[A] GDKP - Saturday, 2pm->6pm February 25

85 Night Elf Rogue
EDIT: We're currently short melee DPS and a healer (pref pally).

Read up on Heroic Morchok and Hagara

All Main Spec DPS are expected to pull 27k+ on Ultraxion, otherwise you are subject to removal. Will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. This is due to the fact we are looking to get some 410 loot.

We will be running the raid composition of: 2 tanks, 6 heals, 17 DPS, with one of the tanks having an offspec.
We will require 7 or 8 healers for Heroic Mor'chok.

Roster will be finalized Saturday Morning, about 3 hours before the raid. I will set roster based on Performance, Gold to Spend, and past attendance. If you come, and are under iLvl 390, you are expected to spend gold, otherwise do not expect a portion of the pot, or future invites.

We are requiring an iLvl avg of 380 or above to take part, otherwise there are 3 spots open for players to be carried. These carry slots will be given on a First Come, First Serve basis, and we are charging 20k for each carry slot. IF YOU DO NOT PULL 27k+ ON ULTRAXION YOU MAY BE SUBJECT TO THE CARRY CHARGE OR YOU RISK REMOVAL FROM THE RAID.

Bidding will start at 5k gold, and will rise in increments of 500g. Essences will be sold at 70% AH price to the highest roller. Legendary drops will be auctioned off for the ENTIRE raid before the first boss pull, starting at 10k.

You MUST stay to the end of the raid to be eligible for the pot. If you are constantly disconnecting, messing up, or AFK'ing, you will be given 1 warning, after which point you will be removed from the raid and pot eligibility. If you randomly DC or go AFK, you are given 5 minutes to log back on, if you do not, you will be removed from the raid and pot eligibility. If you bid on something and do not pay for it, you will INSTANTLY be disqualified for the pot, except if you immediately say state you misbid.

Post Format:

Name: Kekeke
Spec: Resto
Bank: 50k
Link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/llane/kekeke/simple
Notes: I'm awesome.

Before the start of the raid, please be in the channel "GDKP." You are expected to bring your own flasks and food, unless we find someone who can drop them, in which case we will use Pot Funds to purchase them (cheaper then having each person use them individually).

If you have the Cauldron or Seafood feast recipes, please note that on your post.



Yuuka - Prot Warrior
Maxipally - Prot Pally


Certainty - Holy/Disc Priest
Justicepries - Holy/Disc Priest

Zekit - Resto Druid
Raboof - Resto Druid (Offspec)

Toojiggyforu - Resto Shaman

Etherpally - Holy Paladin


Mztazk - Mage
Hugzy - Mage
Psylolock - Warlock

Leather Melee
Yalam - Kitty
Myth - Rogue
Shadowhunt - Rogue

Leather Caster
Raboof - Boomkin
Loegahn - Boomkin (Possible sub)

Mail Agi
Rarity - Shaman
Dougyfresh - Hunter
Bustonyou - Hunter
Tygracc - Hunter

Mail Int
Kanex - Shaman

Plate DPS
Slebewhcs - DK
Shadryth - Pally

Armor Class Count
Cloth: 5 (2 heal/3 hit)
Leather: 6 (3 int / 3 agi)
Mail: 6 (2 int / 4 agi)
Plate: 5 (1 int / 2 tank / 2 str)

Raid Rules:

Welcome to the GDKP run. All items (Including BOE's) that drop will be auctioned off to the highest bidder and the gold pot will be split evenly among those who are left at the end of the run.
Essences will be rolled off for 70% of AH price at the end of the raid. Maelstroms will be bid on as a bunch at the end of the raid.
Raid members will only receive their share of the gold pot if they are present in the raid when the final boss dies, no exceptions.
In the event a player is AFK for an extended period without notice - or performs poorly - a fair first warning will be given, but they may be removed from the raid and/or forfeit their share of the pot if it continues.
All Auctions and Bids will be in public raid chat. Items will have minimum bids, but no maximum bid. No private tells for bids are accepted. No loot is reserved. There is no extra loot/gold for the raid leader. Tips are accepted :)
Raid Leaders and Assist are marked in your raid frames, please listen to their instructions.
Feasts + Cauldron costs will come out of the gold pot.
If any of this is unclear or you have questions, please speak up now.
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85 Human Priest
prot/ret (ilvl 384 ret / 395 prot)
Bringing upwards of 50k to spend this week

Notes: Hello
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100 Draenei Shaman
Rarity will come again!
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90 Pandaren Hunter
i shall bring my dk again in hopes that the chest piece drops!
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85 Human Death Knight
Blood DK
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90 Night Elf Rogue
Combat rogue (DPS)
Can also bring mats for 25 feasts
Edited by Mÿth on 2/25/2012 1:02 AM PST
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85 Human Rogue

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80 Human Rogue

Spec: holy/disc

Gold 55k
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100 Night Elf Druid
Yalam (kitty)
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100 Human Paladin
mztaze (ret)


mztazk (arcane mage)


mztazj (SV hunter)


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85 Human Priest
I'll tank on my warrior, let's be honest, goge is a horrible tank.
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85 Night Elf Rogue
If we get multiple tank signups, still interested in bringing your warrior for DPS, or would you prefer another alt?
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90 Night Elf Druid
I can heal on Zekit


or dps on Fùel


ill bring around 30k
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90 Worgen Warrior
raboof http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/llane/Raboof/advanced

boomy and resto

ill bring around 35k
Edited by Hyron on 2/24/2012 8:25 PM PST
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90 Human Paladin
ilvl 394 holy paladin

ilvl 395 holy priest

know fights
Edited by Dorus on 2/25/2012 9:29 AM PST
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100 Worgen Hunter
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90 Human Warrior
iLvL 391 Arc Mage

know all fights

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90 Human Paladin
Edit: cant go
Edited by Dimonator on 2/25/2012 5:38 AM PST
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85 Draenei Shaman

Resto ----392 item level

80k gold

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