is it too late for me to go to college?

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First off , it is never too late to go back to school, and more power to you. I would strongly advise community college and get your associates degree. It's going to be less expensive then going to a 4 year school right off the bat and the hours are usually flexible enough to still maintain a job/life. This will get you exposure to a wide variety of subjects and help point you in the right direction to which school for your continued education.

Best of luck to you.
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65 Goblin Priest
Let me tell you something . It's not too late to go to college . Education seperates you from the masses. This life is too short to not enjoy your life/ job . Ultimately though its up to you. Other people don't give a !@#$. You have to have the desire to change things.
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I went back to school in 2005 at the age of 28. I had been out of school for so long I had to start back at the beginning with grade 11 level math and science at a local community college.

Seven years later I graduated from a top 3 Canadian university with a math and physics degree with a 3.61 GPA.

If I, as someone who slacked off in highschool and almost didn't graduate, can go back 10 years later and get a degree in what is arguably one of the most challenging disciplines with a solid GPA, then no, it is never too late for you to go back to school.
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I just completed a biomedical engineering program. Average age? 28. I'm 26 myself.

We had only two students out of high school. Every other person in the program had prior post secondary education, a degree, or just simple work experience. It was a variety.

Its never too late.
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I was in my 40s when i finished my BA. So no, you can do it.
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I'm currently attending college, and I am 29. While I don't have the student loan debt (I worked until now to save money to go), it is certainly not too late. Reputable colleges sometimes have online programs if you feel uncomfortable in a ground campus.
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
You're 23 dude! You're still plenty young!

You don't need to live up to any standards or do anything special aside from what you want to do. Ain't no certain place anybody needs to be in life by this or that time, but our time is limited, so we should always try to move forward!
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