Letting people die on purpose

100 Worgen Druid
O NOS SOMEONE IS BEING MEAN OVER THE INTERNETS D: who gives a !@#$ they are all prbly bads compared to me so
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85 Dwarf Paladin
Pre 4.3, it was harder to keep people up, and to manage mana. If i had a DPS that was a repeat offender, and i was wasting Mana just to keep them alive, i would occasionally not "rush" to heal them. But now with the new gear upgrades, and the ease of the new 5-mans. i heal everyone.. Its just easier that way.
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100 Tauren Druid
I don't mind doing my best to keep people alive, but if you do end up committing suicide anyway, don't abuse me and then expect a rez.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
i dont heal people from fail'thalas

i let people die from fail'thalas

when i see fail'thalas i leave

i might sound childish here but yeaaa pretty much thats it i rather take the 30mins debuff or let them die before i try on them.

QFT. So many times I get stuck with 3 people from some level 1 guild on Quel'Thalas/Tol Borad, all speaking Portuguese and Spanish...I cry inside and leave.
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85 Human Priest
On my alt Tank leveling up in Dire Maul, had a Ret Pally who refused to turn off Righteous Fury. Charged right ahead into those monster trees and got pwnd. He yells, "Where is the f*cking healer? Heal me!!"

We all asked him multiple times to turn off RF even after 2 deaths but he kept charging along with it on. 3rd time he died, vote kicked him.

On my Priest here, had a Warlock who just charged his BIG GUY pet into every pull and would leave every pull early to grab another mob. We sat and watched his pet die and than watched him run around.

We asked the Lock to stop, after his 2nd death, he didn't do it again. Some people learn, some people don't.
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91 Gnome Priest
If for some reason their death will impede our ability to finish the task at hand, I heal them. If letting them die for douchebaggery will not hurt us, I'm all for it. Common infractions can be (but are not limited to) pulling ahead of the tank, running away while I'm drinking on low mana and continuing the fight, and standing in fire.
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85 Dwarf Hunter
I give people opportunity to get out of bad stuff and will heal them as long as it's not causing me to lose focus on keeping the tank up or blowing me out of mana. As soon as one of those things starts to happen, they lose my attention.

I'm more likely to allow a "jerk" to do die, though, as long as it doesn't cause a wipe. In HoT heroics, that means jerk tanks are just as likely to not be healed as dps as I can heal a dps geared toon through those easily.

I especially like murozond, where the tank/dps can meet their untimely deaths 5 times if they are jerks.
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85 Troll Shaman
I let people die all the time. You should never annoy the healer. Were the back bone of any grp. You can carry a bad DPS or Tank on most fights but never a !@#$ty healer.
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90 Human Paladin
03/08/2012 07:49 PMPosted by Graigchrist
You can carry a bad DPS or Tank on most fights but never a !@#$ty healer.

You'd be surprised. I've had some pretty bad healers while tanking and on my rogue.
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03/08/2012 10:10 PMPosted by Janaire
You can carry a bad DPS or Tank on most fights but never a !@#$ty healer.

You'd be surprised. I've had some pretty bad healers while tanking and on my rogue.

Bad tank needs a good healer to compensate for it.
Bad DPS need a good healer to compensate for it.
Bad healer needs both a good tank and DPS to compensate for it.

The funniest thing is that when a healer is bad, the DPS and tank always seem to suddenly shape up, popping defensive cooldowns like crazy, getting out of sh!t, using CC, kiting, etc.

Hmm, maybe I should just spam Heal and Renew(as disc) to heal heroics...to get people to shape up and make the instances cake......

.....Nope, can't do it, one thing goes wrong, and I will pull out all of the stops to fix it, ruining the whole facade.
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85 Goblin Shaman
not a healer thing but back at the beginning of Cata I was tanking a H stonecore on my DK tank. In the group we had a hunter who while they were pulling good dps MDing etc refused to CC despite me and the healer repeatedly asking and was just generally being abusive to people for no reason.

as we were clearing the trash to ozruk I whispered the healer and other dps to move away from the hunter on the boss. I spun ozruk and managed to snipe the hunter with a well timed ground smash, first and only time ive done anything like that but it was pretty damn satisfying at the time.
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85 Blood Elf Priest
I haven't run 5mans on here in ages, but I always love finding morons to let die.

I really, really abuse the whole "If the DPS die, it's their freaking fault."
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90 Tauren Shaman
I called OOM but he ran off around the corner. I kept a melee dps up, he slowed down after that.

Am I evil?
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85 Draenei Shaman
I really don't do it at higher levels, but if I happen to be leveling a new healer (I'm on my 4th) absolutely. Rolling need on everything? Stop healing. Pulling ahead of the tank and making a mess, stop healing. At high level it's not so much that I stop healing, rather than watching health go down so fast from a bad move I don't even attempt to pop CDs to save the situation.
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85 Night Elf Priest
I'm all for giving a guy a scare if he's doing something really stupid and should know better. Would never let anyone intentionally die. Fortunately, a last second Guardian Spirit tends to do the job.
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90 Draenei Shaman
02/24/2012 02:26 PMPosted by Rogueling
Who gave the healer the right to keep the dpser's toon alive when they've quite clearly decided they want to do a suicide run?

I know, right? I mean, if they so clearly want to die, who am I to go against their wishes?
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90 Human Priest
I absolutely let people die on purpose. I warn them first, though.
for instance, the Manaroth fight. Everyone has seen felfire storm before, all you have to do is have gone to BH. I will tell them before they pull Varathan "If you stand in the fire, I will not heal you." and if they just chill in the fire, they die. (I've had some particularly bad baddies tell me to Brez them. lol) The same goes for DPS pulling instead of the tank. I've played a tank, and I know how much of a pain it is if you weren't pulling for one reason or another and that one jackass DPS goes and pulls anyway, so you're instantly playing catch up. I'm not a fan of that, and I'm sure other tanks aren't either, so that DPS gets to die too. On top of that, I will not rez someone who is just going to be a waist of my mana and casting time to keep alive.
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