The VeCo Iron Man Elite Challenge

The Venture Co Iron Man Elite Challenge
Sponsored by <Guardians of the Light>

With Iron Man challenges being all the rage recently, <Guardians of the Light> want to use this opportunity to attract more players to The Venture Co realm, as well as reward the loyal members of our fantastic server.

The standard Iron Man challenge is to level from 1 to 85 without the use of stat enhancing items, talents, or help from others. And do it without dying, not even once. It's just you, your skill, and your instinct for survival.

We want to take it one step further and challenge everyone, Horde and Alliance, to level a character from level 1 to level 85 using the Iron Man Challenge rules, AND do it all on the Venture Co server. There is no limit on the number of attempts you can make for this challenge, so sign up and race your fellow competitors to victory!

Grand Prize: 102,000 Gold

Congeniality Prize: 40,000 Gold

Iron Man Elite Rules
To qualify for the Grand Prize, a competing character must abide by the following rules:

  • 1) Equip only White or grey quality items. No stat enhancing items allowed. This includes heirloom gear and uncommon items without stats.
  • 2) Any type of buff or enhancement outside of your character's personal class buffs are prohibited. This includes food, scrolls, elixirs, potions, or flasks. Exceptions are made for any such item required to complete a quest. Mana and health pots are not permitted; bandages and non-buffing food are permitted.
  • 3) Equipment enhancers such as armor kits, enchants, gems, leg armor, spellthread, arcanums or inscriptions are prohibited. Rogue poisons and Shaman weapon enchantments are allowed since they are considered class-specific buffs.
  • 4) The character shall remain without a specialization, refrain from learning glyphs and leave talent points unused. This also applies to pet talent points. General class abilities and spells may be learned.
  • 5) Only classic classes are allowed to participate. No Death Knights are permitted to compete.
  • 6) No primary or secondary professions are allowed except First Aid.
  • 7) Assistance from other players or characters is strictly prohibited. This includes grouping with other players; participating in battlegrounds, arenas, raids, or dungeons; allowing others to place buffs upon your character; permitting other players to aid you in killing mobs; or otherwise cooperating with other players to increase your chance of survival or speed your leveling. Guild membership is also not permitted. Recruit-a-friend and Scroll of Resurrection leveling perks are prohibited.
  • 8) Any death due to environmental causes, (such as falling, drowning, fatigue, or the murderous intent of non-player characters) will result in the disqualification of the character from the entire Challenge. Death from damage dealt by another player results in removal from the Grand Prize, but the character may continue to level for the Congeniality Prize. Upon reaching 85, the character must continue to adhere to the rules until winning status can be confirmed.
  • 9) Any competing character must be created on the Venture Co realm AFTER the start of the Challenge. They then must post a reply to this thread the same day, announcing its choice to participate in the challenge and the player's agreement to follow the posted rules. They may copy-paste the following:
    "I here by understand and agree to abide by the rules of the VeCo Iron Man Elite Challenge. I understand that any violation of these rules will result in the disqualification of my character from the Challenge, and multiple violations will result in my forfeiture of all participation."
  • 10) Violation of these rules following the agreement by the competing character will result in disqualification of the character in both Challenges. Unaltered screenshots or video recording of prohibited activities will be accepted as proof of a violation after review by an Observer. Players who earn two character disqualifications due to violations other than PvE related death will be banned from further participation in the Challenge.

Congeniality Prize
So a player killer put you out of the running for the Grand Prize but you don't want to start over? Fear not, you can still win the Congeniality Prize! To qualify, the character must:

  • Have a minimum of one recorded player vs player death in their character statistics page.
  • Refrain from acquiring any non-PvP deaths.
  • Continue to adhere to all other Challenge rules.

The following are community members that have contributed at least 1,000 gold towards the Prizes of the Challenge.

Thunderhoof Clan
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Fine Print
The VeCo Iron Man Elite Challenge (hereafter referred to as "the Challenge") runs from 12:00:01 am Tuesday, February 28th, 2012 until one week prior to the launch of Mists of Pandaria (exact date to be posted when announced). Should the Challenge conclude without a Grand Prize winner, the funds will return to the entities that contributed to them. If all contestants fail to meet the requirements for the Congeniality Prize, its funds will also return to the contributors.

The official eligibility requirements for winning the Challenge are as follows: the character must 1) agree to observe both the word and spirit of the ten listed rules, 2) be created after the start of the Challenge 3) earn the [Level 85] achievement through strictly solo play and 4) not allow their character to die from any cause.

