Hello all,
Resto shaman is looking for friends :)

First, please spare comments about how I’m bad. First, this shaman is new. Second, I know I’m currently not in pvp spec.
I'm have full ilvl 390 gear and want to get into arenas. I don't want any partners who’d like to get to 2200 fast. It will probably not happen this season anyway. But I'd like to find partner who can work with me every week and progress steadily every month by 100-150 points.
At the same time I seriously plan to get good at some point. Please, have vent, steady internet connection, key bindings, honor points gear or something not green in color, or at least have plans to get honor gear :)
Also, someone with experience runnin
g this combo, if you are willing to give me few games, or watch my videos and give me advice, I’m interested.

I can play weekend afternoons or evenings after 7pm.

I'm willing to change faction for right partner of pay for your faction change.

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