As you can see, we're looking to fill our raid with strong core raiders. My experience is 8/8 DS25 Norm and 1/8 DS25 Heroic. Your experience is great, and a bonus, but not required. I can teach you the fights, but I won't teach you your class. The guild will be clearing DS10 Norm with a solid non pug group, moving to Heroic once Normal is farm status. Current classes we need to fill are:

Protection - Need 1 - Need a strong main tank that can see issues building before they become a factor. Looking for a Warrior Specifically, 385 ilvl minimum. Again, I can teach the fights, but experience is desired and skill is required.

Healing - Need 1 - Active healer, who can multitask, healing and dispelling without being told to do so, as well as anticipating heavy damage and Offspec healing. We need an offspec heal for our third healer on tough fights, Shaman or Druid. 380 ilvl healing/dps minimum.

DPS/RDPS - Need 1 Each - For our DPS, I'm old school, I need people who can manage threat, nuke, and be pro as required. Highest DPS means nothing if you stand in the fire and die... If you can fit the bill, let me know. RDPS Mage, Warlock, Shaman; DPS Warrior wanted. All 380 ilvl or better requested.

This guild is looking for solid progression, good players, and no drama. We like to have a good time, but all players need to pull their weight and give 100% on every pull. Douchebags and dead weight will be immediately kicked. No shows and flakes will be kicked as well, please file that under douchebaggery. Life takes time, but let us know before hand and there is no issue.

Raid Time:
Saturday Night 6pmST (West Coast) on Crushridge Raid starts, to until I call the Raid.
Sunday Afternoon at 3pmST for clean up.

Minimum Requirements:
Join <Probably Drunk>
Toon - Flasks, Food, Gemmed, and Enchanted.

If you are interested and want to join the <Probably Drunk> Core Raiding group, you can find me at real ID

Thanks for your time,

- Varous
<Probably Drunk>
Alliance - Crushridge