Souls of the Fallen
Before we dive into details, our guild is a place where only the strong willed is welcome. Gear is not a big issue, just as you have the will to improve and fulfill your duty as a dedicated, consistent, and courteous raider. We believe that our guild should not consist of a group of talented individuals, rather as a team that cooperates and pushes for success. We have built a guild of easy going and laid back players, and many members have been with the guild for 3 years. The guild is a tight knit guild and has accomplished much with this feeling of oneness.
Raiding Progression
Tier 13 (1/8 Heroic)
Tier 12 (5/7 Heroic)
Tier 11 (12/12)

Recruiting Needs

Mage (Any Spec)

Druid (Resto)
Priest (Holy)
Shaman (Resto)

No melee classes needed.

Even if you do not fit our needs, feel free to contact us anyway. If you believe you fit the attitude and mind-set that we have explained, and you feel you could fit in this guild well, we want you in our guild.
The player we don’t want is the arrogant one. We do not want you if you believe you are better than any of our players, and that you deserve to take the loot and receive all of the benefits.
Loot Rules
We have a very simple idea on looting. Each player can roll on one main spec gear, and roll for multiple off-spec gear. This establishes courtesy the humility that we want in a player. Also, If an item is not needed but can still be somewhat useful to a player, that player will receive the gear.

If you are interested in joining Souls of the Fallen, please contact (Through whisper or mail):
Goldenchild (Special Lettering)

Or Apply on our website,
Thank you!
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