(A)Deaths Promise is Recruiting Ranged 2/8 H

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Deaths Promise is a Level 15 Guild we are still Fairly new were formed on 10/11/2010 few weeks before the realise of Dragons Soul. We are a adult only guild applicates need to be 18 plus please sorry for those younger nothing against ya, Don't want raiders though grounded on raid nights. We focus solely on raiding. We Raid almost every night of the week and we raid everything from Herioc BoT BWD TOFW to H FL to H DS. There is never a dull night in guild even with us being a small guild. Guild is made up of its raiders the guild is a raid team. As of right now we are looking to grow and recruit to push our progression through Herioc Dragon Soul which with a hour on H Ultraxion we nearly had him so should be 3/8 H in this week, already having downed H Morchok and server 4th Kill of H Yorsahj. So easier bosses ahead of us at least a few. We are a 10 man raiding guild most drive for achievements expecially raid mount achievements. Even now we are finishing off our raiders Glory of the Cataclysm Raider mounts now then FL right afters with only two bosses left to finish off Cata Raider mounts. Not all of our Raids are required the only raids that are required for perm slot are the Progression content that is out. So as of now it is the Dragon Soul raids. Alt raid is not required either so 3 nights are required. When new content is realised we up our raid days to Sun Mon Tues Weds till content is cleared on normal then we go back down to 3.

Raid Times
Mon 645 Server Herioc Firelands for Mounts and Legendarys
Tues 645 Server Herioc Dragon Soul
Weds 645 Server Herioc Dragon Soul
Thurs 645 Server Herioc ICC 25 for Legendary then it goes to Ulduar 25 for Legendary
Fri 645 Server Herioc BoT, BWD, TOFW, Till Mounts are done then it goes to H FL so Monday can be used for Herioc Rag
Sat 645 Server Alt Dragon Soul Run H Morchok with the rest cleared on normal as of now
Sun 645 Server Herioc Dragon Soul

Raid Progression
BoT Herioc 2/4
BWD Herioc 3/5
FL Normal 7/7
FL Herioc 3/7
DS Normal 8/8
DS Herioc 2/8

As of Now we are looking for a Mage, Lock, Boomkin or Ele Shaman it is for a perm slot, for attendance we do require you attend the three nights each week as often as possible we do know RL pops up but should still be able to maintain 95 percent or higher attendance. As for other slots if you can beat those in a perm slot show you attend and are better than them we will replace them for you once we know you will have good attendance and perform better which means raid awareness as well not just being able to smash your face into the keyboard. High numbers mean nothing if your dead and making us use our only BR on you to often. Gear is not so much a issue if you are worth our time of gearing you. But you do need to be able to show up and perform in Herioc.

If Interested Contact me in game on either Serengi or Demonswrath. Or just apply at site and someone will get with you.
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that is quite the wall of text.
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