Disqualification from the Challenge can result from 1) volunteering as an Observer, 2) being found in violation of any of the ten rules, either through armory evidence or an unaltered screenshot or video 3) death due to any environmental or NPC related causes. Death due to direct player caused damage will disqualify a character from winning the Grand Prize, but not the Congeniality Prize.

When a contestant completes the [Level 85] achievement and meets all other eligibility requirements, a review of their character's armory page is completed to verify that all contest rules were followed. Confirmation of a successful review frees the character from the rules of the contest and any future deaths or achievements will not count against them. Reviews will be performed by myself and at least two other Observers.

For the Grand Prize, a one week grace period is observed to ensure that no other contestant completed the challenge prior, then the confirmed winner is announced to the general public.

For the Congeniality Prize, the successfully armory-confirmed contestant(s) with the least number player vs player related deaths will be announced one week prior to the launch of the Mists of Pandaria expansion. In the event that multiple characters tie with the lowest PvP deaths, the prize will be divided equally among the winning contestants.

All prizes are awarded to the winning characters. Winners will have one week after the official announcement of their victory to claim their prize or make arrangements with the contest host. There will be no exceptions permitted.

Observers are community members who have volunteered their time to observe competitors to ensure that established rules are followed and that any violators are disqualified. Observers agree to the following:

    1) Will not participate in the Challenge.
    2) Will not interfere with contestants in any way or encourage others to do so.
    3) Refrain from sharing detrimental information concerning contestants, such as general or specific location.
    4) Accept and review screenshot "proof" of suspected violations for alterations or forgery. Report any falsified documents to fellow Observers to discredit malicious reporters.
    5) Reply to this thread when authenticity of "proof" is accepted and a violation is confirmed.

Alliance Observers:

Horde Observers:


Q: How do Observers enforce the challenge rules?
A: Primarily we will be making use of the website. We may also use the armory to review a character's equipment, use /who <name> to check locations such as dungeons and battlegrounds, and /invite to check for groups. Fly-bys to check for ungrouped cooperation with other players are also a possibility.

Q: How can I be an Observer and help prevent cheating?
A: Post a reply to this thread with your interest or contact me personally in game. Remember, becoming an Observer disqualifies you from participating in the Challenge. Observers will forfeit their status if they kill a participating character.

Q: An Observer has invited me to a group, am I allowed to accept it?
A: You can if you wish, however they are just checking to see if you are grouped up. Keep in mind that this is a solo challenge, and grouping with other players is against the rules. If an observer gets the "<name> is already in a group" message, your character will be flagged as a possible violator and will be investigated.

Q: How does track stuff?
From what I've been able to determine, the website runs your character's armory page through a filter, and then flags it based on certain statistics. As long as you are following the rules, you don't really need to worry about it.
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Q: Is there a channel I can join to talk with other contestants?
A: Yes! Just type "/join VIMEC" to join the channel with the other contestants and Observers.

Q: Do I have to post my character's name? I'm making a target of myself!
A: Unfortunately, yes. Since there is a cash prize involved, we have to make every effort to enforce the contest rules to prevent cheating or exploiting. That means being able to observe your character from the day it is created until it reaches level 85.

Q: I saw this competing character running around with a stat item/BoA/some-other-armory-untrackable-rule-violation. How do I report it?
A: Take a screenshot of the rule violation and immediately contact an Observer. Proof in the form of a screenshot is required to disqualify a player. Observers can't do anything without a screenshot, so please don't contact us without one. The sooner you report the violation, the less likely we have to suspect tampering with the screenshot.

Q: Help! Someone threatened to report me for cheating, and I haven't done anything against the rules!
A: Don't panic. In fact, I recommend you just ignore them. Screenshots are required to report any violation outside of what can be tracked via the Armory or the website. If it is an Observer that is threatening you, report them to me with a screenshot of the threat and I will handle it from there. The /ignore feature is your friend in this challenge.

If someone of your faction is following you around, interfering with your Killing Blow : Total Kill ratio or healing the bejesus out of you, ask them to stop, make note of their name and then log. If the behavior is repetitive by the same player, you CAN report them for harassment.

Q: Is there a recommended class or race to use in the Challenge?
A: No. Every class has its strong points and draw backs. Casters have range on their targets, but they're dependent on mana for their abilities. Meleers will undoubtably take more damage, but they won't have mana issues. Pet classes provide an extra body to control, which can help or hinder. ("I did NOT tell you to charge in you stupid bear!") Stealth classes can hide while not in combat, giving them some protection against the player killers. Classes that have access to healing spells have that in their favor. Tanking classes have access to several defensive CDs.

