Server is dead, Blackened Demise is leaving.

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First I have to say that this server is not dying... It is long past that... This server is completely dead.

I am very disappointed in the way that this realm has been handled overall. A core of people swapped to this server with me when Cata came out. This realm had transfers from many other realms and we really saw a nice healthy server population. However Blizzard immediately allowed transfers back to FULL realms and soon we lost a large portion of our population. However the thing that bothered me the most is that I felt we had been tricked into coming to a smaller realm. However we dealt with the situation and learned to thrive on this realm.

Slowly over the last year we have lost so many players due to sheer boredom that the combination of inactivity on this realm and Cata have brought on. It has become a struggle to recruit and attempt to fill any positions on this realm.

Recently though things have grown worse. Multiple guild have transferred off server in an attempt to save themselves. Guild have been trolled and broken apart. And a lot of really good players have left due to pure inability to do anything outside of their (weekly?) raid. Guilds that were once hardmode guilds have lost their ability to clear normal modes as a guild.

This bring me to my guild Blackened Demise. We recently partnered with the guild Moot and have been consistently trying to give our players the chance to do something any time they want to. We have expanded our Saturday run from a 10m into a 25. We now field two 10s on Sunday. We have been building as hard as we can to make a home for our players on this realm.

So why are we leaving you might ask. Well it simply comes down to not wanting to watch my guild continue the slow death that it has been experiencing. We have lost so many friends to the boredom that this realm induces. Our partnership with Moot strengthened things and helped stabilize us for a lot longer than we would have been able to do on our own. Moot however is experiencing the same things we are. The officers of Moot have decided to join us on our realm hopping experience.

We have spent the last 3 weeks looking into and examining realms that might be a possibility to transfer to. We have finally found a realm and will be leaving on the 16th of March. I am disappointed in having to do this especially since a lot of our raiders feel that Blizzard has dropped the ball on the lower population realms. You have essentially tricked people from full realms, who do not want to wait on 8 hour queues, into coming to a realm that is going to die on them.

This is a problem for this realm for a long time. This is an article about our realm in particular

So I always try to face a problem with an answer. So I have come up with a few solutions

1.) Lock transfers of new accounts into Full servers

2.) Allow a group transfer rate(Discounted rate) for guilds wanting to move places.
I.E. 250$ per 15 people in guild.

3.) Allow each character or account one free transfer per 6/month.

4.) Combine smaller servers. Use one as the origin realm and one as the destination. Handle it the same as a character transfer or guild transfer. Some people are going to lose their names and that is unfortunate, however it is needed.

5.) Let the smallest realms die off and lock them to transfers into them.

Please do not trick people into thinking a realm is thriving... when you know it is one that is prone to dying.

I would love if someone from customer service or billing could contact me directly in regards to our upcoming transfer. Heck i would like it if anyone acknowledged this post existed...even if it is only in private.

I have made tickets and was directed to post on here. Honestly we have tried every avenue we can and don't feel that we are getting anywhere. So while we hate to say it ... we are leaving you Naz... Have fun and if you are ever on Bleeding Hollow say hey to us.

I am going to have my guild members come here and post on this thread hoping it may get some traction or be noticed by someone that can actively help smaller realms and people that are stuck on them.

Take care Naz.
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Very well stated Obe!

It is dying, it's not a PvP realm any longer it's PvE. When was the last time a major city was raided and succeeded? When was the last time you were ganked and camped, needing to call guildies to come help?

Where is the kill list? The guild rivalries? This realm has turned lazy, boring, and PvE.
Look a the forums, they're dead, no Battle ground trolling, no recruitment posts, Nothing, DEAD!

I'm looking forward to the transfer to a more active server, a more active PvP environment, and some sense of community again.
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(Old Guild Raider and Officer)

I totally agree Obe, well stated.
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I've been on Naz for 2 and a half years - 19 toons, two accounts - never seen it this bad. We can't pug three spots for a 25 man raid, nobody on. I have narrowed it down to 7 toons to take with me, for my professions alone.

I resent the money grabbing mentality of Blizzard with this situation. Nothing gets done, you move people here, and then we have to pay to get off or watch our guilds stagnate. You claim to have "fabulous ideas" on how to address this situation, I have been waiting long enough.

