Does anyone have ALL the achievements?

60 Night Elf Druid
Besides the Feats of Strength of course...

I know Scybear is really close, but he won't finish until summer
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85 Draenei Priest
It isn't possible currently to have every achievement in the game. There were some new ones added to the world events specifically the Midsummer festival.
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60 Night Elf Druid
ahh, thats why scybear doesn't have those, thanks!
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100 Undead Warlock

According to that, this guy....

has the most Achieve Points, currently at 15215. Pretty amazing if you ask me, and I thought my 9k was alot... ):

Not sure if anyone has ever had ALL that achievements at any given time, it seems everytime someone gets close they add some new ones.
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85 Dwarf Priest
03/14/2012 02:45 AMPosted by Devïance
Not sure if anyone has ever had ALL that achievements at any given time, it seems everytime someone gets close they add some new ones

Yes someone did. Forestx had every single achievement in the game during icc and before cataclysm. I remember because the last achievement he needed was 100,000 honorable kills.
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100 Orc Hunter
According to that, this guy....

Oh, yeah, he's one of 3 people who have same achievement point,

p.s. this website is much update for achievement, that just my thoughts, (go to toon rank then achievement point)
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
that is crazy to have that many.

I have 16 achievements left and I won't finish them this expansion.
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90 Night Elf Druid
WTB HotA, 250k HKs, 2700 3v3 =/
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90 Gnome Mage
Its happened a few times where people have gotten all the achievements in game, but a patch always comes shortly after and new stuff is added, generally like world events and puts people out of reach for a few months. Its definitely pretty nuts to see someone get all of them or that close to having them all.
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100 Human Warrior
Leave it to the people in the EU to make me feel like a failure
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100 Orc Death Knight
2700 in 3s should be looked at; !@#$'s outdated now.
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86 Night Elf Druid
wow, I was so happy when i hit 14k... and i think i ll settle for now
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87 Blood Elf Paladin
If you want to see someone that needs sun, check out Lappé on EU (he's in DREAM paragon). He currently has 17805 achievement points and is 151 achievements away from having every achiev in the game. He's the closest I've ever seen.
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90 Goblin Death Knight
Someone from Asia it looks like, he/she has letters I don't know to type/make, has 18205..on Eversong-EU
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