Is Blizzard done with race/class combos?

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Someday.... Someday I will have my gnome/night elf Paladin.
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85 Dwarf Warrior
The gnomes you see firing guns could just be gnome warriors. Do you ever see gnomes with pets? Not against it, just saying.

Also is Leonid Bartholomew the Revered, an undead in Lights Hope Chapel, a paladin?
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One day, I hope to be a Troll Dreadlock.
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I've say this before and i'll say it again:


Alliance is still 45 combos vs Horde's 46 ...and poor gnomes are the ones with the least options of all races.

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This may have been mentioned in this thread already - (skimmed but did not see it) - but as a reminder: Pls pls pls!! More character slots per realm with the next expansion! (Would rather see it earlier - like last Tuesday to be honest) Thanks!
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I really truly sincerely with all my heart hope that they're not done with new class/race combos! You have no idea how badly I was hoping there would be more with Mists. I still hope that next expansion (or even the one after!) they decide to just open every class up to every race.

I really don't see why they haven't done this yet or why it's not at least on the table. People should be able to pick whatever class they want to play and then pick their favourite race! Arbitrary restrictions aren't any fun :(

I don't think it would negatively impact immersion or lore one iota. I mean, half the players you meet out in the world are mounted on some atrocity that they received in the mailbox after throwing real moolah at the company -- nothing breaks immersion more than those glaring reminders of cash cow transactions, and they exist no where else in game and are certainly not included in lore. At least tauren rogues, draenei warlocks, undead paladins, etc, DO exist in-game and ARE involved in lore. So give, please :D

More is better! Unnecessary restrictions aren't fun, but freedom of choice is!

(Also, I would need more character slots. Like a lot more. I'd throw my real moolah at this company in a heartbeat if they offered more character slots in exchange.)
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02/29/2012 09:50 PMPosted by Preaplanes
They are NOT nature-friendly.

The Farstriders would like a word with you.

The Night Elves use moonlight, not sunlight, not the light. You can't be continually bathed in it because it's not strong enough stuff.

The lore disagrees with you on this. The Temple of the Moon in Darnassus is lit by eternal moonlight, and Tyrande has shown the ability to protect herself indefinitely with the light of Elune.

If I think "blinding light", I think Sun or Holy Light. If I think gentle light, I think Moon.

And yet it's still a spell that Tyrande can make frequent use of.

Paladins are NOT gentle.

Neither are Night Elves. A quote of Malfurion's from Warcraft III in regards to his mate: "You've changed, Tyrande. There is little mercy left you in."

03/01/2012 01:32 AMPosted by Mintymentos
IF you're going to talk about accuracy of lore, considering the Paladin was first conceived by Archbishop Alonsus Faol of Northshire Abbey.

But yet we now have three races that can be paladins without any connection to the Silver Hand or Alonsus Faol: Draenei, Tauren, and Blood Elf. The precedent has already been set.
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90 Blood Elf Hunter
IMO there is no valid argument for/against any class/race combination anymore. Now that night elves have mages, their lore was thrown out the window, I could go on about others - like gnomes having any class that requires strength. In the books they had to abandon a railroad project because the rats were pwning their workers...

Just give everybody everything or fix it so it makes sense.
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Which couldn't deflect one arrow. <sarcasm>Great shield, Tyrande!</sarcasm>

Read "War of the Ancients."

03/01/2012 08:34 AMPosted by Preaplanes
It didn't blind anybody, it made her a target. It's more worthless than a laser sight on a sniper rifle in Battlefield 3.

Arguable, but irrelevant either way. It's a paladin spell. And she was able to use it on a much larger scale than any in-game paladins.

03/01/2012 08:34 AMPosted by Preaplanes
So I imagined it when Garrosh showed up and pimp slapped them all across Ashenvale?

He gained ground briefly in "Stormrage" only by using several giant freaking monsters that no one expected, only to have his head handed to him once the Night Elves got reinforcements from Varian. And the Orcs tried to invade Ashenvale again in-game, and the Night Elves walloped them again, this time with no outside help. The only reason the Horde wasn't completely driven from the forest was the player making a pact with a Demon.

Not to mention the spanking they gave Grom Hellscream back in the day.

And that's all irrelevant anyway, because the issue is the Night Elves' attitude.

03/01/2012 08:34 AMPosted by Preaplanes
Lovely, show me where that has been recently. Last source we have for Tyrande shows her crying and relying on Furion to do her fighting for her.

That's really only true of her leader story (which was bad; I won't defend it). In "Wolfheart," we see her battling Garrosh on the front lines; in "Stormrage," we see her kickin' Nass and takin' manes through most of the book and pretty much single-handedly wiping out a small army of satyrs; in the Well of Eternity dungeon, we see her soloing a small army of Demons. Not to mention, you know, the entirety of the Warcraft franchise pre-WoW.

Nor is Tyrande the only example that the Night Elves are not just gentle tree-huggers. Look at Thisalee Crow. Look at what they did to the Trolls in Darkshore. Look at the clobbering they gave the Orcs in Ashenvale. Look at Malfurion's battles in the Firelands. Look at Maiev and the shadow wardens.
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100 Undead Hunter
The gnomes you see firing guns could just be gnome warriors. Do you ever see gnomes with pets? Not against it, just saying.

Also is Leonid Bartholomew the Revered, an undead in Lights Hope Chapel, a paladin?

A Hunter is just a tracker or marksman. Beast Mastery and pet usage was simply added for class flavor, not a mandatory part of lore. Sylvanas and Vol'jin are both Hunters but they don't have pets.

Gnomes fit perfectly into the design concept of 2, Marksmanship and Survival. This is more than can be set about some other race/class combos. Forsaken for example can't actually be Holy or Discipline Priests unless they're extremely devout and still are hurt massively by attempting but yet they can be Priests. That means they got a combo that they only lore wise fit 1 out of 3 specs.

Also, Goblins are far more unfriendly and uncaring towards nature than Gnomes are but they can be Hunters and have pets.
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85 Human Death Knight
02/29/2012 01:45 PMPosted by Teyla
I might as well throw out my hopeless request for Night Elf paladins. It's supported by lore, and the Alliance hasn't gotten a new paladin race since BC.

I totally agree
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90 Troll Druid
Tauren rogues, it's time. A mishap with Dimensional Ripper - Area 52 on a rogue alt showed me the glory that is the Tauren rogue. Make it happen for real Bliz.
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27 Night Elf Druid
02/29/2012 01:45 PMPosted by Teyla
I might as well throw out my hopeless request for Night Elf paladins. It's supported by lore, and the Alliance hasn't gotten a new paladin race since BC.

Word. We have Argent Crusade in Darnassus. We have a Night Elf guarding **the tomb of Uther.** We have Draenei getting introduced to the Night Elves and building an outpost in Ashenvale.

Seriously, if the lore was ever ready for anything, it's this.
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98 Dwarf Warrior
Still hoping for gnome paladins/hunters.
Moreso hunters

Gnomes can never be hunters. They're too short to use a bow.

Goblins are the same size, and logically, every race should have warriors and hunters.

[edit: typo]
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