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Howdy Folks,

I am looking for a new raiding guild.
My raid team transferred to a horde 25 man, and I stand by the alliance as I have for the past 5 years now.

I have downed, as Main Tank, H Morchok, H Zonozz, H Yorsahj, and H Ultraxion on 10 man. I have experience on H Hagara to ~35%. I have a DPS set/spec, but not too much experience playing it in 4.2/4.3.

I can raid Tues + Wed 5-9 server time (Pacific), with some flexibility. Sat/Sun/Mon are also possibilities.

More about me: I have many years of endgame raiding experience and do a ton of research on fights before showing up. I always strive to be polite. I appreciate all constructive criticism and hope others in the raid will if I offer it to them. I know my class inside and out. I will know new encounters inside and out (L2R, fatboss, icy veins, wow forums research). I show up early with flasks. I am not averse to running alts / achieves / old content / heroic dungeons for friends.

Feel free to post any potential in this thread.

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85 Worgen Rogue
Heya, mind contacting me in-game. PST Surrealae/Laleana or whoever else is online.
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02/27/2012 02:48 PMPosted by Sneakypawlo
Heya, mind contacting me in-game. PST Surrealae/Laleana or whoever else is online.

I should be on later tonight.
What's up?
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90 Human Priest
Heya, mind contacting me in-game. PST Surrealae/Laleana or whoever else is online.

I should be on later tonight.
What's up?

tried getting ya in game, no luck :p
check us out, got a competent group, think you would fit in well.
we currently need 1 tank and a ranged dps, possibly a healer
for our core 10h. Dont consider the 1/8h a red flag, had some complications with our carryfest 25man(progression) and just wanna burn through 10man.
Edited by Brock on 2/28/2012 9:29 AM PST
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100 Human Death Knight
@Brock, I am 100% certain that I cannot run on Thursdays.
Is there any flexibility on that day?
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90 Human Priest
Something like that might be able to work out, we just wanna get a solid group. Ill try to contact Sneaky and see what we can do.
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90 Draenei Paladin
Guild Name:Risen Anarchy
Server: Lightbringer(PVE) PST
Raid Time:9 hours/week. From Monday to Wednesday,7:30-10:30pm PST
Loot System:EPGP
Website: www.risenanarchy.net
Atmosphere: Adult, guild 18years old+
Progression: 2/8H 25-man(Morchok, Hagara)

~About Us: Risen Anarchy is a level 25, 25-man raiding guild that has been together for more than 4 years. The majority of our members have been with us for at least a year. We have very low turn over which leads to a very consistent core raid team and schedule. We raid 3 days per week for 3 hours at a time.We are on the Lightbringer-US Server which is one of the most active and populated Alliance Servers in Warcraft. Plenty of capable bodies to fill in pugs in addition to an active economy makes the Lightbringer server a worthy candidate to call home.

~Who we need:
Mage - Arcane / Fire
Hunter - MM / Surv
Druid - Balance
Priest - Shadow
Shaman - Elemental
Warlock - Demonology


Fell free to out an apps on our guild forum

Realid: edwind1987@hotmail.com
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