Any class too boring for you to heal on? Fav?

33 Dwarf Warrior
Well I have a main as a tank and I tank for our raid, i decided to give it a try as a ranged dps and it was allright but didn't really care for it I enjoy melee a lot more.

I figured a few months ago i wanted to try healing so I made a druid and I got to 85 mostly tanking and a bit of healing then after running dungeons and firelands dailies and got a full resto set I started doing a little raid healing in firelands and for some reason druid healing just bores me to death im not sure why, i reallly liked the thought of having HOTs and insta casts but I just couldn't do it.

I took off healing for awhile and figured I would never be interested in healing again then I made a shaman because enhance looked really fun. Well again I thought i would give healing one more shot, I got a resto set and got in a raid group for DS and im having a blast on him. Its crazy i thoguht all healing would be a snooze fest but I was wrong, its still kind of weird though because i wish i had more hots but ive tried to go back and do a little healing on the druid and again its just way too boring.

Just curiuos if any of you have had this happen, and on what class?
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86 Human Paladin
what exactly bores you about the HoTs of a druid?

is it that healing on a druid is sort of set-it-and-forget-it whereas a shaman is more reactive?

Holy Priests and Resto Druids are both very HOT heavy.

Shamans rely on cast time heals and reactive healing as do Holy Paladins. You might like Paladins then. It's just shamans have a couple HoTs. and Paladins have a Combo-point mechanic which is unique.
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85 Goblin Shaman
like alnair said you might like pally healing if you like shaman healing. I found druids kinda meh as well. my personal rank from boring to fun druid>disc>holy priest>hpally>shaman. I find hots less satisfying than a big direct heal i guess
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I heal on the 4 healing classes, and most fun is disc priest, worst is holy paladin, which is a complete snooze fest.

What I love about disc is being able to prevent damage before it actually happens. Shielding people is fun.

I played holy most of this tier on my priest, and I don't see why holy priest would rely on hots.. beside putting renew on the tank, that's the only hot you have and nobody specs for renew builds as far as I know.

If you really want to know.. just go on the PTR, use premade toons and play them.
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86 Human Paladin
02/24/2012 11:30 AMPosted by Zurak
worst is holy paladin, which is a complete snooze fest.

only because it's so easy and simple to accomplish.

To be honest i kind of like druids, i have a resto druid whose healing i find very fluid, once i set up Lifebloom she just spams Nourish on the tank and waits to use swiftmend and WG on cooldown. it's very smooth constant output and she's always at max mana. No rush. Very meditative. Some people might find this boring but i find it relaxing. and as soon as she needs some real burst she has a macro that can Nature's swift a Healing Touch and simultaneously pops her tree form and trinkets and BAM!

and of course i like my Pally who is just totally over powered.

My shaman and my priests are languishing right now. I feel like i am pullng teeth when i heal on them. But i guess i just need to gear up.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
funny i don't ever play my druid and deleted my priest because they were boring to wheras my pally is the most fun. I stick to pvp though and our offensive, defensiven and healing abilities really seem to cater to that environment.
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90 Worgen Priest
Priest, favorite. Two healing trees, wide variety of heals which are all useful.

Druid, a sad, sad loss. The entire reason I decided to level one was when Burning Crusade brought Lifebloom, which ended up becoming my favorite healing spell in the entire game. I liked it even better when they made it cost more mana but refund half on the bloom. It was such an interesting, flexible, and incredibly useful heal that was just fun to use.

Then they turned it into a fire-and-forget one-target tank buffer. Not content with needlessly misshaping one spell, they also cut Regrowth down at the knees, turning it from a long duration mild HoT to a subpar flash heal.

I still like Wild Growth a lot, but those two changes just made the Druid too bland for me to play, and that's sad. :(
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I have only tried a Priest(Holy) and this toon, so far I am digging the Shaman, I have tried Paladin, but couldn't get past 60 for some reason, I wanna try a Druid next. I watch my wife heal and I am like OMGWTFOP!! so soon as this toon hits 85, gonna try the Druid, :-)
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85 Goblin Hunter
I play all the healing classes, Druid is by far my favorite. Perhaps because of its small toolbox in comparison with HPally and Priests (although this is not a solid argument as others may argue saying Druids at least use their entire toolbox). But that is an excellent segue into another reason, is that Druids use all their abilities, I don't think there is ever a fight where I don't use each move.

I find our toolbox to be incredibly good and competative. I do say, and perhaps this is my narrow-skill level, that at the start of 4.3 I was very heart broken at our adjustments (I refuse to use the term term nerf here), but I adapted and still battle with my HPally buddy over being a highly proficient healer.