There have been many threads on the Naz forum like this over the last year and not a single blue reply, no acknowledgement, no apology, no solution. Game Masters have no power to do anything except direct us here and here nothing gets done. I would have thought that with the recent losses of subscriptions Blizzard would be more interested in keeping existing customers satisfied instead of pilferring their wallets for more money. It is completely insulting that I have to pay additional money in order to enjoy my gaming experience. I have had faith with Blizzard and trusted their intentions until now, however I have no other explanation other than a cash grab for this negligence.

I am saddened by the death of this realm, it has been my virtual home, I will miss it.
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Yes this server has given me no choice. No amount of interpretive dance can save it now!
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yep peak times and no one online and it makes me sad cause I started on Naz, the auctions on the AH are almost non existent, but yea I can't stay cause there is no one on when I have time to raid.
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This is not an uncommon issue for servers of late. Dath'Remar is like this also.
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Just an FYI: Blizzard have stated a few times they don't read the Realm forums, your best bet is to post in the General Forums to get it noticed.

I do agree entirely though. Many guilds have left in the past month. Excellence, Friends, Afterlife, Nightstalkers, now you guys, and probably others that I've missed. It's only a matter of time before the server is populated by left-behind alts.

Recently moved back to Blackrock after leaving at the start of Cata, don't regret it one bit.
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That's just more frustrating, the GM specifically told me to post it in the realm forum. Stated that Devs do read it. More Blizzard misinformation.
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03/03/2012 11:18 PMPosted by Pythia
That's just more frustrating, the GM specifically told me to post it in the realm forum. Stated that Devs do read it. More Blizzard misinformation.

Seems to be a common occurrence these days... Either way, I still don't see anything happening about it.

Bad realms lead to Realm Transfers
Realm Transfers are a source of income for Blizz
Therefore they probably don't care... >_>
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That article unfortunately didn't help like I had hoped. That Venasha guy seemed pretty awesome though. Haha
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If the server is this bad then we should have something done about it. They may make money from the few of us that deem it worthwhile to transfer to another server, but I know many people who have simply given up on WoW.... its sad.

There is something that needs to be done AND not in some nebulous time frame in the future.

Blizzard is a company that I normally see high standards of customer service from, but this is the most blatant money grubbing and disrespect to the players that I have seen in a long time. Its horrible and the worst part is that I am going to have to leave some of my friends behind. We have worked out accommodations for them with another guild and are even looking to have the active members sponsored by other guild members.

But we shouldn't have to. I am not asking for all the cost to be removed . I understand that if I want to have solid well thought out content that I MUST have some cost incurred.... BUT THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.
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Blame the lack of server activity on Blizzard. World of QueueCraft is the reason this game is incredibly boring now, it's not just Nazj. Yes we are low pop and pretty dead, but the fact that there is no open world PvP Objectives really kills the game. All instances are Queued up now, so no server unity trying to find people. Game is just really bad right now. Hopefully MoP can bring back open world things like Halaa in Nagrand.
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I wish Blizzard would merge some low pop servers together or offer some sort of package deal to transfer multiple characters because right now I don't feel like paying $100+ to transfer all of my active level 85's off of this sinking ship.
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I still feel sorry for you guys being on that dead realmOnly a good realm to get rares lol.
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It really makes me sad how all of the players from these two guilds that I try to view, i cant because they have been inactive for a long period of time.
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03/30/2012 09:15 PMPosted by Tikkelz
It really makes me sad how all of the players from these two guilds that I try to view, i cant because they have been inactive for a long period of time.

It's because they have realm transferred since their posts were made.
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Here is a little bit of a crazy idea. A lot of us, like me do have friends on the horde side. Why not have one day, for some of the horde players, to honestly take some time to see what problems we have, and vice versa.

Both sides are having trouble. We can't deny that, right? But honestly I am sure if we finally see it from each others PoV, We as a whole, could finally come up with a solution that could actually help us all.

In times of need sometimes the greater good is to pull together.

Of course, I have been here for 4 years, and to you all, I'm probably just rambling. Take it as you want.
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