINE MINE! MY GOLD! MINE!"
"No! My gold! NO! Give it back your worthless little punks! GIVE IT BACK!"

Not you again: "Aw, no... YOU! YOU did this to me! I'LL MAKE YOU PAY!"
"It's YOU! I knew I'd find you again one day! Now you're all mine!"
"Ahh! You! The Gobapocalypse! This time, I'll CRUSH YOU!"
"Aw, no... not you again... but you don't have your freaky nightmare gas to save you this time!"

Crazy Dogs: "What was that sound? Aw no... no! SAY IT AIN'T SO!!"
"Aw, no. Not the dogs... anything but the dogs!"
"Wait... I know that sound. To hell with you mooks, we got other problems!"

Hard Enrage: "Aw, this is gettin' ridiculous. Why won't you dopes just die?!?"
"I can't keep doin' this. Gotta end it... gotta finish you OFF!"
"Would you all just LEAVE ME ALONE?!"

Death: "I get it now... it was all in my... head..."
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90 Human Hunter
Ceiara Blackwend
Gilnean Marksman

A proud Gilnean sniper with exceptional aim; her opening move and finishing blow are often one and the same. Assembling a group of like-minded Gilnean soldiers, she is eager to remind the world that the armies of Gilneas don't need the Worgen Curse to be powerful.

The battle takes place outdoors, in a woods-y area. When players approach, the area on the outside of the central clearing is shrouded in fog; a layer of light fog at first, and beyond that is thick fog. The players are assaulted by an assembled fighting force out of the fog, in standard formations, shield-bearing swordsmen, riflemen, packs of attack dogs, occasional druids.

Phase 1: Enemies will spawn periodically and engage the players from out of the fog while Ceiara hides and engages from safety.

Swordsmen: Average melee footsoldiers in Gilnean armor; moderate damage output with high durability. Spawns in small groups.
Shield Bash: Deals damage and interrupts casting.
Iron Defense: Decreases damage taken by all allies by 10%. Passive.
Shield Wall: Channeled; decreases damage taken by 75%. Interruptible.

Riflemen: Gilnean-armored soldiers who attack from a distance; fragile, but with high damage. Will quickly flee to another spot in the clearing if approached. Cannot be taunted.
Concussive Shot: Ranged shot that slows movement speed.
Piercing Shot: Ranged attack that deals damage over time.
High-power shot: High-damage shot cast at random targets; the rifleman' standard attack.
Concentrate Fire: Marks a single player to take increased damage from all sources. Each rifleman can mark one player.

Attack Dogs: A pack of mastiffs trained to attack the enemy en masse, swarming on a random fixate target. They are, however, not good at chasing targets, and move at 100% player speed.
Rip: A stacking bleed that is applied as the dogs attack their target.

Druid: A Worgen in druid regalia that is maintaining the thick fog. Wields an arsenal of nature magics to thwart his foes.
Mass Roots: Roots all players in place for several seconds.
Gust of Wind: Sends a gust of wind forward in a cone, knocking back all targets hit.
Insect Swarm: Cast on random targets, dealing damage over time and reducing hit chance.
Healing Surge: Heals all allies present by a moderate amount.
Nature's Wrath: Direct nature damage cast at range at random targets.
Fog Channeler: Maintaining the layers of fog around the clearing; killing the Druid will dispell the fog for a time until another druid is able to re-establish the fog.

Ceiara Blackwend: Hidden within the fog, Ceiara will take potshots at the players while they are distracted by the soldiers.

Taking Aim: A progress meter is present on the player's screen that fills gradually during Phase 1. When the meter fills, Ceiara takes a headshot at a random target, dealing a large amount of damage. Each shot reduces the time required to charge up the next shot. This effect stacks, and remains for the duration of the encounter.

Obscuring Fog: Around the edge of the clearing is an increasingly thick layer of fog, where Ceiara hides, and takes aim at her next target, ambushing any who venture too far into the fog.

Light Fog: Players within the Light Fog have reduced accuracy and dodge/parry/block chance.

Deep Fog: Players who venture into the Deep Fog are afflicted by Sneak Attack.

Sneak Attack: Unbreakable stun that lasts several seconds. When the duration is over, Ceiara uses Neck Snap on the victim.

Neck Snap: Instantly kills a target who has fallen victim to Sneak Attack.

Phase 2: The Fog is Exposed
When the Druid dies, the fog is removed. No further adds will spawn, though the remaining enemies will remain and continue to fight. Ceiara will appear at a random point within the area of the Light Fog. Ceiara will shoot at random targets with her rifle, switching to kicks and the the butt of the rifle as a melee weapon when engaged at close range.


Roundhouse: Deals damage and stuns the current target and any nearby allies.

Snap kick: Deals damage and knocks the target a large distance away, used frequently on random melee targets.

Sweeping Kick: Deals damage and stuns all targets behind Ceiara.

Snap Shot: Takes an instant, random shot at a ranged target for significant damage, though not as heavy as phase 1's Headshot. Used frequently.

Phase 2 is timed, and shortly before it ends and the fog returns, Ceiara will drop aggro and flee from her current target; players who attempt to follow her will fall victim to the effects of the fog as normal when it returns, whether they are in the Light or Deep Fog.
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90 Human Hunter

Begin Encounter: Oh, good. I've been needin' to get in some target practice. Here, I've got a few playmates ready for ya to keep you nice and occupied...

During Taking Aim chargeup: Everything above your neck's gonna be a fine red mist...
Thanks for standing still, mate.
If your strategy's to build my confidence, it's working.
Here's a tip, mate... you might wanna duck.
Mind your head... this next shot's a real doozy.
C'mon mates, move around a little. Make it interesting at least.