As far as race goes, that is up to your personal preference. All the races have something unique to offer, and despite the vocal nature of the Alliance player killers in this thread, VeCo's Horde population is just as blood-thirsty. So no faction will be "safer" than the other.

Q: Can I use add ons?
A: Of course! I recommend either Spy or Carbonite to help you avoid the player killers who will want to hunt you down.

Q: I have to use a consumable to complete a quest objective. Will this disqualify me?
A: No, not as long as you keep record of what consumable was required for which quest. If you complete the Challenge and we're reviewing your character, we will need that record.

Q: I made it to 85 without any deaths! When do I get my money?
A: Before you are award the Grand Prize, your character must be reviewed to ensure you did not violate any of the rules. We will check your battleground achievements, dungeon achievements, and other such armory observable tell-tales. Following confirmation of your character, a one week grace period is observed to allow anyone who may have completed the challenge before you to step forward. Once your character has been confirmed, you will have one week to contact me to make arrangements on the transfer of funds.

Q: You're Alliance, and I'm Horde. How do you intend to get the gold to me if I do win?
A: Arrangements will be made so that you get your prize in a timely manner. Possibly through a transaction through the neutral Auction House or a character faction change on my part.

Q: How do we know you are good for the money?
A: I would be happy to share a screenshot of my gold total. Also, I am a leader of a long established guild on the Venture Co. My guild's reputation is very important to me, and I wouldn't tarnish it by failing to follow through.

Q: I think this is a great idea and I want to help, but I don't have time to act as an observer. Can I make a monetary donation?
A: Yes. Additional funding would go to increasing the Grand Prize, establishing a Second Place Prize, or increasing the Congeniality Prize. You may specify the purpose or allow me to determine where to place the funds you contribute. Any donations greater than 1000 gold will be acknowledged in this post. Donations under 100 gold or including coppers or silvers will not be accepted.
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Q: How do I check how many PvP deaths a character has?
A: Go to the character's statistics, then click the "Player vs Player" category. At the top of the list should be a "Total Deaths from other players" statistic.

Q: What happens if no one "wins" before Mists of Pandaria?
A: Any donated funds for the Grand Prize or similar prizes will be returned to their contributors, and the funds I have personally gathered for the challenge will go into the guild bank of the <Guardians of the Light>. The Congeniality Prize is separate, and will only be returned if all fail to reach 85 without PvE deaths before MoP.

Below is a list of the characters participating in the VeCo Iron Man Elite Challenge. To remain on this list, they must follow the stated rules of the Challenge and avoid any PvE related deaths. PvP related deaths and levels are hidden for the protection of the contestants.

NAME (Race/Class/Incarnation)
Fpowdered ( Blood Elf / Rogue / 6 )
Lnp ( Worgen /Druid / 1 )
Feviri ( Night Elf / Rogue / 2 )
Adathan ( Night Elf / Hunter / 2 )
Lamepourpre ( Night Elf / Hunter / 1 )
Renaissance ( Blood Elf / Mage / 1 )
Edwardnigma ( Worgen / Hunter / 1 )
Angaur ( Night Elf / Druid / 1 )
Legendry (Night Elf / Hunter / 1 ) ?
Hoister ( Gnome / Warlock / 1 ) ?
Ironlady ( Night Elf / Mage / 1 )
Ishtenari ( Night Elf / Hunter / 4 )
Ironfur ( Worgen / Hunter / 1 )
Alternator ( Goblin / Hunter / 1 ) ?
Thunsaris ( Draenei / Hunter / 1 )
Complicating ( Human / Warlock / 1 ) ?
Sereign ( Troll / Warrior / 1 ) ?
Theirondude ( Night Elf / Mage / 1 )
Cuteypie ( Human / Hunter / 1 )
Gedumi ( Tauren / Druid / 1 )
Snowbunni ( Night Elf / Hunter / 1 )
Zekkor ( Tauren / Shaman / 1 ) ?
Spiket (Gnome / Mage / 1 )
Redsolocup ( Night Elf / Hunter / 1 ) ?
Frostbloom ( Night Elf / Mage / 1 ) ?
Rotzak ( Troll / Rogue / 1 )
Korael ( Tauren / Paladin / 1)
Siderothir ( Night Elf / Hunter / 1 )
Brakkiron ( Orc / Warlock / 1 )
Ikis ( Blood Elf / Warlock / 1 )
Listina ( Human / Hunter / 1 ) ?
Talrias ( Night Elf / Mage / 1 )
Walmoo ( Tauren / Paladin / 1 ) ?
Jarton ( Worgen / Rogue / 1) ?
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To honor the valiant effort of those who attempted the Challenge and perished in the process.

