The Guilds of Eitrigg Server called Roseguard Frell (PvE) and PvPgodsofwow (PvP) is looking for some raiding members and dungeon runners.

We are accepting all active players and are willing to help level you in order to join us (new characters created for our guild accepted).

About us: The Guild was formed in 2009. During that time we have been leveling our professions and characters and joining random raids.

Our raid times are Sun-Thurs 7pm-11pm EST and we expect75% attendance, though we certainly understand things come up and will always work with individuals on that.

Our guild is very personnel oriented and we are looking for skilled players as well as folks that are decent and can fit into our guild.

Before we even see any potential applicants play we like to talk to them to see if they will be a good fit for us.

Our loot system is a fair one that doesn’t include a “Ninja”. Everyone leaves with something when possible.

Our guild does not make the GL’s rich. All items accumulated in raiding that are not wanted are distributed to members who need it most so they can raid with us.

All our guild members receive a guild email address which can be accessed by webmail.

If interested please apply at our website or contact one of our officers in game. You may also email me at roseguard @ jayzpc dot com

Recruitment Guy (you CAN contact me during raid times)
Jayzdk- Roseguard GM
Twighlight - PvPgodsofwow GM
Indigogirl - GM Assistant