Phase 2 Begins: Oh, for... fine. Makes things more interesting anyway.
Good show - ya found me. Now what're you gonna do about it?

Phase 2 about to end: Follow close, lads.
Come along, now. Don't wanna lose me, do you?

Killing blow: I'm about to start keepin' score.
Nothin' quite like Gilnean precision.
Your first mistake was lettin' me see ya.

Player killed by Adds: Now that's just downright embarrasin'.
This is the big bad band comin' for me? Heh, I'm tremblin' in my boots.
Wish I could say I had somethin' to do with that one.

Death: Couldn't outrun it... forever...

((I miss this topic. I'd love to see other people give it a shot again!))

((lol, shot. hurr.))
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97 Draenei Mage
((Mmkay, shot given. Because best encounter ever.))

Isabella "Izby"
Draenei Buttstomper, Oh yeah!

Hrmmm... Lets talk the setup first, because I think I have the whole raid and dungeon component envisioned. Yes, dungeon because I love how Magister's Terrace worked with Sunwell. This is solely for the raid though.

Izby has lost it. Fighting the Burning Legion has caused her to over extend herself and go insane. With the loss of sanity comes the loss of control over her passion which now burns recklessly and unbridled. That passion corrupts her and begins the transformation from Draenei to Eredar which is shown by changes in her skin tone from purple to red.

Since the fight takes place in the Salty Sailor, members of the Feathers of Iron would be helping you. Five to be exact in 25 man raids. (A full dungeon group.) Three if 10 man raid. (A full scenario group.) They will be chosen at random except Lia who would be in every encounter since there are personal ties there. For the purposes of this though, I'm going to use the following group:

Mariiku = tank
Kixek = healer
Liabelle = DPS/leader
(Going 10 man style.)

At the end of the dungeon Gala has been trying to prevent people from getting into the tavern to go up and confront Izby in her room. Izby interferes at about 2% and preserves her in a block of ice. Mr. Freeze style. The treasure is found in the kitchen stove.

Upon Entering Izby's Room
You notice that the room is not exactly standard size having increased to lair proportions. In the center is Gala in ice in a pool of water with water falling upon her to keep the ice chilled. The room is coated in frost.

Lia: It appears you've made some changes without asking.
Izby: *sobbing* Only to meet my needs. Will you take your friends and go. You've done enough damage.
Lia: You know I can't. Not without my daughter.
Izby: I will bring her back when I have saved her.
Lia: You are going to kill her keeping her frozen like that.
Izby: *stands and brushes snowflakes from her eyes* I can save her. I will not let anyone take her away from me.
Lia: Don't make us do this.
Izby: *pulls out her sword and slaps her staff into the ground causing 3 familiars to rise from the ground, an icy armor coats her body*

Mariiku pulls Izby in to tank.

Phase 1: Are you Iced out?
Lasts until armor breaks.

The purpose is to freeze her solid so that melee can get in and crack her ice armor. (Remember this mechanic from AQ :). heh heh.)

The three familiars will throw fire, arcane, and frost bolts. They have a random target, but it is weighted it to focus on top aggro.

Izby: Marii, you should take Lia and go. Convince her it is the right thing to do. I will save Gala.
Marii: You know we can't do that Miss Izby. I need to protect her.
Izby: At least you understand why I fight.
Marii: *nods*

Transistion Phase
Once the armor breaks, Izby screams in pain and sends the shards of it flying through the room. Two holes in the wall will open up and a wind will gust through and carry the players into a tunnel system that will operate like the Secret Ring Levels in Sonic the Hedgehog. Avoid the ice and you don't lose 1/2 of your life.

Lia: That wicked... Stay close. Things could get icy.

Upon exiting the tunnel.
Lia: Dammit Izby, you need to chill out.
Izby: Fine, I will show you chilled. *knocks Marii stunned*

Phase 2: Cooling your jets.
Lasts until 15% damage has been done.

Three elementals appear. They can be tanked. A slow creeping frost will spread around the room, up the walls. The room size shrinks. Runes will appear on the ground.
Red ones will send you flying in a geyser of flame and you fall to your death.
Purple ones will give you Nether Tempest so stay away from the group.
Blue ones will freeze you slowing your movement, but allow you to absorb the frost spots spreading through the room.

She will also cast Frozen Orb and Ice Lance that targets 3 people throughout the fight.

Transistion Phase
From here on out every transistion phase will start with the entire group being flung up towards the ceiling which are coated in icicles. Gala (now awake) will grant you a levitate extra action button to use so you don't sail into them. Then you'll be whisked into the tunnel.
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97 Draenei Mage
Phase 3: you brought a knife to a fire fight?
Lasts for 15%.

Lia: Izby, will you stop acting like a petulent child. You're acting like we burned your favorite toy.
Izby: You want to play with fire? Fine.
Marii: Please Miss Izby, step aside. We will help her.
Izby: Burn in righteous fury and leave us be.

The room bursts into flames. Izby catches fire. You'll want to refreeze her. Two images of Izby will appear in the room (arcane and frost) for melee to challenge. They cannot be tanked. Runes still exist.

A wall of flame will develop that will move quickly around the room. The Blue rune can be used to open a hole in the wall for people to step through. Izby will blink out of tanking to strike someone at random with her stilletto only to be pulled back (or blink back) to Marii. That purpose will now have a bleed and a debuff that prevents them from gathering runes.

