Letting people die on purpose

85 Draenei Shaman
I let our warlock die a few times last night in our Firelands clear because he never stands in my healing rain.
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85 Goblin Shaman
Right? We should just carry everyone. Who cares if they suck and need to learn to move out of fire, healing them while they continue to stand in it will work wonders for their situational awareness.

The next time they are on that boss they will definitely move as you have ingrained useful skills into their playstyle. Namely standing in fire.

triple thumbs up for this comment. See this all the time on reg content even... I let people die on farm boss fights frequently. If you don't get out of X mechanic, you're going to be wiping us on heroic in a couple of weeks... get a clue and stop being bad. The same applies to any other situation where dps stand in avoidable damage and scream WHERE ARE MY HEALS. L2P.
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5 Night Elf Rogue
Who gave the healer the right to keep the dpser's toon alive when they've quite clearly decided they want to do a suicide run? After all if they thought they were good enough to tank then they must either be able to pull, hold aggro and keep themselves alive or really badly want the repair bill.

Healers aren't responsible for how others play. Healers pay to play this game too .... "to play" not to run around saving other people from themselves (its a game for enjoying, healers don't pay to provide dps and badly geared tanks with a community service).

As for those rude little monkey's that you want to send to their rooms without any dinner for being so horiible.. who's heard of the 1% game? Really good way for a healer to immerse themselves in what they are doing, improve their reaction times and have a little giggle if the recipient happens to be on the end of a slow heal!
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90 Human Paladin
02/24/2012 02:09 PMPosted by Hadiirn
In response to everyone who commented on the relative small offense which led to my course of action I humbly apologize. I realize now that involving my emotions fully in every experience I undertake in life is a mistake; I should instead go through life in a trance-like yogi-master state, as you do, and hopefully once this is achieved the idea of having someone's balls dangled repeatedly down my throat would lead only to a haughty chortle.

I don't think anyone said the player didn't deserve it, just that it was petty. We're all guilty of being petty here and there, a lot of us just don't see it as being worth it usually. And I'm not above laughing when a healer does let a douchebag die when I'm playing some other role. Honestly, I usually find it to be the most hilarious thing I've seen all week.
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02/24/2012 01:35 PMPosted by Goshi
Some people really need to step off their high horses, lol.

Right? We should just carry everyone. Who cares if they suck and need to learn to move out of fire, healing them while they continue to stand in it will work wonders for their situational awareness.

The next time they are on that boss they will definitely move as you have ingrained useful skills into their playstyle. Namely standing in fire.

Lol, I don't care if randoms learn or not. I warn them once or twice, after that, if I don't feel like carrying their fail, I don't. I'm not giving 110% for someone who's not giving 50%
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5 Human Warlock
In a 5 man, if a dps continually grabs aggro and does nothing to reduce threat, and assuming the tank is reasonably competent, I will send them a silent message by letting them die rather than saying anything in chat. It has worked 100% of the time for me with not one confrontation.
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85 Gnome Priest
In general I disapprove of antics like "I'm the healer/tank, so I get to do whatever I want because I'm super important and you lowly DPS should be thankful for my presence!"

However, I have on very rare occasions let people die. Most of the time, they are in this situation:

Random DPS face-pulls a pack, tank is nowhere in sight, spacing out, or pulling something else. In this case, I'll run away from the DPS to let him die. This is simple self-preservation; odds are the tank won't get there in time to save the DPS, and the DPS won't put any effort into tanking adds, so as soon as I cast a heal, I'm dead.

However, I have once or twice let a person die out of spite. The only one I can recall at the moment is on my resto shaman in Well of Eternity. I had volunteered to do the interrupts on Azshara and on this particular attempt the tank elected to stand in bad and died. Two of the DPS (both mages, they were in a guild) then decided they were going to chastise me and tell me "don't interrupt, just do your job." I attempted to defend myself with Recount's death report, they told me to "shut up and heal".

It just made me see red. So I played aggressively competently during Azshara (nobody died and I also got all the interrupts) and then during Mannoroth, elected to not heal either of the two DPS who had been bothering me. Given that they were terrible they took massive (but not fatal, sadly) damage from Fel Flames and also failed to kill either of the dread lords disabling poor Tyrande. I noticed the failure but decided that I'd rather let them wipe and then mock them and leave the party.

So I did.
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90 Draenei Priest
02/25/2012 04:28 AMPosted by Dontpanic
In general I disapprove of antics like "I'm the healer/tank, so I get to do whatever I want because I'm super important and you lowly DPS should be thankful for my presence!"

The problem with that, is the people that are saying that about tanks/healers, are saying that THEY should be allowed to do whatever they like and the tanks/healers should pick up their slack.

