NOTE: Wall of Text! I feel the info is needed to help possible recruits determine if we are the right guild for them. Thanks for reading! =D

Hello Hydraxis,
First let me explain who we are and open an invitation to players that are shopping around for a guild to call home. Then I'll will post details such as roster, guild level, etc.

About Us:
Ninja Turtles was formed in the summer of 2011 and started our recruiting looking for players who wanted an overall guild. We did start as a leveling, raiding, pvp, event, etc, etc guild and managed to recruit 300 members with average member activity of 23 online. This was a great start for us with our current goals. We were able to average one guild level a week as it isn't much to do at first with the guild xp requirements. As of now we are level 13. We have revised our previous goal of being an overall guild into what we feel is more of what we want. A private invitation only guild working with each other to progress in PvE content with side events to break the monotony. If your goals are the same as our's then please Apply on the website or hit us up ingame! (Friends and Family of guild members are auto-accepted)

Some things we offer:
•Free repairs
•Guild bank system based on ranks
•Random guild events (PvP Raiding, Farming, Fishing, Achieves)

Our Goals:
(1) We have progressed in the past in endgame and would like to solely focus on that area. Without ridicule or opinions from others we will continue to progress at our pace even if we aren't the server's best or one day become that. Which would be a great goal to strive for with the awesome guilds currently killing bosses. It's good to have "good" competition so that you can always try to do better and measure your results with something. So in that manner we will be casual in sense that our raid atmosphere will be laid back, but we want to progress as much as possible raiding wise.
*Note: By laid back I mean relaxed attitudes, having fun, and know that mistakes will happen. However you should do your best as we are a team and count on each other.

(2) Other than raiding we would like to run guild events such as world pvp, bg's, fishing events, achieves, etc.

Recruiting: (*I'll try to keep this list updated. Feel free to check our website for the most
current list!)
10 Man Core:

•Paladin (CLOSED)
•Warrior (Prot-OPEN OFFTANK)
•Deathknight (CLOSED)
•Priest(Holy-OPEN, Shadow-OPEN)
•Druid(Resto-OPEN, Boomkin-OPEN)

Guild Level: 13
Roster: 150 Members
Progression: BWD (Cleared), BOT(Cleared), FL(2/7), DS(2/8)
*( 7/10 raiders were guild members on average. We have the experience, but not the guild achievement as our core team wasn't complete yet. )

Recruiters: Nihnje, Desidian, Mindworm, Saliah, Leidi, Canukrogue

Thanks Again!
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