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Frozen Doom is a level 25 guild on horde side who has been here for the past 3 years. We are comprised of two 10m raid groups at the moment. Our "Frozen" group runs Tuesday and Wednesday 7:20pm-11:00pm server time while our "Doom" group runs Friday and Sunday 7:20pm-11:00pm server time. Frozen is 8/8N, 1/8H and Doom is 8/8 in DS at the moment.

This thread will serve for all current recruiting needs for our raid groups and will continue to be updated as we need spots filled.

Frozen Group - Tues + Wed 7:20pm-11:00pm - Contact Moochanter in game (mail or whisper)
- This group is currently not recruiting

Doom Group - Friday + Sunday 7:20pm-11:00pm - Contact Ohheyimmark in game (mail or whisper)
- Druid Tank with DPS off spec
- Prot Pally with Ret off spec
- Prot Warrior with DPS off spec

Edit 3/18/2012: Need a tank with DPS off spec for the Doom group again!

Edit 3/4/2012: Fixed incorrect raid times. Tank spot in the Doom Group has been filled. Thank you.

Edit 3/5/2012: Updated progression. Doom group is now 8/8.

About our Guild
Most of us are at least 21 years of age with the average being around 30 give or take a couple of years. Though we do have lots of fun in raids, joke around on vent, and have some adult language from time to time, we also try not to over do it and to keep a mature environment most of the time. During raids, raiders are given a 300g limit for repairs. The guild will provide all flasks and food, though we do suggest you carry some of your own buff food at all times just in case you die to something and everybody else's buff stays in tact.

What We Expect of Raiders
We have simple expectations of our raiders. Come in prepared, on time, and with a good attitude. This means bringing enough potions to last you the night, being fully gemmed and enchanted, and maybe having some food in case you die and the rest of the raid does not. It is also expected that you give ample notice to the raid leader or an officer if you cannot attend a raid so we may find a replacement for you. We won't bite your head off for it. We understand real life happens sometimes and we are by no means hard-core. Ventrilo and a microphone is necessary. Facebook, while it is by no means mandatory, does help us out with discussing strategies or planning in game events. If you are accepted as a permanent raid member, we do encourage you to join in on the ongoing discussions if you have a page (though again, there are some of us that do not use it, and it's totally cool).

How Loot Works
Loot rules are very simple and similar to any pug you might find. MS > OS > DE. Crystals go to the guild bank. Our bank maintains 30 Essence of Destruction at all times for gearing raiders. If we have at least 30 in the bank, any excess is rolled for as it drops in DS. If you win an Essence, you are free to do whatever you want with it, be it sell it, craft with it, it doesn't matter. Craftable gear (i.e. using the guild's Essences) is awarded at officer discretion only. Patterns can only be rolled on if you have maxed out that profession and do not already have it.

All in all we're a very fun group of people :) Some of this post may sound like we're really strict, but that's not the case. Some people here may know us from our weekly transmog runs and various things of that nature. We're usually doing something on off nights including organized scavenger hunts (with prizes), "vintage" raids, or achievement runs to keep busy and to break the monotony of gear grinds. We look forward to hearing from all interested and qualified applicants. Thanks for reading!
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UPDATED! Currently in need of a non-DK tank with a solid DPS off spec for our Doom group. We would prefer a druid, but will also take a warrior or pally if they are raid ready. See the above post for raid times and such. Thank you!

Edit: Posted from the wrong toon, still contact Ohheyimmark in game via mail or whisper for regarding Doom recruitment.
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