Big List of Alliance RPers

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A simple solution would be just to add the site to one of the varying ones already stickied that directs them to the site in question. I'd prefer, personally, if the .org site also incorporated a section for guilds and a general info section that was obvious and easy to access too, so we could avoid having 20 or so different stickies that no one wants to scrounge through to find what they're looking for, albeit that is up to whoever manages it. I prefer to shy away from the forums for it, however, as it is entirely on the creator of the thread to manage organization and what is relevant, if they even choose to at all. Sure, some folks manage the .org site, but the character portion does most of the organizing itself. Easy to use and find what you need, so to speak.
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I'm not really one for posting a profile anywhere. You'll find me in game easily enough. That said, the old thread was much more readable than this. There's way too much extra, pointless, easily discovered through actual RP stuff included in this thread.

Physical description is much more easily covered by any RP mod you happen to run, and it's going to be much better to check someone's, say, height or eye color because they list it on their MRP/RSP profile than to hope you remember something from a thread.

Guild, city of choice, etc...all something you can determine easily in game. The former just by looking at someone and the latter through some basic introductory RP. Most of the information in this new thread falls into the category of something that you'll have more fun discovering in game than while reading the forums.

The old thread's format was brief enough to be useful. This thread's format is bulky enough to be bothersome and not much more.
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90 Undead Mage

I do agree that most of it is way more than actually needed, yeah. As it stands, honestly, this thread would be waaay too large to effectively manage in any meaningful way. I also tend to shy away from "History" and other such sections on varying profiles because that's the kind of !@#$ you should find out through rp, hence why I always leave it blank.

That said, I still think that the old style that had the RPer archive was too clunky and bothersome, and that an offsite source is a better thing for this type of thing. Anyone with RSP can find out who is an rper fairly easy, although if someone wants to make an alphabetical list of RPers without all the bios or info, I guess that would be acceptable enough as well, and small enough to be manageable.
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90 Night Elf Hunter
Full Name- Tyrynna Stormshade
Nicknames- Tyr, Staircase Elf
Prefix- Lady (Mind you, she hates being called "Lady" Tyr)
Title- Vanguard, when referring to her guild. Otherwise, none.
Race- Night Elf, though supposedly is half Highborne
Age- 312 (Retconned from 297), give or take a decade
Position in Society- Semi-respected (Or feared) member of a military order
Face/Heel- Somewhere in between.
Physical description- Young, short (under 6'6''), Hair of emerald, usually in a ponytail, and eyes of silvery violet, skin faded lavender. Usually seen in armor, always seen wearing a Truesilver circlet, which conceals an odd birthmark. She also wears mysterious wrappings around her chest, which hide a similar birthmark on her back, as well as a long, jagged, deep-looking scar across her torso.

Personality- Traumatized at an early age, Tyr is a sad, angry individual at her core. She's tomboyish, war-like, cynical, and rarely is she genuinely happy. She's also mentally unstable, to a degree, (her psionic powers may contribute to this) and is prone to breakdowns, most often when she's alone, as well as occasional stints of depression.
Martial Status- Hands off, she's taken
Sexual Preference- A certain calm, handsome, somewhat sane Gilnean Watchman.
Bloodline- Stormshade-Moondawn

RP weight class- Semi-experienced
RP status- IC when I should be, for the most part.

Guild- Pillar of Honor
City of choice- Stormwind
IC strengths- Expert markswoman, excellent artist, telepath
IC weaknesses- Arachnophobic, often conflicted, telepath
OOC strengths- Artistic, not an elitist, good storywriter (According to my friends)
OOC weaknesses- I'm a total airhead, I admit it. I also tend to have issues realizing when to shut myself up, though luckily I've gotten better about that.

Leveling speed- Slower than Erelyn
PvP preference- World PvP when I get the opportunity
On-line schedule- After 2:30 on most weekdays is a good time to find me. Weekends, I'm on all day

Intro- I've had the pleasure of being on CC for over half a year now. It is my first real RP experience, and I'm still learning, though I've taken well to it and am proud to be one of the server's magnificent members of the RP community.
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Well, let me put this to y'all:

The thread is hard to read because there are a lot of intervening "We dun need this" and "Orly yes we do" posts. If we don't need it and nobody ends up using it, it will drop down to page 2 and beyond in time, eventually falling into the "thread necro" category and dying.

