Want to clear endgame content not just on your main?
Like to take the "ugh" out of pugs?
Hate cheesy forum posts that sound like informercials? :D

Forming up an ongoing alt run for Wednesdays and some Sundays (if needed). Raid start would be at 7:30pm server and wrap up by 10:30pm.

At this time we're looking for 1 tank, 1 healer, and a couple dps. Please be appropriately geared (this includes having chants and gems). Please have vent. Please know how to move out of the way of a giant ball and hit a huge purple button.

We're not asking people to /gquit for this. Just trying to form a reliable and competent group for progression with our alts. We are planning on moving into heroic content as soon as possible.

Reply here or send me an in game mail.