New Scroll of Resurrection is now Live

Don't worry, guys. With all the paid services and features Blizzard's been throwing out lately, I'm sure it's only a matter of time before you can buy your own level 80 straight from the cash shop.
90 Human Warlock
03/06/2012 06:43 PMPosted by Cleona
I love the gryphon... But I doubt even all that will get my friend to re-join. :(

If it's a RL friend, maybe offer to pay for the month for them?

Good news: Talked friend into coming back!

Bad news: I sent the scroll via Real ID & she cannot remember which email she used to join the game with... & back then we had problems when we tried to link accounts for the RaF mount.


So far, this is not going well xD
90 Blood Elf Death Knight
Can we also get the rewards the brought back account gets?
90 Human Death Knight
Blizzard, do you have any idea how this makes me feel inside?

90 Blood Elf Paladin
Sweet, now my buddy can play his rogue with ours in just a few days. Thanks a ton Bliz, and lol @ QQ.
94 Blood Elf Hunter
Hey if ur 60 day card runs out does that mean u have quit?
90 Draenei Mage
I say put this mount on the store too. Not everyone knows a bunch of people who play this game. AND what about the people who come back- they do not get a mount, like the recruit a friend- BOTH parities should have got the mount. Put this mount on the store please
70 Undead Warlock
i reactivated my account this sunday from a 6 month break and even paid the anual suscription and i find this really really lame.
90 Night Elf Death Knight
I resubscribed a week ago wanting to do scroll of resurrection with a friend and having it be unavailable and not knowing when it would be back up i resubscribed. I also did a server transfer. Then today I learn I could have gotten a free server/fraction transfer and a free level 80 if I had waited one week more. I am pretty pissed off. So I call Blizzard support to see if any thing could be done. I was basically sent to the forums and told to wait until further notice. Just amazing.
57 Human Rogue
I would not be so irritated if the account giving the scroll got the same benefits.
100 Night Elf Hunter
I do see how people who've been consistently paying/playing are upset with this, but I see it beneficial to my friends who've quit and need incentive to come back. Anyways, the game hasn't been as fun without them, so why not give them a free 80 so we can play around a bit more? You get what you get and you don't pitch a fit.
100 Tauren Druid
03/06/2012 07:22 PMPosted by Adriannà

I'm an existing player, but fail to see how I've been given the finger. Since when is it unfair for a business that offers a service on a subscription to offer freebies in order to get people who dropped the subscription back again? For that matter, it's no skin off my nose whether a friend decides to stop reading the same magazine, switches cell phone service, or whatever. But I do care if friends I enjoy playing WoW with stop playing, and would like to see them come back again. The primary obstacle to them coming back is often not being able to play on the same server and at the same level. So why exactly should I object to Blizzard offering that as an incentive to get them back? Especially if I get a free mount out of it?

They'd get more people to stay if they had offered this to their active customers. It's good publicity, and those 80's will take up alot of peoples time.

Instead, I'm now questioning whether I should stay with a company who doesn't care about those who -do-

And next time, what should they offer? They'd have to top this, after all.
100 Human Priest
It wasn't really clear in the FAQ... if my friend accepts a Scroll or Resurrection, can she start a brand new character and boost that one to level 80?
57 Human Rogue
I think the moral of the story here is to let your account lapse and wait for awesome rewards.
03/06/2012 07:25 PMPosted by Arberus
Don't worry, guys. With all the paid services and features Blizzard's been throwing out lately, I'm sure it's only a matter of time before you can buy your own level 80 straight from the cash shop.

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