Whatcha gonna do, when MoP runs wild on you?

100 Human Rogue
What are you going to do when MoP hits? What are your first days into Pandaria going to be like? Leveling to 90 asap and pushing content? Leveling a monk? Leveling a pandaren?

Me, going to hope that they open up the character list so I don’t have to transfer toons off to make room for my monks. If not, make a terrible decision either to spend 50 dollars to move 2 toons off server, or sadly delete them.

My order of leveling toons to 90: Monk – Horde, Monk – Alliance. Then Vortez, then Stealthany and start gearing all 4 for competitive pvp. After all that, probably going to level my lolretpally, as they seem to have a really strong tree for MoP.
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80 Blood Elf Priest
Play DOTA 2
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
When MoP hits, I'm leveling this toon, who's forever my main. Then, maybe.......just maybe roll a fotm class because I'm bad at PvP.
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Lvl all max capped toons to 90 , roll Panda to see what their starting zones and quest are like ect
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On another note did same in cata , didnt care for the Worgen start quest lines , but loved the Goblin starter lines wished there could of been more for them
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87 Blood Elf Paladin
Lvl my toons and profs.... make my BF learn the ways of the monk so I dont have to...then if Blizz hasnt given us more toon spots per realm, I may cry..
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85 Blood Elf Warlock
Stare at my screen for a few hours before doing a quest... rinse repeat

I'll make 90! Eventually...
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85 Night Elf Priest
Miss the first few months because i dont wanna see s5 dks resurrect as monks
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85 Human Warrior
Iam really on the fence about MoP I like the new artwork but iam really worried about pvp in the new expansion i guess i just have to wait and see.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Hit 90 with this toon. Then level a monk because I'm bored with every other class.
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90 Undead Rogue
Im thinking I will be exploiting the auction house as soon as possible!
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90 Troll Hunter
I'll probably start by getting this toon right here to level 90, then my shaman.

I'll also probably check out the pandaren starting zone or play around with a monk at some point but huntering takes priority.
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80 Blood Elf Priest
03/16/2012 11:37 PMPosted by Taltos
Step 12: Cry at lack of life while eating 7th slice of bundt cake

Only seventh slice?
Come on man pick up the pace, that bundt cake isn't gonna eat itself
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