Sure, we rejuv spam a lot more than what we used to in the start of cata and it can seem a bit arbitrary in situations with Holy Radiance's instant heals, but it's still great. Nourish is incredibly effective with our Mastery (I wouldn't complain if we got a buff for it). Regrowth has seemed to gone away for me as I don't spec for living seed anymore, but I often pop tree of life, tranq, then innervate, (with 4p t13) I spam regrowth on everyone.

Overall, I find the druid resto spec still effective, powerful, and a lot of fun. My current progress on him is Deathwing down, and Heroic Crotchrocket downed. I maintain top or second heals against my Pally partner, all very dependent on the fight. Although, I must say we are 10m, so 25m is a very different story I am sure.

As far as the other guys. Shamans are boring for me. They're very good and riptide is amazing along with healing rain. Chain heal is tons of fun, but the tool box seems a bit small, although I do feel a bit of prestige in healing when I drop a clutch Spirit Link Totem.

Priests, both specs are also boring for me. Disc can get a bit static for me as well as Holy. Holy is fun because switching your Chakra is pretty cool and very useful.

Pallys have to be my second favorite. I still feel very mobile on my pally and our abilities are great, namely the clutch cooldowns. Are they over powered? They certainly have an edge, but I wouldn't say nerf them.

So for me, I like druid because our toolbox is tiptop and effective. Barkskin is amazing. I love being mobile and able to help out positional DPS during certain fights.
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85 Gnome Priest
I used to raid on a resto druid. I just got bored after a while; every fight was spamming Rejuv as much as possible, hitting WG, and usually topping meters like crazy. I started doing heroic raids, and it wasn't any different (I just did more healing because there was more damage). I did heroic raids in T11 of Cataclysm; past the first week I found I could start spamming Rejuv again.

I just can't find it compelling. Yes, it's mobile, but it's mostly just using Rejuv and WG on CD, or occasionally spamming HT on a tank.
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90 Orc Shaman
For healers, I only have this guy and a disc priest (didn't like holy). I feel powerful on disc, but when bad stuff happens, I just don't feel strong (not talking about CDs here). I am like locked to PoH and PoM (on a 10 second CD) which is funny because its pretty similar to shamans with chain heal and HR on a 10 second CD. But for whatever reason, I just feel like a shaman can handle those bad moments (prob due to mastery) a lot better whereas I can be more consistent and more preemptive on my disc priest (which for whatever reason, I don't like).
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100 Gnome Priest
I have this toon and a resto druid. In Wrath I loved the druid, but now I'm sick of it.

Resto has too much stuff that is mandatory to do: keep mastery up, keep lifebloom up, do WG nearly every cd, keep efflo down, keep a few rejuvs rolling. Sure you can take care of the first 2 with a nourish on the tank, but i hate using nourish on a full tank especially when there is raid damage to heal. Putting down efflo refreshes the mastery, which works fine, but you lose your swiftmend to do it unless someone happens to be low enough for it to be useful.

It probably wouldn't bug me so much if lifebloom and the mastery buff were like 30 second buffs, but resto doesn't feel like healing anymore, its just a throughput machine.

Disc on the otherhand I love, powerful instant heals, no annoying buffs to babysit... Its a well rounded spec with great tank heals and raid heals, along with great cd's for both tank and raid.
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85 Gnome Priest

Holy Priests and Resto Druids are both very HOT heavy.

Holy priests? Since when?

Holy priests were huge on Renew in ICC. Haven't played enough since Cataclysm to know if they still are, though.
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85 Draenei Priest
02/26/2012 10:55 AMPosted by Velict
Holy priests were huge on Renew in ICC. Haven't played enough since Cataclysm to know if they still are, though.

They are not heavily reliant on it anymore. Prayer of Healing has taken over.
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100 Dwarf Paladin
Druids and priests tend to bore me. I love the paladin style of healing even though it has been muddied up by HR spam this patch - hopefully, we'll see more of a return to traditional paladin-style healing in Pandaland.
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100 Night Elf Priest
02/24/2012 09:31 AMPosted by Alnair
Holy Priests and Resto Druids are both very HOT heavy.

I disagree with this. Holy Priests work a great deal more with hard casting than with HoTs.
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I haven't experienced every type of healer yet. So far, druid remains my favorite. I like HoTs.

I've tried Holy priest, and attonement disc. Those specs are both fun to play, and both are competitive, but I just don't 'feel' them when playing.

I'm bringing up a resto-shaman. My impression so far, solid healer, but boring as heck.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Druids and Paladins are both so boring to me. The only ones I raid with, too.

AA/A Disc and Normal Disc+Resto Shaman are way more fun. Even Holy Priests feel fun sometimes.
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