Haste or Crit (shaman)

100 Dwarf Shaman
is going past 2005 haste reasonable? I'm at 2234.
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90 Draenei Death Knight
[quote="43432580887"]is going past 2005 haste reasonable? I'm at 2234.[/quote

It isn't when your mastery level is so low. I just died a little on the inside when i looked.
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85 Draenei Shaman
oh wow greyrage....your mastery is very low, your spirit is quite low, your haste and crit are excessive and you aren't spec'ed into tc. kudos to you for making any kind of progress with this abnormal setup! not sure how you aren't oom for the majority of each fight lol

i'd recommend reforging into more mastery at the expense of haste and crit. also, stop reforging out of spirit unless it's for mastery or to make a specific breakpoint. if you're not going to use tc, it is likely worthwhile to go ahead and reforge all the way down to 916 but this will prolly feel slow as all get out compared to what you are used to at this point. you ~could~ go ahead and spec into tc and hang onto a lot of that haste (2005 breakpoint) but i'd still suggest more mastery whatever you decide to do. at the very least, reforge some of the haste on your terrible trinket to mastery. terrible trinket is terrible! fwiw, i have never enjoyed tc but it's potency is undeniable at this point in the xpac.

there are many other ways i would tinker with your setup but it's a matter of personal taste. your best bet is to head on over to the shaman forums to really study secretgarden's and jynus' guides. then you can decide what you really want to do on your own instead of feeling like you're being bossed around by a perfect stranger on the forums. you are doing ok, obviously, but you can prolly find many little ways to tweak your performance. gl2u and i'm happy to answer specific questions, i just want to avoid a litany of suggestions that will only overwhelm you.
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54 Goblin Shaman
I was going to say - the non mastery build with no TC seems suicidal, but then again i could be all kinds of wrong. My first toon was a pre cata fire mage. I actually didnt play anything else and I remember getting wildly frustrated with the specs dependency on RNG. It just seemed counter intuitive to involve so much dependency on probability into a healing spec. The shammy i am currently healing on I barely broke the 1st RT bp and am full mastery. I am also still stuck on my t12 4piece for two simple reasons - 1) i love it, 2) my luck is so rotten when it comes to drops that i only managed to get 2 LFR pieces and 1 BH ele piece (Yeah, that lucky). The mastery part of the setup allows me to drop HR, roll some RTs and spam LB for mana even with the raid is fluctuating at about 50% health.
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90 Orc Shaman
04/04/2012 01:06 PMPosted by Greyrage
If you are actually utilizing mastery for tank healing that implies the tanks health is spiking quite a bit, which is ridiculously fatal if something unexpected happens during the pull. To put mastery over crit you would have to utilize your mastery more often than your potential crit chance.

Damage spikes in H Zon'ozz after a few bounces, as well as things like H Blackthorn once the debuff begins to stack, are pretty rough. Admitedly, the 15% nerf has made H Zon'ozz damage on the tank rather negligible at this point, but while progressing we could see our tank dip extremely low and fast during the first round of bounces (we do 7 first, then 5).

There have been times where Crit has helped me as much as Mastery when tank-healing (albeit Tank-healing assignments in 10m are moot due to the relatively low tank damage sans some cases; every healer helps with it), but it has also gone a great amount of time into pointless overhealing. I just take whatever Crit comes from being raid-buffed. The last time I said "Oh, yay Crit!" was when healing our Arms warrior during an Icelance phase gone wrong and hit him for 120k GHW at some 3% hp.
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100 Dwarf Shaman
My talents and set are screwed up right now because I'm in my pvp spec and pvp gear. But thanks for the help lol.

If I stack crit I can get up to 32%. And that is nuts. I find it effective when I'm tank healing, but on fights where the tank does take big hits rather than fast hits, like morchok or yors, i agree that mastery is the better bet. Or at least a balance.
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