Rinse. Lather. Repeat.
At 15% things go nuts. The entire room gets stunned and knocked prone by a blastwave. Wood paneling falls away as the inside of the Exodar appears surrounding you. Izby takes advantage of the situation (now fully red and incased in flames) and stabs Marii through the stomach.

Izby: I asked you to leave several times. I gave you opportunities. I am sorry about this, but you leave me no choice.

Phase 4: Dude where's my spaceship?
If you let Marii die, you get an achievement <You kill Marii, you bastard>, but you also let Izby go up to 25% health and she gets a buff of bloodlust granting her +100% damage. You might want two tanks even if you let her live, because the Feathers group will crowd around Marii and leave the fight.

Cauterizing Blade: Deals a 10% damaging strike that cannot be healed until after the fight.

Frostfire Bolt Volley: Well, hits everyone.

Ice Shards: Burst through the ground and cut people in twain. (I just wanted to use the word twain.)

Fire Hexagon: The wall of flame returns but with no runes this time. And moves like the game Super Hexagon. Essentially move, move, move.

At 5%, a Naaru will appear and shut down the entire fight. You've won!

Naaru: Child, is the path you want to take?
Izby: I am only trying to protect my chala.
Naaru: Then gaze upon her and look into her eyes. Is she okay?
Izby: *she does and weeps when Gala smiles back at her.*
Naaru: You can be saved, child. Are you willing to make any sacrifice to be with her?
Izby: *in a whisper* Yes.
Naaru: Even if it means the loss of your magicks?
Izby: *more forcefully* By your blessing, yes. *looks to her guildmates* Can you save her first?
Naaru: It is done.

Then a little interaction where the ice melts and Gala embraces Izby. Then walks her over to the others for apologies and forgiveness.
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87 Orc Shaman

The fight begins in a flat, open plateau high up in the Barrens. Out of nowhere, a smoke grenade explodes, causing a pillar of blue to rise up into the air triggering the start of the battle. The players see Drekgul's left fist burst out from the smoke cloud, clutching a flickering, jagged claw.

"Prepare for trouble, it's a blast from the past ..."

Drekgul's right fist then punctures through the cloud, revealing a matching claw.

"Make it double, all the oldies are aghast!"

As the smoke then clears, Drekgul the Shaman is seen striking a battle pose as he continues ...

"From the North to the South, from the East to the West! Enemies of the Horde lay slaughtered in my wake, and womenfolk swoon at my passing! The Horde's Fiercest Beast of Battle ... Head Protecta Drekgul, Retired!"

The fight then commences.


Shamanistic Claws

Throughout the fight, Drekgul will periodically strike between one and two nearby targets in addition to the tank.

Enhanced Cleanse

When a sufficient number of debuffs and spell effects are on Drekgul, he will stop what he is doing and cast an Enhanced Cleanse for 5 seconds, clearing him of all debuffs or spell effects. This cannot occur more than once every 60 seconds. During this time, Drekgul takes 10% increased damage.

Sand Cyclone Totem

Drekgul drops a combination Earth and Wind totem creating a cyclone of sand ten yards around him. Spells and abilities are unable to penetrate the sand and those cast outside of the whirlwind cannot affect those within, and vice versa. Moving through the sand causes damage and snares the victim briefly.

Molten Ground Totem

Drekgul drops a combination Fire and Earth totem which causes columns of molten rock to erupt around the plateau. These molten pillars damage anyone touching them and raise straight up into the air at varying heights. After 20 seconds, the pillars harden and remain.

Mud Shield Totem

Drekgul drops a combination Water and Earth totem which causes four mud walls to erupt around him, knocking back any players nearby. The four mud walls create a box around him, block line of sight, and may be individually targeted and destroyed. During this time, Drekgul begins casting casting Greater Healing Wave, a 15 second interruptible spell which heals him for 20% health.

Stay Mobile

Drekgul will begin racing in various directions throughout the battlefield, continuing to melee nearby players at random. If there are no players within melee range, he will Frost Shock a random player, dealing ___ damage and slowing their movements by 70% for 10 seconds. If there are pillars created by Molten Ground Totem, Drekgul will attempt to jump up to ascend the pillars and leap across them.

The Better Part of Valour

At 20% health, Drekgul will drop a Freezing Prison totem which stuns players for 30 seconds. In addition, Drekgul will drop both a Molten Ground Totem and Mud Totem. Any pillars that had been up at this time will crumble and be replaced with a new series of pillars which themselves contain mud walls blocking certain paths to jump between pillars. On one of the pillars, there appears a soul shard floating above the ground. Drekgul will then shift into Ghost Wolf form and rush to climb up the pillars to reach the soul shard.

If Drekgul reaches the Soul Shard, green lightning erupts around it, slaughtering all players. Should a player reach the soul shard first and click on it, it will blink out of existence. All pillars will crumble and Drekgul will be stunned for 15 seconds, before summoning additional pillars and mud walls to try again.

Combat Text

Enhanced Cleanse: "Not sure I have a totem for all this ..."
Sand Cyclone Totem: "It gets everywhere, doesn't it?"
Molten Ground Totem: "My battlefield is how I wish it to be!"
Mud Shield Totem: "I trained with the best of healers!"
Stay Mobile: "Pay attention Apprentice, you need to always stay mobile."

Killing a Player 1: "Bask in a dramatic demise!"
Killing a Player 2: "You may need to see a docta for that."
Killing a Player 3: "VanCleef pay big for your head!"

