<Timeless Souls> is now recruiting for casual mature active members that are currently interested in all aspects of the game, including light-medium Roleplaying. Currently everyone has access to guild repairs and guild bank tabs, While ranks are based from character lvl's. All lvl's & classes are welcome. Pst any member for invite.

Also looking for lvl 85 tank/dps [prefer Paladin or Warrior] and one ranged Dps [Prefer Mage, Warlock, or Hunter] for our 5man heroic dungeon team that meets on Friday nights starting @ 8pm server time. You must be able to que for heroics. Tank must be experinaced and Willing to switch out to Dps as needed. Vent is required. Pst Tiranica for further details or questions.

Note: We are not currently raiding end game content outside of LFR.