Aesir is looking for people to help fill raids, or even another small guild willing to work together to fill raids. Like most small guilds, we've been hit hard by atrittion, people leaving for SWTOR or just leaving the game, but the core of the guild is still here. We've been together for 2 years now, and have been raiding as a group for that time, and longer.
What we are looking for is players who want to raid, but their guild isn't raiding for whatever reasons, or people looking for a casual raiding atmosphere. We are not cutting edge progression raiding, not even close. We got the first boss down in DS before people started leaving, not really getting a good run on the remaining bosses.
We are also interested in potential guild-partnerships for raids. If there's a guild out there that is short 3-4 people on a regular basis, and doesn't like PUG'n spots, let me know. We can work out details as needed.
Contact me in-game or leave a post here.