The Better Part of Valour (phase 2):

"You like me to play the buffoon, do you? Well, that's quite enough of that. Do you know what I found in my expedition to the Frozen North? The Elder Shaman, Ner'zhul. He resisted the Legion - he was our greatest and brightest, only to be imprisoned by that petulant human! And once Arthas was laid low, did they free him from his curse? No! From one jailor to another ..."

"Well, I have a surprise for you. A little souvenir from Icecrown. Souls are tricky things, but Legion armor is not the only way to transport them. Let me introduce you to my mentor ... my life for Ner'zhul!"

Death: "Re....ant....Apprentice....learn from this, and...complete the ritual..."
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Korigal Windaxe
<The Coming Evil>

A proud warrior of the Warsong Clan, Korigal awaits the group at the far end of a plain, circular arena. Wearing little armor, he prefers to rely on his skill to keep him safe, rather than plates of metal. His blade, a near-replica of Gorehowl, sings with all the ferocity of the blade of Hellscream itself.


Speed of the Wind: Korigal Windaxe is a superbly skilled fighter; all of his weapon strikes also damage the target 2nd highest on Threat within melee range. Extra effects, unless otherwise specified, only affect the main target, however.

Howl of the Windaxe: Any time Korigal hits with an ability directly against his primary target, the off-target of Speed of the Wind is afflicted with a debuff, increasing physical damage taken. This effect stacks indefinitely, and is removed if the victim is directly targetted by one of Korigal's special attacks.

Warsong Battle-Hymn: Any time the Howl of the Windaxe debuff is removed from a target, Korigal receives a permanent small buff to attack speed and damage. This effect stacks indefinitely. In addition, Fierce Blow and Hurl will be used more frequently.

War Song: Korigal periodically unleashes a piercing Warsong battlecry, dealing physical damage to all targets.

Crush Defenses: Korigal strikes the foe with ferocity, temporarily reducing the primary target's chance to block, dodge, and parry. This ability can cause Howl of the Windaxe.

Fierce Blow: A powerful strike that deals damage to the primary target, and to targets within melee range, knocking back all targets except for the main tank, and the current target of Howl of the Windaxe. This ability can cause Howl of the Windaxe.

Hindering Blow: Used frequently, Korigal strikes his target, reducing attack speed and damage. This effect does not stack. This ability can cause Howl of the Windaxe.

Hurl: Korigal will periodically throw spare weapons at several random targets outside of melee range. The primary targets are afflicted with a bleed affect, anyone near the primary targets also takes the same amount of initial damage.

Seismic Strike: Korigal moves to the center of the room, faces a random direction and slams the ground with such force that the ground is ripped up in a cone in front of him, trapping any targets caught in the area and dealing damage over time. The rubble is attackable; it must be destroyed to free the victims.

Bladestorm: Korigal moves to the center of the room, and begin a massive Bladestorm. Damage is dealt every second to all raid members; more damage is dealt the closer the target is to Korigal. In addition, all raid members are slowly pulled toward the center of the room.

Face me!: Korigal teleports himself, and a random non-tank raid member to the center of the room, and everyone else to the edge of the room. Korigal and his target are then surrounded by an attackable barricade. Korigal's target receives an extremely large HP boost, but will receive no healing. Korigal will begin attacking his target without using any of his normal abilities. If Korigal defeats his target before the barricade is broken, he will gain multiple stacks of Warsong Battle-Hymn. If the Barricade is broken before Korigal defeats his target, the entire raid gains a temporary haste buff.

In addition to the soft-enrage threat posed by Warsong Battle-Hymn, Korigal also has a Hard Enrage timer.


Aggro: "Cower before The Coming Evil! You face Korigal Windaxe, son of the Warsong and Warrior of the Horde! Face me, and face your death!"

Seismic Strike: "I will BURY you!"
"I will CRUSH you!"
"You've got guts - I'll give you that much!"

Bladestorm: "EVIL COMES!"
"Taste the unbridled FURY of the Warsong!"

Face me!: "Stand and face me, coward!"
"One on one! Do you dare stand before The Coming Evil?!"
"Your turn! How long can you last against my blade?"

Killing blow: "Can ANYONE stop me?!"
"Can anybody provide me with a decent CHALLENGE?!"
"Pah. At least you didn't beg for mercy."
"Alright, who's next?"

Berserk Enrage: "After all that I've seen, fought, and bled for to get this far, YOU. WILL. NOT. STOP ME!"
"Alright, now I'm going to start SHATTERING SKULLS!"
"I'm going to carve a warpath STRAIGHT THROUGH YOUR BLOODY CARCASS!"

Death: "Life and death... in service to the Horde... this is a warrior's death... I could ask for no more..."
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100 Gnome Warlock
Professor Rakeri Sputterspark
<The Feltouched>

A brilliant engineer whose work for the Alliance dates back to the Second War, Rakeri Sputterspark was "decursed" by Gearmaster Mechazod during the war for Northrend and turned into a mechagnome, damaged by overzealous treasure hunters, and rebuilt as a menial laborer by the paladin Saavedro of Stratholme. Being imprisoned in his own body eventually drove him insane - so much so that, after receiving the "Feltouched Recursive" from the sin'dorei warlock Linavil Shadowsun, Rakeri embraced the corruption in his blood willingly, fuelled by a newfound lust for power and a desire for vengeance against Saavedro. His hate now encompasses all non-gnomish races, and even some among his own people who he sees as "willing slaves" to humans.


Phase One: The Power of Gnomish Engineering: Rakeri enters the fight in a Sky Golem he built and customized himself.

Mecha Arm Weapons: Rakeri's Sky Golem comes equipped with a few "proper gnomish improvements to goblin garbage".

