...but I can't even tell you what our raid nights are at the moment for all the schedule accomodating I've had to do recently. Seriously though we're shooting for Tues/Sunday 7-10pm.

We're currently raiding DS 2 nights a week, every week. One night is dedicated to progression and the other is clean-up. We also continue to do Firelands every week to work on Legendary staves for our traditionally caster heavy group. Guild repairs are always on for raiders and we provide flasks and food.

What I'd like to find are a few more people like myself, and several other players on our roster, that have raided at a high level, and who have the knowledge and skill to achieve some notable progression on a casual schedule. We're in immediate need of a Paladin or Warrior tank who also has a viable off-spec (Holy for the Paladin, preferably), but all exceptional players will be considered.

Application can be made at borealis.guildportal.com.