The person of each class that beats you

85 Human Warrior
DK: no one
Druid: Any feral that isn't a downer
Hunter: Gormek and Roarka
Mage: Any mage that isn't a downer
Paladin: Bakermake or known as lolzidan now
Priest: No one
Rogue: Viiper
Shaman: Nos tries really hard but can't succeed
Warlock: Gizmo
Warrior: i can't defeat my self unless i dismount....
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85 Human Warrior
DK: Janemba, Or any douche who plays blood, lol
Druid: Resto-none. Boomkin-none. Feral-Most frequently Amallah (I miss him=/)
Hunter: Moosedrool
Paladin: Any ret who knows how to pop wings, lolol
Priest: Disc-none Holy-none Shadow-Candrace
Rogue: Foxxed, even if he isnt geared, he still trucks me <3
Shaman: Uhh people still play shaman on TN?
Warlock: Bloxter
Warrior: I havent found one who can destroy me yet, But I would have to say Reckrizzy, mabye one day we'll meet, so he can beat my !@# :D
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85 Human Warrior
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85 Troll Rogue
02/28/2012 08:43 AMPosted by Hardwired
Druid: All of them, once they pop bear form and heal to 100% :(

Casting a 5pt Expose Armor helps to even out the playing field when they go into bear form... druids don't impress me that much.
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85 Human Paladin
The classes that are impossible for a shadow priest to beat will beat me if they are good. If it is possible for me to defeat a class, I beat them, but I will list those who have come closest to beating me.

DK: diseaseriden
Druid: feral- none. (extreembeef has come the closest)
Hunter: none (taz/contro/ugraz come the closest)
Mage: Slurpeezz
Paladin: not very many rets to duel. but zarslol came the closest to beating me.
Priest: Schnap and I go toe to toe
Rogue: Viperqt
Shaman: Nos beats me most of the time, but I can go 50 50 with him on a good day.
Warlock: Gizmo (even though I have gotten him once or twice)
Warrior: Darov

Players who think they are good but i'm pretty sure everyone just doesn't like:
Blud anything

Players I respect highly:
exilis (ryyu)

If you aren't on that list don't feel bad, I probably respect you if we are friends, that is just the very top of the list.

Soro. No love?
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85 Human Paladin
Jk. Ilu
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85 Dwarf Shaman
because you didn't see him post your old names of ryyu and exilis.... dingo
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85 Dwarf Shaman
7310 dehlida i found mez playing your toon =D and i have more.
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85 Dwarf Shaman
i shall take this victory by the deletion of dehyoxs posts.
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Where is the old school love?
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90 Troll Priest
necro mutha*******
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90 Orc Hunter
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DK: Everyone.
Druid: Everyone.
Hunter: Everyone.
Mage: Everyone.
Paladin: !@#$%
Priest: *sigh*
Rogue: *You can't do that while stunned* *You can't do that while stunned* -ad nauseum.
Shaman: Yes!... no. Kiss my @$$ tab targeting!
Warlock: !@#$% again?!
Warrior: *You can't do that while stunned* *You can't do that while stunned* -Frost Barrier- "You have taken 43121556 damage from Heroic Throw" Damn it.

After playing a mage for nearly eight years on this server, I still can't pvp. :*(
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90 Night Elf Warrior
Warrior: Mokthak (and a few others)
Paladin: Urivial (im not done with you)
Warlock: None! I challenge you warlocks! I actually don't though!
Druid: None
Death knight: fmllol
Hunter: ugraz
Mage: xhia, stonemage, and any other geared mage.
Rogue: Kyoya when he was on TN. Now none.
Priest: none
Monk: jeppetto (not done with you either$
Shaman: None, though Drdesocrate can probably kick my !@# now he is equal.

Of the classes who haven't bested me, I challenge you - warlock! Think you can best me? You probably can!
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90 Human Death Knight
yeah totally that mokthak guy is the most badass, and sexy orc warrior ever! and that xmog? man people say it's dumb! but i think he pulls it off juuust right! mmm dam what a really awesome guy irl aswell! i wish i was just like him!
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90 Night Elf Warrior
Changes my mind. I am immortal. And Royalty.
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90 Blood Elf Mage
Hunter: Arrtemis
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