OP is just trying to bring what he figured was a needed thread to this forum. is good and serves its purpose, but let's not put ourselves in a web-ghetto, either. A good "We Are CC-RP" thread for this forum is important.

It's not a competition, anyway, folks. *grin* The system that works best (most efficiently, most conveniently, most whateveringly) will come out on top, and no hard feelings should be felt between any of us over it.

Now, group hug! (My God, did I just say that???)
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((The main reason I prefer this over the other is that, if you keep your response to a single post, you can come back and edit it yourself later. If it's just part of a giant post posted by someone else, you have to take the trouble of bugging them to update it for you.

But, yeah, is looking nice. I need to write things up for my characters there.))
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That's the reason this thread was and still popular in WA and that's why I started it! You don't have to navigate anywhere else, and you can modify your status keeping pace with your progress!
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90 Human Warrior
Full name: Arnogh Ramhammer
Nick-name: The Magnifecent
Prefix*: -
Race: Dwarf
Age***: 62 (Young for a dwarf)
Position in society†: Big Mouthed propaganda propagator.
Face/Heel†*: Face, despite his hate for Orcs, Trolls and Undead Arnogh feels the war is horrible but nessesary.
Physical Description (abridged): An Elegant dwarf with the curliest of mustaches.

Personality: Brash, snobby and extreme friendly.
Marital Status: Single

Role-playing weight class: Experienced.
Role-playing status†**: Varies depending on my mood.

Guild: Vigilant Publications
City of choice: Ironforge
IC-Strengths: Caring, energetic, fun.
IC-Weaknesses: Highly opiniated, a bit arrogant.
OOC-Strengths: Thick skin, always willing to rp with anyone, anywhere.
OOC-Weaknesses: College student, can't always be online when he has to be.
Leveling speed: Kinda fast
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Enjoy it but latency puts a damper of it.
Weekly on-line schedule: Mostly in the evenings

I play WoW on and off since vanilla. Finally found a character I fell in love with Arnogh. I'm playful and it's really hard to get through my thick skin. I'm new to the server, spent an entire month here and that's that. Look foward to playing with all of you.
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Yes, it's awesome Terra has the latest and greatest cc site. The site Bonney and Clyde had was also. The old cc wiki site was also. The cc wiki site Cray has is also. The archived stories, rpers and guilds on the Pia site are also great. The next site someone comes up with will be also, and the one after that. And yet, the official forums will always be here. newcomers to the realm can look at stickies and see everything you need to see at one glance.
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((Which is why people are saying it's fine to keep a list here. It just needs to be something that is set up so each person can edit their own post without having to go through a middle man.

Maybe we can trash these threads and just start new ones. Each post should be a separate character, with as much/little information as that player wants to include.

A megathread is fine for older, nonplaying characters, but, for current characters, it needs to be accessible.))
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03/09/2012 10:22 AMPosted by Gentyl
Yes, it's awesome Terra has the latest and greatest cc site. The site Bonney and Clyde had was also. The old cc wiki site was also. The cc wiki site Cray has is also. The archived stories, rpers and guilds on the Pia site are also great. The next site someone comes up with will be also, and the one after that. And yet, the official forums will always be here. newcomers to the realm can look at stickies and see everything you need to see at one glance.

CC.Org is not a Terran site. Some of the admins happen to be in Terra (as well as many other guilds), but if those admins are making decisions for it based on the good of their own guilds or their own names, and not on the good of the server, then someone needs to take something heavy and blunt to their heads, quick! (Which includes my head, being one of the "heads", hehehe ...okay, bad pun.)

Anyway. The dotOrg is there if people need it. This thread is here if people need it. Gentyl's threads are there if they need it.

Let the people decide. We're a democracy, right?

On a different note, we should really stop derailing Souvik's thread here with our arguments. :-/
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03/09/2012 07:52 PMPosted by Lahkin
On a different note, we should really stop derailing Souvik's thread here with our arguments. :-/

That. Nuff said.
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((I would suggest CC pull together and request a sticky for this thread so we have a permanent, no maintenance rper thread. then after it gets stickied perhaps we can delete the extraneous posts to clean it up a bit.))
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03/09/2012 10:22 AMPosted by Gentyl
The old cc wiki site was also. The cc wiki site Cray has is also.

((Those are actually the same site. The reason I stopped pushing for the wiki is because it really needs someone with administrative powers to handle things. is good because it's really fairly collaborative and has a lot more capabilities than a Wiki anyways.))