Gnomish Shredder Blades: Rakeri has replaced the "standard" shredder blades on his Sky Golem with massive gnomish vibroblades.
-Slice Through Armor: The vibroblades are capable of cutting through solid elementium, and will place a stacking debuff reducing armor by 20% per stack. At 5 stacks, the target has the debuff Armor Shredded for the remainder of the fight; at 6 stacks, the target dies (the corpse left as exploded ruin on the ground).

Aerial Death Rays: Rakeri's Sky Golem comes equipped with two massive Gnomish Death Rays mounted on the arms that extend when the machine is in flight. Every 30 seconds, the Sky Golem lifts off into the air and spins in place as he blasts the ground, causing massive damage to anyone caught in the beams.

Phase Two: Mind Over Matter - I Don't Mind, You Don't Matter: After Rakeri's Sky Golem is destroyed, he abandons the machine and charges his warlock magics. Specialization is random for every encounter, and the summoned minions are stunnable. As a student of demon summoning, his demonic minions are all the versions granted by Grimoire of Supremacy.

To End in Fire: Rakeri specializes in Destruction, unleashing hell's fire against his foes.
-Incineration Wave: Unleashes bursts of fire at five random targets every 15 seconds, disorienting the targets for 3 seconds.
-Curse of Drought: Increases Fire damage done to the target by 100%.
-Fire from the Sky: Every 30 seconds, summons an Abyssal that rains down from the air, with an immolation aura that begins upon landing and lasts until it is killed.

Master Summoner: Rakeri specializes in Demonology, unleashing bursts of energy from his staff as he summons demons to do his bidding.
-Silencing Staff Blaster: Unleashes bursts of lightning from his staff at five random targets every 15 seconds, silencing the targets for 3 seconds.
-Curse of Conductivity: Increases Lightning damage done to the target by 100%.
-Blades of the Professor: Every 30 seconds, summons a Wrathguard armed with gnomish vibroblades, with a Serrated Spin that inflicts stacking damage over time to any caught in their path.

Suffer as I Have Suffered: Rakeri specializes in Affliction, letting loose the darkness within himself.
-Hand of Shadow: Unleashes tendrils of shadow at five random targets every 15 seconds, rooting the targets in place for 3 seconds.
-Curse of Shrouding: Increases Shadow damage done to the target by 100%.
-Sweet, Slow Death: Every 30 seconds, summons a Shivarra armed with four poisoned blades, which inflicts stacks of Crippling Poison on its target.

Phase Three: Embrace the Darkness: At 20%, Rakeri's rage brings his corrupted blood to a boil, as he takes on demonic attributes - green wings, horns, and glowing green eyes. He rises into the air, hovering in the center of the room.

Winds of Felfire: Rakeri flaps his wings, unleashing waves of felflame in front of him, causing Shadowflame damage.
Meltdown!: The massive burst of fel energy in his system has caused Rakeri to become unstable. If he is not killed within 60 seconds, he explodes, unleashing a massive wave of felfire that wipes out the entire room.
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100 Gnome Warlock

Intro (over the PA): "Well, I see you've found your way into my lab...and probably contaminated or destroyed everything that's in it. Likely on a crusade to fight warlocks, no doubt. No matter. I have enough resources at my disposal to rebuild, once I'm done with you."
<Rakeri's Sky Golem comes in, hovering on retro-rockets and rotors.>
"I have served the Alliance loyally for thirty years, and you now seek my death? Is this how my service is repaid? You call me a traitor for being free-minded...but the only traitors I see here are YOU!" (Alliance)
"You savages always tend to underestimate my people; you laugh at our ingenuity, you poke fun at our stature and appearance...well then, come on and laugh for me, savages. You heard me...LAUGH!" (Horde)

Aggro: "But forgive me, where are my manners? I am Professor Rakeri Sputterspark - and I am the one who will destroy you!"

Gnomish Shredder Blades: "The goblins built this thing to pick flowers. Ha! These shredder blades can cut through elementium! What do you think they will do to YOU?" (first)
"Time to grind you into hamburger!"
"Welcome to the meat grinder!" <laughs insanely>

Aerial Death Rays: "You know the sound an inferior being makes when it's vaporized? You're about to find out." (first)
"Look out below!" <laughs>
"Time to get zapped, bucko!"

Phase Two: "Damnation! You know how expensive that bloody thing was?! Now I'm mad...and now you're going to find out who you're messing with!"

To End in Fire: "This will end in fire - and you will all die together!"

Curse of Drought: "You do realize that if you dry out too much, you're more suseptible to fire, right...?" <laughs>
"Kindling! Kindling is all you are!"

Fire from the Sky: "There were many new 'species' of demon in Outland...though none with as spectacular an entrance as the infernal's big angry sibling. Behold!"

Master Summoner: "Though I use many skills in my work, my chief specialty is demon summoning. Sometimes, the minion makes the battle. Let's test that, shall we...?"

Curse of Conductivity: "The body of most living beings is said to be about 70% water. And water and lightning do not mix..."
"Hope you're properly grounded..."

Blades of the Professor: "The strength of the wrathguard armed with the ingenuity of the gnomish engineer - an unstoppable combination!"

Suffer as I Have Suffered: "All creatures feel pain - even machines, as I learned when Mechazod decursed me in Northrend. You will never feel as much as I have...but I'm willing to try!"

Curse of Shrouding: "Your eyes are searching...hope you can still find your way in the darkness."
"Feel the shroud of death falling upon you?"

Sweet, Slow Death: "I've never been one for poisons, I admit; feels impersonal. For this lovely lady, however, I think I will make an exception!"

