Deathwing Superiority

90 Tauren Warrior
A thought occurred to me in LFR tonight. While having Mal'Ganis players yell at me and the rest of the raid for supposed failings, posting their 'amazing' healing stats (rolling HoTs is hard bro) and getting butthurt losing welfare epics to us non-Mal'Ganis rabble, I considered why it was MG and only MG that gets to universally and without exception brag about their alleged winning of the game of World of Warcraft. Their reputation like most reputations is self-perpetuating and without real merit. For that reason I have concluded that nothing is stopping us, US- Deathwing, from doing the exact same thing.

I have devised a plan to make US Deathwing the most renowned and respected server known in WoW. And I will do it with out any actual merit just like the denizens of Mal'Ganis do! Won't you join me in my glorious conquest of the hearts and minds of wow players everywhere?

-Find yourself in a LFR: Constantly insult all non-deathwing players as inferior. When asked why deathwing is better, deflect by telling them they are butthurt neckbeard cheesehand nolifes or something equally creative. Make sure to remind them without pause that without Deathwing allstars such as yourself there is no hope of you ever clearing such challenging content as LFR Dragonsoul or HoT heroics. When they get on your nerves, start the encounter with only 2 healers! That will learn 'em!

-Find yourself in battlegrounds: Every action is the result of A.) Your success B.) Their Failure. If they cause you trouble, have you and your fellow US deathwing paragons of pvp report them AFK!

-Make alts on other servers and spread the good word of US Deathwing. If you have baddies in a group, follow them to their servers and pronounce the deeds of US Deathwing in their general chat!

-Make sure to pump each other up in our trade chat! We must maintain the fury if people are to believe-us-to-be-what-we-want-them-to-believe-us-to-be.

It is all about attitude, okay it is mostly about being arrogant and griefing people who have done no harm to you, but attitude is a part of it. Sorta.

Together, my fellow champions of Deathwing, we WILL MAKE THIS SERVER THE BEST THERE IS! Without actually doing anything! But its ok because people are sheep waiting for you to spoon feed them your smelly pile of . . . TRUTH!
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100 Undead Priest
WE are the unstoppable juggernaut that is Deathwing US! This is THE most comprehensive and informative guide I have ever seen. It is high time we are recognized for the level of greatness we as a server maintain.

Go forth and spread the word fellow Deathwing players!

*This endorsement paid for by the Deathwing Super-Pac "Please Allow 4-6 Weeks For Delivery"*
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We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us?

D - E - A - T - W - I - N - G

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25 Undead Priest
Dead server.
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