The Kingsguard, Level 20 (8/8, starting hardmodes) is looking for more for it's 2nd DS10 group! Currently In need of a warrior/dk OT, 2 heals (resto shaman), 2 ranged dps (preferably spriest/lock) and 1 rogue.

Raid times will be Tuesday and Sunday night from 5-8 server time. We're not a hardcore raiding guild but we do expect you to know your class, be gemmed and enchanted appropriately, and be prepared to raid.

Our future goal for this second raid group is to eventually progress to heroic fights.

If you're interested in joining this raid group or have further questions, pst me or Sevenskins. You can also send in game mail if neither are online.
Edited by Protips on 2/29/2012 6:10 PM PST