Phase Three: "AGH!! WRETCHES! I...oh...what is...ahhhh...."
<Rakeri begins shifting, deep green horns protruding from his forehead, his eyes flashing green>
"So that is....when the blood elf found me, she made a recursive formula with demon blood. The Feltouch Recursive, she called it. I wondered...what kind of side"
<Rakeri screams in agonized rage, his voice taking on a demonic timbre as wings sprout from his back, his eyes glowing a fiery green; the focus in his staff also changes to fel green>

Meltdown! "UNSTABLE...I..." <begins laughing with increasing hysteria until he finally explodes>

Death: <Rakeri's staff shatters, the unleashed energy ripping a rift into the Nether that begins consuming his disintegrating body!>
<The energies of the rift and the disintegrating fel gnome begin to collapse on one another.>
<The rift seals with a burst of light, leaving the gnome's shattered staff to clatter on the floor in the sudden silence.>
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90 Human Priest
Father Shankolin
<Deathsworn of Lordaeron>

The man known as Saavedro of Stratholme has "forsaken" his former identity - indeed, that is what his new name of "Shankolin" actually means. After slaying his former master, Sekhesmet, he took the Forsaken shadow priest's powers as his own to prevent their being used by evil. But there are many who remained fearful that his decision would have dire consequences, and that the powers he had taken would overwhelm him...and no one is more worried of that outcome than Shankolin himself.


The Darkness Within: Shankolin wrestles with the shadow magic he took within himself. Every dispel or interrupt of his signature abilities in Light form increases his Growing Shadow meter; at 100, he goes into Phase Two and Growing Shadow becomes Fading Shadow, increasing his shadow damage by the percentage of his Fading Shadow. Every interrupt of Shankolin's signature abilities in Shadow form decreases the Fading Shadow meter. When it reaches 0, Shankolin's Shadow form fades, and he returns to Phase One.

Phase One: Walk Into Light: Shankolin is empowered by the Holy Light.

-Holy Fire
-Refresh the Spirit: Casts a heal-over-time spell on himself. Dispellable.
-Invocation of Lordaeron: Lets out a short-ranged burst of Light in melee range that disorients targets around him for 3 sec. Interruptable.

Phase Two: The Fury of Shadows: The shadow within him has briefly overwhelmed Shankolin, and he takes on a shadow form.

-Mind Blast
-Devouring Plague
-Mind Consume: Five random targets are attacked with a Mind Flay-like ability that heals him over time. Interruptable.
-Invocation of the Fallen: Lets out a short-ranged burst of Shadow in melee range that horrifies targets around him for 3 sec. Interruptable.

Phase Three: The Blighted Father: At 30%, Shankolin is utterly consumed by the malignancy he took within himself; he takes on an undead form and is purely in Shadow form. He retains the abilities granted to him in Phase Two, but at a permanent 50% increased damage.

-Invocation of Sekhesmet: Lets out a powerful burst of Shadow in melee range that leaves targets running in fear for 5 sec. Non-interruptable. Replaces Invocation of the Fallen.


Intro: "Pandaria has left its mark on me, as it has on so many. I have denied what I was, to become what I am. You cannot understand the burden I bear...and I see you do not care either way."

Aggro: "Very well...if there must be battle, then I am prepared for you!"

Invocation of Lordaeron: "For the Light and for Lordaeron!"
"By the blood of my people, you will not succeed!"

Phase Two: "I understand as few others do...Light cannot exist without casting a shadow..." (first)
"The darkness takes me again..."

Invocation of the Fallen: "Consider carefully what you do!"
"You cannot withstand the power at my disposal!"

Return to Phase One: "No, I must not allow myself to succumb...Light, grant me strength!"

Phase Three: "Such power at my disposal! Now I see what my master saw, and failed to do - and I shall do what he could not! DIE, INTERLOPERS!"

Invocation of Sekhesmet: "Cower before me, insects!"
"Begone, mortal whelps!"

Death: "Is this...what had to be? Then...the Light' done..."
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100 Worgen Rogue
Welp, I think it's about time I revived this. Time for a brand new fight for Jonathan Harmarth!

Jonathan Harmarth:
A former SI:7 agent afflicted by the Worgen curse, Jonathan Harmarth is an obscenely dangerous melee combatant with a variety of deadly skills. The Worgen curse combined with his natural rage to drive him into a berserk fury in combat, pushing him to new heights of frenzied aggression.

Jonathan will ambush the players twice while clearing trash before he appears in his room to be engaged.

First Ambush: After defeating a specific early trash pull, Jonathan makes his presence known by throwing a wave of knives at the party, dealing a single hit of moderate damage to all players.

Second Ambush: Upon pulling a specific trash pull closer to Jonathan's boss fight location, he will ambush any characters marked as a healer, dealing high damage, and reducing healing output temporarily. If there are no healer-marked characters present, he will target random players.

Phase 1: Fear the Harmarth name!
Jonathan engages the party, laying into them with a brutal physical assault.
Rage: Below his health is a rage bar that fills gradually. Rage increases Jonathan's attack speed as it gets higher. The bar fills faster for every Enrage effect other than Blood Frenzy.
Blood Frenzy: Increases damage per stack, building a stack for every hit against a target afflicted by Rip. This effect is permanent, and stacks indefinitely.
Howl of Fury: Periodic enrage that drastically increases attack speed briefly. Also briefly reduces attack and casting speed for all enemies when cast. This counts as an enrage effect.
Rip: A strong bleed effect occasionally placed on Jonathan's current target.
Twin-claw Swipe: A hard hitting cleave that attacks with both weapons.
Blinkstrike: Teleport to a random raid member and deal damage, and stunning them briefly. This ability is used frequently.
Killing Spree: Used automatically at 100 Rage. Jonathan teleports around the room hitting each raid member once for large damage. Rage is reset to 0 upon activation of this ability, and rage gain is disabled until the conclusion of the ability.

