<FTA> #1 guild world may want you!

85 Human Hunter
Hey there stormscale heroes,

are you sick and tired of being surrounded by one-armed paraplegic virgin retards whenever you turn a corner? do you wake up wishing you were an intelligent, aesthetic (white) human being living a fantastic life like myself? I bench 275. Do you even lift?

I am indisputably the best hunter in the world of warcraft. Anyone who argues this fact obviously hates blacks. do you hate blacks?

<French Toast AllStars> has been around ever since I created WoW back when I was an 8-year old nomad mongoloid eating raccoons balls and drinking my father's urine for sustenance.

I digress.

FTA is searching for aspiring PvE (and PvP) superstars who enjoy getting shredded IRL and canning the 10 million closet wow virgins who have 35 facebook friends and think their families love them. If you snort jack3d and bathe in fish oil, this guild is for you.

FTA will be holding weekly tournaments where you post your maxes/time for squat, bench, wide-grip pullup, and 100m, and each winner will receive an interview by me (posted on these forums weekly) as well as the opportunity to participate in five (5) 2v2 arena battles with my hunter, brucewayner. To keep the contest fair, winners will be decided based on weekly improvements rather than flat maximums.

You may be wondering why you'd join FTA when there are hundreds of other guilds on stormscale. Well, in the ~3 months that patch 4.3 has been out now, not a single guild has cleared all of heroic Dragon Soul. In the 3 months that stormscale's pasty nerd rejects continuously failed to slay menacing computer pixels, I bought myself a Lamborghini, fought toe-to-toe with a rabid bull, nursed a dying wolf pup back to health with just a pineapple and my own !@#$%, and rescued three mexican babies from a wildfire in the Himalayas set ablaze by exiled japanese thugs living on the coast of africa. I am also rich, extremely good looking, and play D1 soccer with an 4.0 GPA. I excrete success, beauty, and inspiration. Also we will full clear heroic DS within two days of reaching 10 level 85 guild members, easy.

If you are interested in joining the #1 guild world, send an in-game mail to brucewayner or reply here while answering the following questions:

1) How much do you weigh?

2) How much do you bench? (if less than 275, hit the showers kid - FTA isn't right for you.)

3) Do you think you will ever have a chance of being as aesthetic as me?

4) Do you think Coach K should've been fired over his knowledge of the Penn St / Sandusky scandal given the obvious rapid deterioration of his health?
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90 Dwarf Death Knight
Lol. #1 fav post of the year
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