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85 Goblin Mage
Is it avg or low?
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100 Human Rogue
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90 Pandaren Priest
We recently had a priest transfer here from another server to join Advent and he commented on how much.. bigger, I believe he said, our economy was from his old server. His old server was Tichondrius. Not sure if that helps.
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90 Human Priest
Make a level 1 and peek into AH. I came from Tich (high pop) to BL(Medium/low depending on time) Supply and demand are everything to an economy so depending on where you are coming from this economy will be different. Yes I felt this server was high on mats but very low on crafted stuff.......not really much to say about it. If you are trying to sell mounts, novelty items, or rare !@#$ good luck getting what you think you deserve. Alliance seems kinda broke buts its just my opinion. I have a Horde toon as well and the AH seems as typical as Horde gets.

Only took a couple weeks to change my game plan in the AH.
Good luck!
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100 Night Elf Druid
It really depends on the professions that you are utalizing and the amount of time you invest in the AH, I pull in average of about 6-10K per day utalizing

Enchanting/Jewel Crafting/Herbalism/Leather Working/Skinning and what addons that your using to post/check and re post your auctions with.

The right set of tools will allow you to make "X" profit on any server X being the time and effort invested in it.
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