Hey guys, A few people on the server have been asking for some of the macros i use. So I thought i would take the time to post them. Now you might not find them all that useful but you never know, and if you see any i could improve on feel free to say something =). I will also will give a small description on some of the longer ones. If you have any questions ask away, or just send me a tell in game.

/castsequence Thrash(Bear Form), Swipe(Bear Form)

#showtooltip Bash(Bear Form)
/cast [target=focus, modifier:shift] Bash(Bear Form)

/cast Berserk(Cat or Bear Form)
/cast Berserking
*(if Troll) (also best to have 2 binds for Berserk if you wanted to use in prowl)

/cast [form:3]Feral charge(Cat Form); Feral Charge(Bear Form)
/console Sound_EnableSFX 0
/cast [harm] Faerie Fire (Feral)
/console Sound_EnableSFX 1
*(all forms charge and cast Faerie Fire) also best to have 2 binds because this will brake prowl)

#showtooltip Cyclone
/cast [target=focus, modifier:shift] Cyclone; Cyclone

/cancelaura Stampeding Roar(Cat Form)
/cast Dash(Cat Form)

/cancelaura Dash(Cat Form)
/cast [stance:1] Stampeding Roar(Bear Form)
/cast [stance:3] Stampeding Roar(Cat Form)

/cast [target=focus, modifier:shift] Hibernate; Hibernate

/cast [target=focus, modifier:shift] Entangling Roots; Entangling Roots

/cast [flyable, nocombat, noswimming] !Swift Flight Form
/cast [swimming]!Aquatic Form
/cast [noswimming, noflyable] !Travel Form/cast [combat] !Travel Form
*(just Flight, Aquatic and Travel Form in one button)

/cast [nostance] Faerie Fire; Faerie Fire (Feral)()
*(Faerie Fire all forms)

/cast [stance:3]Ravage(Cat Form)
/cast [nostance] Moonfire
/cast [stance;1]Demoralizing Roar(Bear Form)
*( you might not want this, just what i use because of my key binding set up )

#showtooltip [stance:1] Skull Bash; [stance:3] Skull Bash(Cat Form)
/cast [nomod, stance:1] Skull Bash; [nomod, stance:3] Skull Bash(Cat Form)
/cast [mod:shift, @focus, stance:1] Skull Bash; [mod:shift, @focus, stance:3] Skull Bash(Cat Form)
*( This is just a bear/cat kick in one, with a shift modifier for focus)

/target focus
/cast [nostance] Faerie Fire; Faerie Fire (Feral)
*(just a Focus Faerie fire)

For people who may not use bartender(what i use) or other addons
/cleartarget [stealth]
/targetenemyplayer [stealth]
/cast [stealth] Pounce
/cast Rake

/cast [nostealth] Mangle (Cat)(); [stealth] Pounce

/cast [nostealth] Shred; [stealth] Ravage

/cast [nostealth] Prowl
/cast [stealth] Dash(Cat Form)

Arena macro
/cast [target=arena1] Cyclone

/cast [target=arena2] Cyclone

/cast [target=arena3] Cyclone

/cast [target=arena1] Entangling Roots

/cast [target=arena2] Entangling Roots

/cast [target=arena3] Entangling Roots
*(can work with hibernate as well)

/cast Pounce(Cat Form)
*(stealth finder)

/cast [target=focus] Cyclone

Its not all of my macros but a few of the ones i think could help people who are maybe new to feral. (lets me know if any of them do not work.) Thanks guys
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