Gift of Gab, created 3/3/2012, is looking for new members.

We were formed by a group of long time PvP friends with one connection to the world of PvE, the GM. Some of us Raided in Wrath then stopped or have never raided, our GM and also Raid Leader has raided consistently since he started, raiding H modes.

We welcome you to explore PvE if you have never done it and welcome the experienced members to continue enjoying it.

Our first group is looking for Ranged DPS only, and will raid Thursday/Friday 8-11 Eastern time. Our second group needs everything and will raid Saturday/Tuesday, times are yet to be determined.

Drop me an in-game mail or whisper (the alt code is 0229) or Hyperionheal or post here and I will contact you.We welcome everyone to join us. If you need help learning your class our GM and officer will be more than happy to help as they keep up on most classes and if they don't they will happily refer you to guides and help if they can.

Our rules are don't be a !**@ and show up to raids prepared and on-time, if we want to get this guild off the ground and into the air we can't be screwing around and logging on an hour late to raid, amirite?

And above all have fun.