Jaedenar Server Merge ? Dead Server

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04/26/2012 06:57 PMPosted by Morkaithered
Soooo it's smarter to have a ton of near dead servers running, instead of a bunch of populated servers? Idk what business you have been running but that has to be a drain on blizz's pockets.

Realistically speaking: they have already invested their money into buying new server architecture for WoW. The recent auction of old "WoW blade servers" was due to a massive overhaul of all of their WoW servers. They replaced them with brand new servers. I'm not sure if you've played WoW for very long or remember the massive lag, dc's, and constant issues with server lag... but that's why this all happened. At this point, the operating costs pale in comparison to initial investment of those servers. I'm 100% sure that those servers are not yet paid off as they can be extremely expensive.

That being said, it's far more efficient, in many ways, to keep a lot of smaller servers than to merge them into fewer, larger servers. They would be paying for servers not currently in use if they did that, and they would increase the strain on their already burdened servers that currently run high pop realms like Illidan, Moonrunner, Blackrock, and others. It's just not efficient to do anything other than what they are currently doing.

Consequently, a percentage of unhappy Jaedenarians will find themselves paying for server transfers, or moving to another game. Either way, there is little to no expense to Blizzard for either of those outcomes. Sadly, losing a few Jaedenarian subscribers won't hurt them very much when you look at the big picture. There's also a high likelihood that people will switch from WoW to another Blizzard game if they do leave, so there might be a lot of cannibalization in sales and profits. This was discussed to death at the last investor conference call. No matter how much of a bummer it is, we shouldn't be surprised that Blizzard isn't really concerned about this issue at the moment.

TL;DR: Blizzard is already operating efficiently. Jaedenar is but a spec on their financial radar. Nothing is going to change anytime soon.
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We're not even the worst out there, we have it good compared to others.
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dead horse kicked. kicked dead horse. dead. horse.
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Blizzard wont do anything, especialy now, they got D3 coming out and there going to let wow go to hell till MoP anyways. we can complain all we want i havent seen a blue post on here ever get used to getting stuck here and reciving a big middle finger from blizz. i was suggested this realm years ago when i created my account, and i was suggesteed by the game itself. now that i got 3 lvl 85's and realize how crappy this server is they expect me to pay 75 dollars to get off this piece of crap prison where wow players are left to rot with no game support. we can make all the post we want and will never get a reply, i am seriously about to say screw blizzard and not even buy D3 based on how theyve treated me over the years, ive played since 2009, recruited 4 people to the game, and 2 of those people recruited 3 themselvs, so thats 7 people that i got to play, pay for the game, and all the expansions and monthly fees, yet blizzard wants me to pay more money to get off a piece of crap server they suggested to me. i know no blizzard employee will EVER read this so im kind of just ranting to myself but i needed to get it out. thanks if u stayed with me to the end.
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was just browsing this forum, lol with D3 out..this servers probs worse then before.
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Yes, This server needs a merge. Remember when MMO meant massively multiplying online, oh the days of vanilla how I miss you so!
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07/02/2012 09:46 PMPosted by Archiles
Yes, This server needs a merge. Remember when MMO meant massively multiplying online, oh the days of vanilla how I miss you so!

They are playing with the idea of cross-server zones for smaller servers to bring back that feel. They won't merge servers.
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