Full name: Cray Auchtin
Nick-name: "Crayfish" (he does not like this nickname at all)
Prefix*: Sir
Title**: Templar Knight
Race: Human
Age***: 31
Position in society†: None
Face/Heel†*: Face
Physical Description (abridged): Cray is a very muscular man with very tanned skin.

Personality: Cray is vehement and enthusiastic about everything, he is deeply stubborn but also fiercely loyal. He follows a strict sense of what is honorable, but is haunted by a constant internal rage.
Marital Status: Betrothed
Sexual Preference: Females
Blood line: The Auchtin family line.

Role-playing weight class: Serious but flexible
Role-playing status†**: IC almost 100% of the time in all IC channels (and sometimes in OOC channels!)

Guild: Pia Presidium
City of choice: Hearthglen or Stormwind
IC-Strengths: Cray stands by his sense of honor above all else, and is very loyal to those he considers friends.
IC-Weaknesses: Cray is a recovering alcoholic and is also quick-tempered and sometimes violent
OOC-Strengths: General awesomeness. :P I can and will go with the flow on almost anything.
OOC-Weaknesses: I zone out sometimes. I'm super ADHD.
Leveling speed: I'm 85. What. Up? :P
PvP preference (do it a lot?): I will PvP if the mood strikes me or if people want company -- just ask! I try to be flagged for PvP when I am in the world as well.
Weekly on-line schedule: Totally random.

Background: Raised as a warrior by an abusive father, Cray became a heavy alcoholic until he discovered the Light after passing out on the steps of the Cathedral of Light.
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90 Human Paladin
Full name: Saavedro of Stratholme
Nick-name: Saav
Prefix: Usually addressed as "Lord"
Title: The Oncoming Storm
Race: Human
Age: 56
Position in society†: Champion of the Argent Crusade
Face/Heel: Sort of inbetween
Physical Description (abridged): Tall, well muscled

Personality: Saavedro often acts as a voice of counsel, but in matters of faith, he oft assumes a fanatical approach. His pride is not for himself, but for the accomplishments of the Alliance and in the efforts made to heal the Plaguelands that were once his homeland of Lordaeron.
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: As the student of an orthodox traditionalist in his youth, Saavedro took a vow of chastity when he was ordained for the priesthood. He maintains it to this day.
Blood line: Saavedro's family line tends to favor those of the teaching or priestly professions. Saavedro himself is the first (and thus, due to his chastity, last) of his line to take up arms.

Role-playing weight class: Serious, but has gotten into "odd situations" at times
Role-playing status: IC during events and at the Recluse, or when requested

Guild: Conclave
City of choice: Stormwind, occasionally Hearthglen
IC-Strengths: Saavedro relies heavily on his honor and his faith,
IC-Weaknesses: As a pious man, he tends to be a little overzealous.
OOC-Strengths: I have been told I have a natural sense of storytelling.
OOC-Weaknesses: I either ramble like crazy or I completely space out.
Leveling speed: Well, Mists of Pandaria isn't out yet, but...levelling 1-60 took six months (back in Vanilla), 60-70 took two more (beginning of BC), 70-80 took about 2-3 more (beginning of Wrath), 80-85 took a month (beginning of Cata).
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Not really into it anymore
Weekly on-line schedule: Really random

Background: Saavedro was a priest of Lordaeron on assignment in Stormwind when his homeland fell; after the Battle of Mount Hyjal, he took up hammer and shield as a Knight of the Silver Hand (or rather what remained of it) and became a battle-hardened veteran of many campaigns, particularly the Shattered Sun Offensive and the war for Northrend. He was largely believed to be dead after the defeat of the Lich King, but was in fact renewed and tended to by the red dragonflight; he returned shortly after the fall of Deathwing.
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Full name: Frisket Silverquill ((not to be confused with the 80 warlock named Frisket))
Nick-name: Don't try attaching one. They don't stick.
Prefix*: Miss
Title**: Editor-in-Chief
Race: Gnome
Age***: 45
Position in society†: Very very important bringer of very very important TRUTH.
Face/Heel†*: Face if you like her work; heel if you just plain hate journalists or are Horde.
Physical Description (abridged): Blue-dyed hair in braided coils. Giant hoop earrings inscribed with "Down with the Horde!" Lion's head pin on her tabard.

