Oddwind Clan is recruiting

90 Blood Elf Paladin
We are currently a Level 7 guild that started out as a personal friend guild. I'm expanding that to include players of all skill levels and character levels.

The main goal of this guild will be to have members help out other members in any way possible. Whether that be gearing them up, leveling with them, leveling professions, helping them with their class, or even organizing Transmog runs.

Jerks won't be tolerated! The guild will serve to provide a positive atmosphere in which players can easily seek out Dungeon runs, Transmog Runs, Quest help, etc. Depending on the needs of the group this may be expanded to current tier raiding, provided we have enough members who are committed.

If you'd like to join us, please send me an in-game email or whisper if I am online.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin

Currently we're looking for casual members, we're aiming to level the guild to get perks for everyone. Currently we have 2 active members. We lost a large portion of our members over the long haul of cata, most of them being alt's of real life friends.

We're providing incentives now, weekly contests where we give prizes to the highest guild activity for that week member, help and materials for leveling professions.

The current goal is to do at least 7 heroics a week to get the guild leveling fast. We're 61% through our current level and when that completes we'll have the Hasty Hearth perk which is quite nice.

I also tend to host transmog runs for the older raids. So if you are into transmog, we'd love to have you accompany us. We love to mess around in some of the less active alliance cities just for fun, and nearly every member has a rogue they can fiddle with if need be.

Things you'll likely miss out on if you join us is current tier raiding. We don't have nearly enough members at the moment to accomplish this, but that could change in the future. I'd certainly like to try it, though it would require a certain set of people for sure.

If you're interested in joining us, please whisper me in game or mail me. I have 7 max level alt's so I am sometimes on one of them, but I usually pop on at least once a day, and usually for several hours.
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