To transfer to Velen or to not...

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That is the question.
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In before 'Velen sucks'.

I like it here, there are good people and a small number of less friendly people, but for the most part it's fine. I hear people say horde side is worse. What are you looking for?
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I'm looking for Shnoob-loving environment
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02/22/2012 09:45 AMPosted by Plexi
That is the question.

Since when?
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02/22/2012 01:25 PMPosted by Plexi
I'm looking for Shnoob-loving environment

I thought he was only an urban legend ?
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Ahhhh Velen... It has the charm of that little secluded village with nice people, cozy pub with a bunch of pve's telling grand stories of how big their egos are and how they killed Heroic DW and very very few decent pvpers. There however are a lot of village idiots and trolls. our troll even suck @ss but they sure try hard. Call me crazy but i missed it when i left
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Not sure about the alliance side ...

Horde is filled with bad trade trolls and few good guilds. I kind of wish i stayed on sisters of elune.

There is no overall comunity on velen- just within the guilds once you find one that will take you in. If your looking for raiding there arn't many guilds that are to far into DS..... If your looking for community - go to a RP server - people are overall nicer. If your looking for raiding find another server... If your looking for a place where people do nothing but stand in org and troll trade and don't help out or couldn't care about anyone but them selfs - then velen is the relm for you.

I could copy and paste my whole post about how Velen is typical for it's progression on top of end of EP doldrums and boring content, but why bother?

There's always transfers and rerolls if you're unhappy, but definitely don't pick another realm of about the same pop. and progression, or deja vu will haunt you.

As for helping out or caring about others, that's *exactly* what a guild is for, like minded people banding together to progress, and yes, help each other out, they're not just for heroic raiders or for treating like a personal facebook group.
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I have my mains here but I got into PvP and it was quite difficult to find anyone forbade team
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A Shnoob loving environment. Don't tell me you're Shnoob... And if you are, we both know which Shnoob I'm talking about (BC warlock 2200 champ)

Honestly, Velen is dead. I started WoW there, and I left last summer, and it's just gotten worse and worse. Random's thinking they're good at pvp. Next to no available partners who have seen a number higher than 1400, the economy is garbage, ally to horde ratio is kinda acceptable. Shadyj is still a raging !@#$. Jamiecormier is back after years... Stay away. Go somewhere better. Tich or KT for PvP, or... anywhere else for that other thing people do. PvE I believe it's called.
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I came here from the rather highly populated and progressed realm Zul'jin (I think it's in the top 10 realms now...) and I must say it's nice so far. Came here via a Scroll of Res, said I was new in Trade, and I got quite a few very kind and welcoming responses! :)

So thanks folks. ^_^
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For PVE Progression there are much better. Everything you hear about PVP here is also true, not many good PVPers. The economy and everything else here is pretty typical of a med-pop server.

If I had a do-over I wouldn't have came back to Wow on this server. But I'm here now and I really enjoy my guild mates, so it turned out good.

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!@#$ty realm, bad pvpers go somewhere else
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