Where'd your name come from?

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This is a variation of my main from Vanilla to beginning of Wrath, which was Aloisia. The name means female warrior in Old German. Ironically, both characters named this aren't warriors. :P
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Screamo music + Tauren.
Niki Lauda, Formula 1 driver from the 70's/80's

I tend to name my characters after racers and tracks, it sounds weird but some names work really well.
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SephirothX scrambled

Kingdom Hearts fans, let me hear it!
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Riirii: Shortened name because no one can pronounce the original to this day
Kalaniri: Name generator
Iraalii: Hebrew name meaning .....
Othimnyth: Combo of two languages meaning "Dark Eyes"
Jomei: Name generator
Akoko: African name meaning Noise maker or Noisy one
Tellerevo: Goddess of the Frost from one religion I don't remember
Shevanti: Hindi name meaning Lotus
Ralphum: name Generator
Teryn: Welsh name meaning Raven

None of mine are from wow name generator mind you
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I like snacks... it was taken. I changed the S to a Z because it used to be mainstream.
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Mind name randomizer > source Fahrenheit + Fire mage + Elf
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Once, about 4 or 5 years ago, I was playing Second Life and decided to name my character Nickelodeon. (My name is Nick, and Nickelodeon is a channel, so what the heck.) I didn't realize I spelled it wrong. I spelled it "NickelodeAn" not "NickelodeOn". I kind of laughed at myself for the mistake, but didn't fix it. When I got WoW (very soon after that) I named my character Nickelodean, purposely spelling it wrong this time, just to be funny.

Now my name is Nickelodean =)
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My shaman is Koralyn. KoraII.
I am the warm embrace of death
86 Tauren Paladin
Playing on Luke Skywalker

But strider is also a common last name for tauren
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<-- Fictional Anne Rice character. Add the "l" because Akasha was already taken.
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Honestly, how T-Pain says shorty.
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I'm named after a Brazilian city. I have no particular ties to Brazil or said Brazilian city, and I've never been to Brazil. I don't know why I chose it, it just seemed like a cool name at the time, so I went with it. Hasn't disappointed me yet.
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This name was inspired by a song from a band I really enjoy, though slightly altered. My actual World of Warcraft character names come from a variety of things; including an instrument, a soccer stadium, a vehicle model, etc. I often find myself taking forever just trying to figure out that perfect name for every new character. :P
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