Which is kinda funny, if they would actually do what they're supposed to do, the problem would not be anywhere near as prevalent.

As for the thread... sometimes I just have to see if they're actually going to let that kill them.
Especially during WotLK, where as a priest it was actually harder to let someone die than to just heal through it. (And people will think I'm joking there =P) I do miss the "race to get down the azjol-nerub hole before the dps standing in the poison dies" game though.

I'll also make a habit of keeping people just high enough to survive unavoidable damage, but not high enough to survive avoidable damage (weither it's higher, or just combined) just to help keep them in line, it's actually effective (if you can block out the crying in /p).
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90 Human Rogue
I don't care if it wastes time, if they're jerks I'll stop healing them. And when they'll ask I'll tell them why I'm not healing them. Maybe if I'm feeling good that day I'll give them one more chance after that. This game is not for people to be jerks to each other, me and everyone else is trying to have fun and you don't get to throw a wrench in that cog.

Don't like it? Don't be a jerk, that simple.
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85 Draenei Paladin
Actually yes, lastnight was bored and doing PVE and in the beginning the tank said "I'm working on my enchanting, you guys mind passing on everything you don't need?" I said no, can't do that as cata greens are going for 300 a pop on my server. So next big trash pull he bubbled and walked off. I managed to keep one dps up for complete pull. At the end he said sorry, must have dc'ed. So on following boss fight no heals, after his Lay of Hands perished he dropped and I kept everyone else up. I said sorry, my Ui must have dc'ed,lol. He started needing everything after that. Went to vote him out, everyone whispered no, just let him keep dropping, his repair bill is payback enough, so I did. After 4th death he left group. I usually don't do that but if someone is being fat mouth then I only spend mana on them to rez.
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90 Troll Druid
I'm always game for a challenge. I never refuse to heal. If you take that attitude your being just as bad as they are, i say rise above it.
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85 Draenei Shaman
I do it mostly in low level dungeons when dps think they are gods and pull everything before the tank. For the most part I do my job. But it doesnt matter. Everyones opinion and judgement is different. They handle things different ways. Obviously Beartay thinks hes the god of everything because "omg how dare you let someone die blah blah blah". To each their own.
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85 Draenei Shaman
Nice reading through the post.

Yeah I let stupid die, the closest to a cure I can find. I let rude folks die, closest to teaching them not to be cocky. Locks who use Life Tap out of combat and don't use Soul Harvest after that I let them get close to death early on and if that doesn't work a repair bill helps, I'm not their mana battery.

One memorable moment was early in the expansion, I random into H. Halls or Orig. with the 4 others from a guild on a different server. They killed the bosses they needed drops from and I asked if they can kill one I wanted a drop from. I got told "No" and they proceeded to the next boss who was the final one. Yup they wiped, I said something arrogant in chat and left.
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90 Orc Shaman
I never have done this in pugs simply because I will never see the person again (and so I am not sure if they will actually learn). Anyhow, at this point it makes runs interesting for me if something like that happens as it keeps me on my toes. In an actual raid, if something happens I simply heal through it and yell at the person who made the mistake so that they know if they were doing something wrong.

In fact, its almost like wrath now where if I am that bored I just ask the tank to go dps if he thinks it will speed up the run (not as true now if you chain pull like mad but its not always an option). Makes it more interesting than simply /follow on the tank and doing nothing for me at least.
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85 Troll Shaman
very rarely do i let people die on purpose on my healy toons. there are times that i let people die out of spite. it's usually dps that refuse to move out of the bad stuff. sure, i'll heal them once or twice in the bad stuff. but if they make zero attempt to move out of it, i will reallocate my mana to someone more deserving of it.

frankly, my thoughts are that the dps should be just as concerned with keeping themselves alive as the healer is. the healer is just there to heal the unavoidable damage, not the damage you got because you decided to go all derp mode.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
When people are jerks, I give them negative feedback and let them die. Usually precisely at the end of the fight, when it doesn't matter anymore. It makes me feel better.

This is because I'm a very spiteful person, and hell hath no fury like a healer scorned.
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I will confess...I was on end time this afternoon healing with my druid and the squishiest tank in history. In the final fight, I like to go asparagus form and spam wrath and only heal with wild growth. First time through, I had to drop all of that and heal the squishy tank. Second time through, I went back to spamming wrath with wild growth ticking. He was a pally and had his bubble and his lay on hands, but I don't think he is used to using them. He ranted like a wild man after we downed the boss. Called me every name in the book, but he had done that the whole run.
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85 Troll Druid
I never do this. My job is to keep the party alive. I only consciously let people die if they run off randomly on their own and are nowhere near any of us.
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90 Night Elf Druid
I rarely let folks die. The only time I do is the guy that is standing in the bad taking critical damage while linking Recount in party chat.
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