Phase 2: No more holding back - Here we go!
Upon reaching somewhere 75% health, Jonathan realizes that these are no ordinary foes, and begins dipping into his larger arsenal of tricks. Jonathan retains the abilities from phase 1.
Deadaim Throw: Selects several targets at random. After a brief delay, Jonathan hurls a dagger at each of them, dealing damage to the targets, as well as dealing minor damage to targets the daggers hit on the way.
Rain of Blades: Teleports to the center of the room, and starts hurling large numbers of daggers in every direction, dealing heavy AoE damage to all enemies for the duration. Cannot be interrupted. Jonathan is untargettable while channeling this ability.
Injected Rage: Injects himself with a potent rage potion, increases damage dramatically; dispellable. This counts as an enrage effect.
Toxin cloud: Jonathan sprays a cloud of noxious poison centered on a random raid member that deals damage, reduces hit chance, and reduces healing taken.

Phase 3: Desperate times...
Once Jonathan reaches 30% health, Jonathan becomes desperate, and begins employing weapons he had hoped to avoid using, feeling that they are exceedingly cruel. Jonathan retains all previous abilities.
Terror Toxin: Jonathan doses the entire raid with his potent, terrifying toxin. Each player must overcome a vision from their nightmares; only when they have overcome their own fears can they assist other players with theirs.
Bloodfire Poison: Jonathan doses a number of random raid members with the potent Bloodfire Poison, dealing massive damage over time and disorienting them due to the blinding, burning pain.

Hard Enrage: If the fight takes long enough, Jonathan will hard enrage, increasing movement speed by 500%, attack speed by 150%, and all damage dealt by 900%.
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100 Worgen Rogue
Jonathan is joined in battle from above by his elderly great grandfather, Nicholas "Blazieth" Harmarth, untargettable and riding on the flying red cloud mount.

Phase 1: I stand with you!
Blazieth begins the fight casting only a few abilities.
Frostblades: Blazieth's standard attack. Hurls a volley of small frost daggers at a random target, dealing damage and briefly reducing healing received.
Frost Blast: Fires a blast at enemies within melee range of Jonathan, dealing damage and briefly freezing them in place.

Phase 2: Time to get serious...
Blazieth adds the following spells to his arsenal when phase 2 begins:
Blizzard: Blazieth's favorite spell, channeled when Jonathan uses Rain of Blades, dealing damage and reducing player haste.
Bolster Resolve: Blazieth shouts encouragement to Jonathan, temporarily granting him a dramatic increase to his Rage generation. This counts as an enrage effect. (The Rage generation effect from "enrage" effects stacks with the actual effect of this ability).
Chill Mine: Places a small prepared explosion of frost on the ground, activated by the first player to step on it, dealing damage to the entire raid and slowing their movement temporarily.

Phase 3: Do what you must!
Blazieth begins casting the following spells in addition to all previous abilities.
Warp-Lock: Blazieth will periodically teleport random raid members (except Jonathan's current target) into an existing Toxin Cloud, and lock them in place temporarily.
Illusory Strike: When Jonathan uses his Terror Toxin, Blazieth summons illusory duplicates of the phantom foes. Players must determine which is the real Nightmare, and what is merely an illusion conjured by the elderly wizard. These illusions take increased damage, and deal reduced damage compared to the real Nightmare. If the Nightmare is defeated, the illusions attacking that player also disappear.

Jonathan Harmarth's Quotes:
First Ambush: "If you're looking for trouble, you're heading in the right direction! Got a present for ya!"

Second Ambush: "You just don't GET it, do you?! Last chance to turn back; and here's an incentive!"

Aggro: "You're gonna learn to FEAR the Harmarth name!"

Phase 2 begins: "Hey, you're better than I thought. No more holding back - here we go!"

Phase 3 begins: "Son of a !@#$%... I didn't want to use this stuff, but you're not giving me much choice. You forced my hand!"

Blinkstrike: "Over here!"
"What's the matter, can't keep up?"
"Don't take your eyes off me!"
"Stay alert, pal!"

Killing Spree: "Alright! Now it's my turn!"
"Let's take things up a notch!"
"Don't bother stepping aside. You're already dead."

Rain of Blades: "You think you can run from me?!"
"I'm gonna nail every one of you to the walls!"
"Let's see you dodge THIS!"

Terror Toxin: "What are you afraid of...?"
"Show me your deepest fears..."
"Face your nightmares..."

"You're already dead - you just don't know it yet!"

Death: "This blood is... mine...? I suppose... I couldn't outrun it... forever..."

Nicholas "Blazieth" Harmarth's Quotes:
Aggro: "You're not alone, Jonathan! I'll help drive these wretches back!"

Phase 2 begins: "Perhaps it's time I got serious as well..."

Phase 3 begins: "I'm with you to the end, Jonathan! Do what you must!"

Bolster Resolve: "Strike Jonathan! Don't hold back!"
"Strike hard and fast, show them your strength, Jonathan!"
"Hold nothing back, Jonathan! We cannot fail!"

Warp-Lock: "Let's shuffle the deck, hmm?"
"Sit still, and breathe deep."
"Let's move you about a bit, shall we?"

Illusory Strike: "The arcane has a history of... distorting reality..."
"A few more nightmares to face than you thought, hmm?"
"I'm sorry... is confusion too much when already frightened?"