Personality: Determined, tough, slightly quirky (as gnomes are).
Marital Status: Married to her work.
Sexual Preference: BWAHAHAHA yeah right
Blood line: Comes from a long line of writers and printers from Gnomeregan

Role-playing weight class: Tiny body, big experience. (No, this does not make me dense.)
Role-playing status†**: IC when I'm on this character, almost invariably.

Guild: Vigilant Publications
City of choice: Ironforge
IC-Strengths: Rites about teh Horde and doesn't afraid of anything. Seriously, though, she's very concerned about the truth and wants to make sure people see things the way she does. Her writing may be purple and yellow, but the facts are truthful to the best of her knowledge.
IC-Weaknesses: Doesn't take kindly to being dodged.
OOC-Strengths: Apparently, I can write. Sometimes, I even write well. I can also, apparently, do research. Sometimes, it's even accurate.
OOC-Weaknesses: I have a plan, and it makes me go all tunnel-vision. Suggestions make me a bit defensive, so I apologize in advance.
Leveling speed: As if!
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Nope. The journalist must remain detached as much as possible. There will not be a Silverquill in the BGs or world PvP.
Weekly on-line schedule: When I can. I'm around as someone else, usually...but I'm not sayin' who. (If you pay attention, you'll probably figure it out.)

I'm grateful for the warm OOC welcome our little fish-wrapper got, even if we were met with skepticism IC (which separation is GOOD!), and hope we'll be able to serve the whole community with exciting newsbringing while not infringing on other sites and fora!
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85 Night Elf Hunter
Full name: Talanus Skyfeather
Nick-name: Tal
Prefix*: Sentinel/ Sage
Title**: Sentinel of Elune
Race: Kal'dorei
Age***: 428
Position in society†: none at the moment
Face/Heel†*: inbetween
Physical Description (abridged): Tall, dark purple skin. Long blue hair and a scar on his left cheek

Personality: Friendly and carrying to those he knows. Does not trust those he doesn't know.
Marital Status: single
Sexual Preference: Women
Blood line: Last of the Skyfeather blood line.

Role-playing weight class: Tall and skinny, but very strong
Role-playing status†**: Always IC with a few tiny exceptions

Guild: Fellowship of Teldrassil
City of choice: Darnassus
IC-Strengths: friendly, carrying, smart, Gives a lot of good advice, Very strong follower of the Kal'dorei culture/religion
IC-Weaknesses: Does not trust people he doesn't know at all, if irratated, he can be very rash. Absolutely does not like those who smear the Kal'dorei culture/religion
OOC-Strengths: Smart, very informed, good writer, Know all the lore
OOC-Weaknesses: Don't tick me off and you won't have to find out!!
Leveling speed: fast, 1-85 in a month or less (full heirlooms)
PvP preference (do it a lot?): On occasion
Weekly on-line schedule: Online everday, in the evening.

If you wish to know my background or anything, rp with me or read my TRP!
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88 Human Paladin
Full name: Sara Night
Nick-name: Shining or Shiningnight
Prefix*: Miss
Race: Human
Age***: 25ish
Position in society†: Soldier
Physical Description (abridged): Light Brown/Blonde hair normally worn in a ponytail. Gray eyes and pale skin.

Personality: Out-going do-gooder
Marital Status: Widowed
Sexual Preference: Celibate
Blood line: Unknown

Role-playing weight class: New to RPing, but loving it.
Role-playing status†**: Almost always in character.

Guild: Pia Presidium
City of choice: Stormwind
IC-Strengths: Helping others and speaking to strangers
IC-Weaknesses: Other's love and death.
OOC-Strengths: N/A
OOC-Weaknesses: N/A
Leveling speed: Already 85...does that count?
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Only when I am called to do so.
Weekly on-line schedule: I'm on all the time.

Introduction (a paragraph or two about yourself and what you hope to find on this server, may also include contact information if you are seeking other role-playing contacts.)
I've been playing WoW for 4 years. Played most of that time on Frostmane server (look up Jhulina...she was my main). Got tired of the atmosphere on that server and decided to try out an RP server. Having fun with it so far.
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Y'all this would be a great addition to our stickies. Please request a sticky and get your friends and guildmates to do so also. I have the old rper list, and it's fascinating to read the descriptions of all our old, foundation players. I'll archive it on our forums if anyone ever wants to read it.

However, now we need to list current players. This is the ideal, no maintenance, format, so let's do it.
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