Massive WoW Lore Book Suggestion

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I had a crazy idea that blizzard should definetley take into consideration, I have run into so many people that care about the lore of the game, however not enough to follow it through quests and separate book reading especially since most people don't know where to start.

My suggestion to blizzard is this:

Blizzard needs to personally publish a World of Warcraft Lore Book. Regardless of the size of the book ( if it is too large then make it digital only or offer a collectors edition bound book for those who want a huge tome in their library).

The book should cover all of the lord from the very very beginning of Azeroth (Warcraft) and should have all material up to date as of the release of the book. After the intial release, The collector bound book should have different sections for future lore (ex. Mists of Pandaria) that can either be given for free for those who have already purchased the book or sold separeatly for a lesser cost.

The idea is there and i know from experience that the demand is there. I hope Blizzard takes this suggestion into consideration and allow all WoW fans to finally be able to catch up on all the game lore.

I look forward to hearing any suggestions from other players/blizzard staff.
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Just bought Thrall, Twilight of the Aspects and The Shattering, prelude to Cataclysm.

these are the books I will be reading this weekend.

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I agree about the warcraft lore-book
It should contain content about....Illidan's betrayal, arthas's corruption, WARS (First, Second, Third, ancients,),the titans, The dragon flights, The elemental lords, ETC.,
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90 Human Priest
Essentially making something like WoW Wiki and turning it into a book would be quite an undertaking, and possibly lucrative. However, as this is an online world, things shift. Characters die, alliances change. We know that we're taking down garrosh next expansion, and this expansion we've seen thrall's marriage and the changing of the aspects. If any actual lore book came out, it could never keep up with the game itself. Perhaps it could feature the backstory up to and including Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne. Or perhaps we're best served by the stories online (check the community page) and the online databases we've all been using for years.
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36 Gnome Warlock
Yes, annotated, indexed and about thick as a brick.
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85 Night Elf Priest
Do they not have books....?
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90 Human Warlock
wait wait wait... You want a book that contains warcraft lore?

You do realize Chris Metzen will never be able to create a cohesive set of stories in the first place, right? Even if someone else did, Chris would simply call it illegitimate and no longer canon on a whim. . . .

Most people I know only think they like the lore until they actually read it.
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90 Blood Elf Mage
That's a great idea!!! I have all the books already anyway but there's all kinds of people who want to know more about the Blood Elf's Like how did they come to be I try to explain that they came from Night Elf's it blows peoples minds or where the Draenei come from and how they play a role in WoW lol. I love the idea of a big bound WoW Lore Book!!
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Most likely it could be done in E-Book form much more simply than a printed format. While I'd prefer the dead tree format over the electronic, either would be nice. Think of the lovely introduction someone like Chris Metzen or Ghost Crawler could write explaining all the game design decisions that totally make no sense based on the contents of said book but then explaining how it does, I think.
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