25 DS - GDKP - March 11th @ 5:00pm Server.

85 Worgen Rogue

**4% H-Morchok wipes + full clear with Madness being 1 shot !!**

-Heroic Morchok will die this week as we put in some very close attempts, and managed to fully clear the place in about 2 1/2 hrs once we finished H-Morchok attempts. Some other updates and changes as well. Whether your new to the run or have been coming for a while please read the post thoroughly.


-If you signup <know> Heroic Morchok.

-Updated price list for heroic items & pot split.

-Description of a "buyer" / "being carried" (May be further updated).

-When posting for the run YOU WILL post the following: Class, Spec(s), iLvl and gold available for the run. As we have soo many signups this helps in sorting the run / roster.
Synogue -
Sub MS with Assass OS
398iLvl equipped - both specs.
100k gold

The run will start at the same time with INVITES at 5:00pm server and starting at 5:15 server (8:00pm and 8:15pm est). You must whisper me or Ophylia for invite. Run will NOT exceed 4 hours.

If you're late i will go to backup list. The rules for the run can be posted once we are formed and everyone is zoned in, if anyone has any questions or concerns at that time. You MUST have a minimum of 384iLvl is what everyone should be at to come to the Dragon Soul 25 GDKP. Everyone is expected to bring at least 30k gold to the run.

Buyers / Being Carried -

This is someone who does not meet the required iLvl for the run (384iLvl) or probably LFR even. This person could be someone who just hit 85, an alt long forgotten, etc. These people are not expected to pull the dps required for the instance. This person will get regular mode bosses which shall include DW and Title. At max only one person will be brought in during the raid. At a later date this will include HM's. Buyer's are expected to bring lots of gold and will purchase any and all upgrades. The buyer may or may not get a share of the pot.

Buyer - Part 2:

If you simply would like to come in for "Destroyer's End" whisper me and we can make arrangements for you to come in for DW kill only. The price will be Negotiated and it CAN include gear but will be again negotiated.

Reasons for Removal or Forfeiting of Pot -

If during the run you do not bid on obvious items (ie 397 > 384 teir, etc) you will either be replaced, or forfeit some or all of your share of the pot. This share will either be donated back to the entire raid at the end kept by the RL or possibly given split to random people at fun (at discretion of RL). If you are brought into the run for 1 or less boss and do not buy an item you will likely receive half of the share.

***If you wipe the raid, fail to follow instructions or are not pulling your weight as per your iLvl and it benefits the raid / run you will be replaced losing out on any and all earnings during the run.

Loot / Bidding Details -

Item & Minimum Bid with 500g increments in bids

BoE's - 5, 000g
397 Gear - 5, 000g
397 Weapons - 7, 500g
397 Trinkets - 7, 500g
397 Tier - 10, 000g
403 Gear - 7, 500g
403 Trinkets - 15, 000g
403 Weapons - 15, 000g
410 Heroic Gear - 15, 000g
410 Heroic Weapon / Trinket - 20, 000g
410 Heroic Tier - 20, 000g
Legendary Stuffs - 10, 000g

Mount(s) - 35, 000g

BoE's and Essence's are going to be rolled on at end of run. BoE's if not sold will be lowered in price to a minimum of half price and reauctioned.

THE POT - When the raid is finished raiders will receive 1 / 26th of the pot. This is to cover the extra cost to me for cauldrons, feasts and the time put into keeping this run going. Any questions hit me up in game.

PLEASE - Do not lock your toon to DS. And please be online for invites and send me a whisper when you are online. It is difficult to track down all 25 people.

Thank You.

WoL's Link:


Spread Sheet:


(Tabs allow you to check out previous weeks spreadsheets)
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85 Worgen Rogue
<Expectations> Looking for decently geared dps, tanks and heals. Having T13 4 set is a bonus for doing HM's even if it is 384iLvl stuff. Know Heroic Morchuk and come prepared. Will updates roster towards enf of week once we have a few signup's.

Tanks -

Zenadin - Pally
Shattner - Druid

Healers -

Ophylia - Shammy
Timid - Shammy
Myramir - Pally
Sonett - Pally
Vyeris - Pally ret/holy
Noraphet - Druid
Helerofearth - Shammy


Layuth - TBA
Nidemin - Mage
Gidgert - Mage
Beardface - Mage
Bartolome - Mage
Woulfehart - Resto / Boomkin
Soulle - Priest
Blindii - Hunter
Butterball - Hunter
Dahminator - Hunter

Synogue - Rogue
Skeightborde - Rogue
Sabettaylo - Pally
Friholys - Pally
Arluce - Warrior
Puddinator - Warrior
Foliage - Druid

Conq - 7
Prot - 9
Vanq - 9

Standby - Show up if your on this list (Usually have several no shows)

Yunatidus - Lock
Bluejayz - Shammy
Nexius - Mage

***Please Note***

Due to overwhelming number of signups this week and the fact we are doing a Heroic boss and possibly attempting another...the roster will be finalized after i have raid formed and everyone that signed up thats online in raid.
Edited by Synogue on 3/11/2012 12:49 PM PDT
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Ophylia - Shaman
392iLvl equipped
100k gold
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90 Human Mage
see you there
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90 Human Warrior
Arluce -
394iLvl equipped - 380 tank
35k gold
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85 Human Paladin
resto shaman
iL 391 equipped
80k gold...okay dammit 100k gold...mf bidders! =P


Could take Holy Paladin..needs shield and trinkets badly!
Holy Paladin
iL 395 equipped
Edited by Sonett on 3/7/2012 4:45 PM PST
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90 Human Paladin
Foliage -
Druid Kitty
388iLvl equipped
100k gold
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85 Human Warrior
i'll be there
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85 Worgen Mage
391 ilvl equipped
Fire MS but have Arcane for Blackhorn and Spine
100k+ gold
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85 Draenei Shaman
ms ehnahcement shaman - 388il equipped
os resto 382il
90k g
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90 Night Elf Druid
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85 Human Rogue
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90 Human Paladin
Sabettaylo 395 ret. 50k gold
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85 Dwarf Hunter
Sign me up. H Morchok or bust.
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87 Human Paladin
387 Ret paladin(382 holy) or 386 Resto Druid or 384 Fire mage

Can go on any of them to benefit raid.
Edited by Friholys on 3/5/2012 9:54 PM PST
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85 Human Death Knight
TBD if I can make it. I'll update you later this week or if I'm on Sunday, just invite.

Flavasaver -
392 Frost MS or
390 Blood OS
18k gold
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85 Worgen Rogue
WTS DW kill 25man Reg. Pst me in game or post here if you just want DW kill !
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85 Worgen Druid
would like to come on this toon or Soulle, my shadow priest
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85 Night Elf Druid
393 Bear tank. Talked to you in game (Ouchththurt)
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