Horde Side GDKP - Sunday March 11 4pm

90 Orc Warrior
Due to multiple requests from people, and against multiple requests from my psychiatrist, I've decided to attempt to start up a GDKP run on Horde Side of DS 25

==What is GDKP?==

A GDKP raid is a raid where you buy loot with *gasp* gold, and the raid leader holds all gold until the end of the raid, where the gold is EVENLY distributed among everyone remaining at the end of the run.

This allows under geared players, those who seem to have bad luck with rolls or those who can't make consistent raid schedules, obtain gear. It also allows geared players to help these other players get loot, while earning gold for themselves.

Darthdruid and I ran these back in ICC, and they were quite successful.

==When is the run?==

Sunday March 11 at 4pm EST (Server time). Invites start at around 3:40pm.

==What is being sold and for how much?==

Everything in the run, other than the Greens that happen to drop, will be auctioned off. The minimum bids are as follows:

  • Essences of Destruction: 0gp
  • Patterns: 0gp
  • Weapons and Trinkets: 5000g
  • Tier Tokens: 4000g
  • All other Loot: 3000g
  • Heroic Level Loot: Double the amount of normal levels
  • Every cluster in the raid (Bid at the start): 25k Gold
  • Pickpockets on Hagara will go for 5000g each

  • Bids will increment by 500g

    For our first raid, we will multiply the amount of gold the rogue spends on the clusters by the number of bosses defeated. E.g. if we only kill 4/8 bosses, you will be refunded 12.5k

    (Yes these minimum bids are much lower than Infallible's run, but we just have to deal with the fact that Alliance has a higher population, and bigger economy. I don't want to end up dusting everything because people can't afford items.)


  • If nobody bids minimum bid - the item will be dusted, and not kept by ANYONE
  • If you pickpocket Hagara without paying for it, you will be removed from the raid and all subsequent raids. Be smart, chances are you will gain more than 5k from the run.
  • Letting an upgrade rot because you don't want to pay min bid will be extremely frowned upon
  • Only those there at the end of the raid, or those who can bring in a SUITABLE replacement will be eligible for the gold reward

  • ==Signing Up==

    If you are interested in joining this run reply to THIS thread with the following information

  • Character Name and Spec (List offspec if you think it's capable of downing deathwing)
  • Amount of Gold You are willing to spend in one raid
  • Experience in DS on your most experienced character (e.g. 7/8, 8/8, 5/8H, etc.)
  • If you are a rogue, include whether or not you want clusters or to pickpocket Hagara

  • If for whatever reason you don't want to post this here, you can also send an in game mail to Varun with the same information.

    I will organize the invites via the in game calendar system. On Saturday the initial roster will be marked as "Confirmed" the backups as "Standby" and those we deem unfit to join the raid as "Out". Invites are based on the amount of gold you want to spend, gear level, and raid composition.

    I am kind of testing the waters here, it's been a while since we've done this, and there aren't as many guilds around as there were in WOTLK, hopefully it goes well, so this can be a weekly thing.

    See you there!
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    Bringing my (prot/arms) warrior. He'll be hordeside sometime later this week. Experience healing 5/8 Heroic on 25, so I know when the damage happens and when raid CDs should be used and crap.

    Bringing 40k.
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    90 Orc Hunter
    Survival Hunter
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    85 Orc Warlock
    yo dog i herd u like dps so i put some dps in yo dps so you can raid while you raid

    fo shizzle
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    90 Orc Warrior
    going to have to cancel this week due to lack of interest =\

    might try again some other time
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    85 Orc Shaman
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    80 Orc Mage
    bump so this fool can run it this weekend
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