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02/21/2012 06:43 PMPosted by Darmoch

someone reported this post? really? lame...
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So, sometimes in Org, I'll fly my drake mount into one of the pillars or torches placed on the ground. Just above ground level, but no high enough to fly over it. If you get it just right, you can fly in place. Then I will slowly tilt my drake down into the ground until the tail is shooting up into the air. Once you do this, you can hit your spacebar (jump) button, and it will look like you're slamming your drake's tail into the ground. I say "BAM BAM BAM!" like Bam-Bam from the Flintstones in my head while doing it. Other times I say it in my guild vent channel. Hilarity ensues.

I figured this trick out by accident when the Love Is In The Air holiday was going on by getting stuck on the little booth placed there for the holiday near the main AH. And then tested it out on other items in the city once LIITA was finally over. It's something I tend to do while chatting in vent or waiting for a dungeon queue to pop. Sometimes people even point, laugh, or make other general comments about it.

Oftentimes I see people trolling other people. Usually in the Trade chat. And sometimes in a physical format around town. The other day I saw a character named Bigjosie or something like that being followed around by some other characters. They kept standing on the spot his toon was in to make him mad. I think they did make him mad because he was F-bombing in chat bubbles and telling them to go away. Then one of the trolling toons was just Q-Eing (that's moving back and forth really fast) in front of his toon saying thins like "umadbro" and stuff. Sad, but funny.

I hate the new Org. I also hate how you can fly now in the cities. They should take that out of the game again. It was a bit more fun to not be able to fly. Made it harder to raid a city too. Do you realize that when the Alliance attack us in Org, they don't fly in? They always seem to run/ground-mount in the front gate. Why? I have never just seen 40 Alliance zoom over the wall (or come from the back or sides) right on into that room with the Garrosh guy in it. Why?

Did you also know that the Garrosh guy is STILL in that place in Borean Tundra? Do the developer know this? Why and how can he be in both places? It's not even phased. Someone needs to really look into that. Where is Red Shirt Guy?

I've seen Darmoch around Org. Have you?
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I think Darmoch started a trend. A trend that I severely underestimated and figured would be deleted in a matter of hours by the internet police. I hoped to only delay its inevitable demise by voicing it as a community story. But then he took it to the general forums and was swiftly met with a round of applause.

I'll be back, I need to make Darmoch a hat suitable for this feat. I'm thinking a party hat, or maybe a whoopee cap.
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