[Multi-Guild RP-PVP] Siege of Northwatch Hold


90 Blood Elf Paladin
Prepare for retribution, my friends.
I secretly hate every alt code known to man.

Also, I will try to get your guys on board Aphel, as well as Cohens' Order of the Beast... as soon as I remember his character's name again. Started with an 'L'. Bleh.
Got'em both.

I think that's pretty much everyone. I look forward to this!


updated list:

Anamaleth - <Lineage of the Moon>
Dralosa - <The Sha'nash>
Kerdic - <The League of Lordaeron>
Morvayn - <Sanctum of the Nocturne>
Sandarukai - <Ardent Inquisition>
Wratheius - <Order of The Seven>
Forrgrim/Novellagrace - <The Knights of the Hand>
Danyle/Moorwhelp - <Clergy of the Holy Light>
Rhazar - <Wolves of the Gray Rose>
Hailstorm - <Elf Co>
Highcastle - <The Tainted Legion>
Salley/Regg/Tesserra - <Grey Haven>
Maxen/Aliaes - <The First Regiment>
Thorband - <Kul Tiras Marine Corps>
Thanror - <The Dwarven Vanguard>
Lynnan - <Order of the Beast>
Áphel - <Thousand Blade Legion>

Some BotD members expressed interest in going, but I was unable to get in contact with Kaemrys. I invited him, but for now, that's where the list stands.
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100 Human Warlock
04/20/2012 10:26 AMPosted by Kerdic
Some BotD members expressed interest in going, but I was unable to get in contact with Kaemrys. I invited him, but for now, that's where the list stands.

We staged a Coup, Kaem hasn't been leader for a while.
90 Human Paladin
Though the Horde shall send waves upon waves of their brutes, darken the sky with their artillery, and no doubt use every sort of plague and disease the Forsaken have at their disposal...When the smoke clears, the roar of their soldiers will die down, for they will stand in awe...

For before them will stand a mighty army, the Light glowing in their eyes, their weapons at the ready...and even the Orcs shall know fear, such as their ilk did at Blackrock Mountain, when the first paladins stood before them. You may outnumber us a thousand to one, heroes of the Horde, but we will not falter, will not break!

We serve the Alliance, and we will not see it fall!
85 Human Priest
A handful of men, inured to war, proceed to certain victory, while on the contrary, numerous armies of raw and undisciplined troops are but multitudes of men dragged to the slaughter.
89 Human Warrior
04/19/2012 09:38 AMPosted by Tendael
Prepare for retribution, my friends.

Please update the list, as The Stormwind Guard will be sending a contingent of soldiers for the cause.
Reminder for leaders meeting on vent at 8:00pm Monday!
100 Blood Elf Death Knight
(IC Post coming soon )
90 Human Hunter
Please add Seltara/Gruph to Grey Haven contacts.
90 Human Hunter
We is taking over your contact list. Mwa hahaha!
90 Blood Elf Paladin
Add <Rise of the Infallible> to the Alliance list :)
100 Human Paladin
Second page? Nonsense! Up with you, I say!
90 Blood Elf Rogue
Add <Rise of the Infallible> to the Alliance list :)

Looking forward to it! Had a great time sparring with you guys (and gals) out in the Plaguelands in the wee hours of the morning!
85 Orc Death Knight
So.. I just noticed it's 17 guilds vs 4 guilds.

MORE FLESH FOR THE GREAT MAW! (Ogre god of Warhammer)
90 Blood Elf Paladin
Aerial view of the fortress:

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