Jonathan's Death: "Jonathan, NO! ...You... you murderers have not heard the last of me. I will see justice for what you've done this day. I promise you that!"
Edited by Harmarth on 7/14/2014 4:28 PM PDT
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A man turned blind from the syndicate, now roams the Northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms. He is unable to listen to reason, and will defend himself if anything gets too close to him.

Phase 1

Lareke will stay to himself until anyone gets within a 10 meter radius. As soon as one or more players get inside of the radius, he will charge to the player who is the group leader, and smash them into the ground, dealing thirty percent damage to their health, and permanently stunning them. Anyone in a thirty five meter radius of the smash, will be stunned for five seconds. Players will have to break the one player who is permanently stunned.

Bull Rush
Lareke will randomly charge at different players, stunning them for eight seconds, and he will focus them until he charges again.

Spin to win
Once the ground trapping the one player who is stunned is at fifty percent, Lareke will increase his damage by two hundred percent, and will spin indefinitly, moving in random directions.

Upon the ground trapping the stunned player reaches twenty five percent, Lareke will start to chop down trees, that will fall to the ground, dealing fifty percent of the player's health who are under the trunks, and will stun them for five seconds.

Phase Two

The player who was in the ground, will now come out, they will now have one thousand percent damage, and five hundred percent health. Lareke will charge them and focus them for the rest of the fight.

Lareke yells into the sky, and different animals will come out and start to randomly attack different players. He will have fifty percent extra damage.

Bears: The bears will have extreme amounts of health and damage, but there will only be four.
Wolves: The wolves will have extra damage, but very low health, and they will be infinitely spawning.

Arathian Justice
Once at twenty five percent health, Lareke will deal damage to the buffed player equal to his health. This attack is unavoidable. He begins to frenzy and attack all of the other players, but he will have less defense.

Lareke's Quotes:

At start: "I see the Syndicate have come to finish me off. You will not succeed. I will destroy your leader.

At Lumberjack: "Try to escape from this!"

At phase two: "I thought I killed you. No matter, I will destroy you!"


At Arathian Justice: "There, your leader is gone! Now I will finish you off! FOR THE LEAGUE!"

At death: "No.... How could this be.... I've been waiting my whole life to get revenge for everything you have done to me...... *cough* Long... Live... The League.... Of.... Arathor...."
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100 Night Elf Rogue
Kyalin Raintree

A Darnassian Warden, Kyalin Raintree is at the same time a fierce Kaldorei nationalist and a connoisseur of all things modern. Her crescent, Skysong, sings in battle alongside a dizzying array of traps, tricks, and pilfered goblin devices that she uses to keep an edge over her opponents.

Upon seeing ten to twenty-five well armed individuals arrayed against her, Kyalin vanishes and flees the battle. No loot is left, and the group is free to proceed to the next wing of the raid.

Phase 1: Project Moonbeam
"Ash Falah No?"
Following the initial encounter, should the raid lose half or more of its members (including either a tank or a healer), Kyalin will reappear to finish it off.

Gnomish Flashlight
Blinds a party member, focus given to tanks and healers. Fifteen second cooldown.

Fan of Knives
Deals area of effect damage to up to five surrounding party members within a twenty yard radius. After fifty percent health, the knives are replaced with EZ-throw dynamite, which inflicts the same damage on the initial five, but may hit an additional three for half the damage within a five hard radius of the target.

Coffee Beans
Occasional attack speed increase.

Assisted Insight
Kyalin will interrupt healing spells at every opportunity, with a cooldown of five seconds.

Verronia Fay
Occasional meddling on the part of the Highborne magister that Kyalin works with:

Capital Lease
Should healing at any time reach more than ninety percent of total health for a character afflicted with this debuff, the healer will begin to share the target's damage.

Which Schedule is it anyway?
Reduces healing by thirty five percent, and reduces it further based on the room the target it is in, the type of armor the target is wearing (in terms of rarity), the amount of healing the target has received in the past ten minutes, and the number of murlocs the target killed within the last two months.

Eliminating Entries
When afflicted, any healing that the target performs is ignored for the duration of the effect.

Noncontrolling Interest
Siphons off a percentage of damage done to the Warden, applying it instead to a random party member.

Phase 2: Avatar of Vengeance
"Vultures! You'll find no carcass to exploit in my people! Fairweather friends and demons alike shall fear the Kaldorei!"
Upon reaching thirty percent health, Kyalin withdraws to nurse her wounds and is replaced with an Avatar of Vengeance, which raises three Kaldorei spirits to fight for it initially, but raises an additional one every fifteen seconds while it remains alive.

Kaldorei Spirits
Ranged attackers impervious to all damage. The avatar itself must be destroyed to dispel the spirits.

Second Flight
If the Avatar is not slain within a minute and thirty seconds after being spawned, Kyalin will successfully flee the battle once more, but will not return to attempt to wipe the raid again.

"Agh.... no.... I.... I give up."
Upon the defeat of the Avatar, if accomplished within the allotted time period, Kyalin will surrender, having not been able to mend the broken arm sustained in phase 1. This will provide the raid with access to the gnomish flashlight, the coffee beans buff, and a stock of goblin land mines, as well as an achievement.
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86 Human Warlock
I really like these new additions. Good work guys.

So... I have an odd vision for this fight, because it's an entire raid so would it be wrong to post the entire raid? Or should I just do the final fight with Dolingen? The Izby wants to know.
Edited by Dolingen on 7/15/2014 11:10 AM PDT
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