Mean while on Moonguard

85 Draenei Priest
Hello Maiev it is I, your fearless leader.

I know my migration to KT has caused most of the PvP from this server to be only a faint memory. But alas it had to be done, for this server was full of 1500 heros who couldn't chain a cc if there moms left tit depended on it.
Enough of the past

I would like to announce that for M.O.P I will be making a glorious return to Maiev and to bring back what little PvP rep this server once had. For not to long ago Maiev was a feared server in the Rbg circle, not to long ago when teams so maiev as their opposing force. There vent got quite and their neck rolls got ichy.
All I ask is that you PvPers of Maiev, prepare you selves. You are a small group on this server.
Come together and end this high school clik mentality that has diseased Maiev for hundreds of years.
If you are a new player that has decided to PvP, practice, practice, practice. Read the yellow text under your spells carefully. They do what it says...
If you are a horde player and are serious about PvP, faction change. Cause as we all know horde have !@#$ racials for PvP and If you're just a FTH fan boy. Then I hope you enjoy the 1500 bracket.

I have started several groups from scratch and lead them into Glad status, I even did it on this very low pop, no pvp server. I can do it again, I will be joining what ever PVP guild has the sexiest players. Nudes are allowed...

Anyways Maiev stay classy, your time in the sun will come again.

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85 Draenei Priest
I like the idea, but don't think you're bringing people into "Glad Status" or that you have ever done, because

A. Its Maiev

Highest 5 Man Personal Rating - 1500
Highest 3 Man Personal Rating - 1580
Highest 2 Man Personal Rating - 1500

Also, with around 250 RBG games, you got to 1900. Meh, I'll stick to cross realm RBGs

lol wut cy@

PPSsstttt, I'll let you in on a lil secret...

I haven't played on this server in a long time.

Please don't tell anyone or it won't be a secret...

I see Maiev trolls are still sub par...

Well C ya Im the best
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90 Troll Druid
Actually sir, I'm the best. Cya.

~Wladyslaw, the People's Champion
idk y but i rofled irl
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70 Human Hunter
Especially, "Wladyslaw, the People's Champion."
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