Name/Class/Level Date of Death Cause of Death
Lamepourpre Night Elf Rogue -2/28- Owned by rare spawn & 2 respawnees
Bpowdered Blood Elf Rogue -2/29- Viciously beaten by a Disconnect
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85 Troll Hunter
I only have 1525 deaths, do I win?

But a serious question. What about being in a guild? Someone in a level 25 guild has a distinct advantage over someone guildless. At the same time, if someone is going to painfully grind to 85, I imagine they want some green text in their life. I didn't see that mentioned in the rules, it might be something you want to clear up.
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85 Worgen Rogue
I only have 1525 deaths, do I win?

But a serious question. What about being in a guild? Someone in a level 25 guild has a distinct advantage over someone guildless. At the same time, if someone is going to painfully grind to 85, I imagine they want some green text in their life. I didn't see that mentioned in the rules, it might be something you want to clear up.

Section 7):

02/19/2012 04:39 PMPosted by Elyssah
Guild membership is also not permitted.
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I only have 1525 deaths, do I win?

But a serious question. What about being in a guild? Someone in a level 25 guild has a distinct advantage over someone guildless. At the same time, if someone is going to painfully grind to 85, I imagine they want some green text in their life. I didn't see that mentioned in the rules, it might be something you want to clear up.

I am hoping the vimec chat channels will be an acceptable substitute, since rule #7 does state that guild membership is not allowed. Thanks for answering first Zegram.
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85 Dwarf Shaman
Q: Do I have to post my character's name? I'm making a target of myself!A: Unfortunately, yes. Since there is a cash prize involved, we have to make every effort to enforce the contest rules to prevent cheating or exploiting. That means being able to observe your character from the day it is created until it reaches level 85.

Such a bad idea on a PvP server.... asking to be griefed.
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85 Night Elf Warrior
Recruit-a-friend makes this waaay too easy to cheat.
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02/19/2012 09:36 PMPosted by Charax
Recruit-a-friend makes this waaay too easy to cheat.

That would fall under the #7 rule as well, but I will update for clarity.
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85 Night Elf Warrior
I realize it would be against the rules, but you can pump up a toon a few dozen levels in a matter of seconds. That is why it would be hard to police, unless you had some sort of mechanism in place to track leveling.
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That is why I am looking for volunteers to be Observers, to help check for such things.
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85 Worgen Rogue
02/19/2012 09:34 PMPosted by Brafnan
Such a bad idea on a PvP server.... asking to be griefed.

That's what the Grand Prize is for. You can't have such a large amount of gold at stake with a small risk of failure, eh? Besides, the original challenge had no rewards aside from bragging rights. Then again, it's too easy to lie and cheat the challenge when not properly monitored.

If there are enough suggestions, some rules and rewards may change. I'm not in charge of this challenge but it's always a possibility.
Edited by Zegram on 2/19/2012 10:08 PM PST
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I think this is great--maybe this will get some of the old vanilla "fear of ganking" back. You will actually have to be careful where and when you quest.

And if people are actually looking to grief, a little world PvP in some normally untouched zones is never a bad thing.
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85 Troll Hunter
Next stop: Desolace
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Remember the Challenge doesn't start for another week. We'd appreciate everyone's help in getting this news out, so that players from other servers will learn of it as well.
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9 Human Warlock
World of Griefcraft inc
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100 Blood Elf Mage
Well if a player used recuit a friend and used the lvling boost then you will see that it took shorter to lvl to cap. Now yes they can afk for like a day per lvl and make it look like they grind lvls but the ach. stat page records some weird stats so i might be easy to track just got to look at the weird tracked stuff.
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100 Blood Elf Mage
Ok also does we have to be on your realm/side? And you said it starts in a week so 2/27/2012 right? Do you have to be watched the whole time? And if so do you have a set timeline that people are on to watch the boring grind? Can we buy bags so we can stay out longer with out running back every five kills? Also you said no items that boost stats what about mounts? I know flying after 70 is somewhat a must.
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